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  1. Keep in mind that some strains will produce significantly more meds if topped out. Not all strains respond this way however. I grow a strain that will produce 3 times as much weight in flowers if I top it so it branches out a few times. What is good for one strain can be very different for another.

    I agree 100% . If you are going to experiment , make sure you have a sister plant for what you are doing your experiment on .
  2. Because they know your right and you guys where 100% legal. they just can not stand the fact that " we the people" made it so you where legal, 100%. It's the fact they didn't get to tell us this was now legal or was ok to use, it's the fact " we're telling them". they just can't stand the fact or understand the " we the people" Part.


    It's like a 2 year old thats throwing a hissy fit cause they're not getting there way.


    That there's what my Gramps used to say is "hittin' the nail on the head !"

  3. I spoke with him.via pm for a few days. Then ... nothing..



    I think I just saw him online here. -Sb





    Part of what was lost in the upgrade glitch was a not from PetoskyStoned (unless I have this mixed with another person in similar circumstance and geographic location). He was asking for us to send letters to the sentencing judge. The post mentioned something about the long drawn out legal proceedings driving his family to the brink and he could not endure the fight in good faith to his family.


    I might have this mixed up with someone else, does anyone else remember this post?




    The Ultimate Failure An entire family lost in the MMA Posted 02 November 2011 - 09:40 AM

  4. I have now helped 6 people in the last 12 hours get back to the m m m a. I guess where http now? When I have members type the link directly to the browser it comes up. When they click on their convenient desktop link it doesn't

    Many thanks to my pal LongHairBri , for retrieving me from Oblivion & giving me back my Existance . I really appreciate your time & effort . I haven't known you long , but i know you're an honest & stand-up kinda guy and I'm proud to say I know you . Keep up the Great work Brother and thanks again . Guess I'll try & get my Trophies back in the Game Room . Hey .......... It's Deja Vu , or something like that .

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