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  1. Where ? Rode with the local Harley dealer a couple weeks ago to Detroit V A .
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  6. "Santa Ana Cops In Pot-Eating Video Sue Their Own Employer" So . . . The Pigs , that were caught making P-I-G-S , PIGS of themselves , are filing a lawsuit against the Pigs ? ? ?
  7. ??? The information I had said 525 Ottawa . How did we end up @ 611 Ottawa ?
  8. Sad day , sorry for the loss of your personal friend .
  9. Yep , what was name of that main street again , Dyer Street ? I was C1/7 ADA
  10. This has been happening in Mexico for some time brother . I was stationed @ Ft. Bliss , El Paso , Texas for three years '76-'79 right on the border across from "The Zoo" , aka Juarez . Wise people are north of the border come sunset . . .
  11. 'No need to panic,' says marijuana dispensary owner in reaction to Flint crackdown FLINT, MI — Don't panic. That's the word from one Flint medical marijuana dispensary to patients who use the drug a day after the city began cracking down on illegal dispensaries. "If you haven't been approved, don't operate," says Ben Horner, owner of MI Organic Solutions, located at 3549 S. Dort Highway. Horner, who opened the first dispensary in Flint five years ago, says the enforcement of the new ordinance is "commendable" and simply a part of the process of owning a business. "Navigating that process to get licensed and approved through a city is a daunting task even for people that are experienced. So this is no different if you were applying for any other business license," Horner said. "Sometimes, it takes going through several hoops to make that happen but that's just the city doing a good job. There's no reason to panic." On Tuesday, April 21, police visited marijuana dispensaries after an investigation revealed that many businesses were operating with building code or license violations. Many storefronts were forced to shut down. Horner says regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries addresses "Bad apples who are not in the true spirit of helping sick people are weeded out, no pun intended." Aware of other dispensaries in the city shutting down due to the ordinance, Horner suggests that anyone interested in opening one take the necessary steps to work with the city, and have patience. "There are some other locations that had to close because they had not filed appropriate paperwork and doing that through diligence, but they'll get on board eventually," he said. "I really don't look at this as a bad situation, I just think it's a part of the process." Daryl Simpson, one of the owners of Hemphill Wellness Center, said he has not noticed an increase in patients from Flint at the 3365 Associates Drive medical marijuana dispensary in Burton. In fact, over the past few weeks, he said business at the dispensary has plateaued. Simpson said he suspects the plateau could be attributed to the increase of dispensaries around Flint since the lifting of the three-year moratorium on the businesses. He said he would probably expect patients to flock to locations outside of the city for their medicine if dispensaries in the city of Flint stop distributing medical marijuana. Dorielle Edgin, who visited MI Organic Solution, uses medical marijuana for her health conditions and says Horner and the team care about the well being of their patients. Edgin believes the city and law enforcement are making dispensaries a bigger deal than than needed. "I think it's silly, because marijuana is basically legal now. So I guess it's just their way of keeping their thumb on everybody," Edgin said. "I have faith in our police, I do. I give them credit for what they do, but when it's an actual legal medication now it just seems they're making a big stink [by] trying to make it harder for the people out here making a living." -- Flint Journal reporter Kurt Nagl contributed to this report. http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2015/04/theres_no_need_to_panic_mariju.html
  12. I sure wish medibles worked on me the way they seem to work for others . I've had people tell me that they got blasted just by eating the head off of a gummy bear medible while at the same time , I can eat three-five of the same thing & not even feel light headed Gonna give it a try .
  13. Got an Apollo 13 clone from the Mota Rebel crew during the last Expo @ the Rooster Tail . Just flipped it a few days ago . . .
  14. Auto flowers are as useful as breasts on a bull . . . a waste of time that you will never get back . Besides , it just ain't natural . . . Of course , this is just my opinion .
  15. For some bizarre reason, there is not a state in the US that recognizes Autism as a qualifying condition to use cannabis medically, except in the case of California where doctors can prescribe cannabis to anyone they feel will benefit medicinally. That’s not to say that activists in some states aren’t fighting and working hard to add Autism to the list, but with the endless stream of anecdotal and peer-reviewed evidence that proves that Autistic people function better using cannabis, it isn’t something we should have to fight for. It’s something we should be embracing right away. In the Spring of 2014 we started working with our son’s new friend friend Noah to treat his Autism and Dravet Syndrome with higher THC cannabis and nutrition. Noah was on several AEDs and supplements as well as a 20:1 CBD oil at the time, and while his seizure control was very good, Noah’s neuronal activity was anything but, he was suffering every day. Noah did not communicate and was very obsessive, compulsive and hyperactive. He had no comprehension, he defied and attacked those around him, and his coordination and motor skills were very limited. I felt that the CBD was too high in ratio for Noah and after doing a bit of research, I began to feel intuitively that children with Autism may often benefit more from the higher THC ratios as the THC redirects the neurons in a way that is more manageable for Autistic persons. We started Noah the next day on a higher THC ratio medicine in addition to an inactivated (THC-a) oil….and the helmet came off. Noah’s new life started that day. He could smile, sit still, calm down, communicate, cry, hug, listen…..he could be a little boy. Noah is 4.5 years old and has come from being developmentally less than 18 months old to about 30 months old in less than 6 months. He has been having milestones every week or two, catching up cognitively where he was prevented from growing and learning before. We slowly added in more CBD from high CBD strains into Noah’s mixed strain oils until we learned that Noah benefited most from a 1:3 CBD:THC ratio from mixed strains and a 2:1 Cannatonic phenotype made into oil, but the higher THC ratio was important at night as Noah was able to stop taking his 7mg dose of Melatonin and sleep through the night without seizure activity. During the day Noah seems more focused and better able to learn with the 2:1 Cannatonic. We acknowledge though that his brain and his body will change throughout the years to come and he may need different ratios and medicines. Emery, age 4. Noah and his mom Lisa have become good friends of ours over the months and we have grown together and branched out to help dozens of other Autistic and Epileptic families, as well as families of children with cancer and other serious conditions and diseases. But to our surprise, it was what we learned about our own 4 year old son Emery through our work with other Epileptic children that would change our lives forever. Emery has had an Autism diagnosis since Spring of 2014. We knew then that we would work as hard as possible and do whatever it took to make sure that Emery’s Autism, or features of his impairment, would qualify him for two doctor’s recommendations so that he could use cannabis legally under our supervision. We knew then that it would change everything for him. We had felt since Emery was a baby that he was on the Autism spectrum, and we learned later on that his teaching himself to read and putting together 100 and 300 piece puzzles from memory by age two correlated to Hyperlexia, but it wasn’t until around the time of his Autism diagnosis that he started to express “Rage.” Emery is a big kid, in the 97th percentile for height, and he’s as strong as a bull. So when we started receiving punches, kicks, and headbutts for simply trying to put him in his carseat, or for trying to comfort him….it was very hard on the heart, on the soul. And when Emery’s 2 year old sister would try to comfort him, and be projected across the room or thrown down on the ground and jumped on, it defeated our souls on some days. Emery was going to have to be separated from his sister on a permanent basis. We were already looking for land up north where we could just live and farm on, with more room for separate houses or trailers. We didn’t feel like Emery was digressing mentally, but we had to face the facts that whatever was happening to him, our little genius was going through the same stages that we saw many other kids with his diagnosis go through before things like self injury behavior and bolting became an issue. When Emery was 2 months old I witnessed a seizure from a reaction to his first dTap shot. We were only picking and choosing vaccines, and it was only going to be PC and dTap. We had only done a limited amount of research and were comfortable with those vaccines. That was the only time I was ever sure Emery had actually had a seizure, although through the years we became concerned about the way he would “wake himself” at night and seem stiff for up to a minute or more or roll his eyes back a little. Sometimes he would wake up screaming and start and stop for seemingly no reason. But these types of movements and actions aren’t what people typically think of as seizure activity. It wasn’t until Lisa and some of the other parents we worked with noticed how often Emery would fall for no reason or would seem to space out and walk into something. We realized from talking to other parents that this wasn’t a feature of his Autism, and why would it be? We started paying more attention to what we thought could be seizure activity, and sure enough, the convulsions actually started to evolve around that time into something we could recognize more easily. He was definitely having seizures, not bad dreams, and we had simply never known. We immediately scheduled Emery an appointment with a neurologist, one that unfortunately wasted Emery’s precious time for over four months before we found a great neurologist that we could trust to help him. While Emery’s Epilepsy is not yet diagnosed, his seizure diagnosis was enough for him to get the doctor’s recommendations he needed to get his card to start using cannabis! Emery’s Autism Impairment has been almost completely reversed on cannabis oil. He’s a happy productive member of our family and he will never have to be separated from us. If it seems like a bold statement, then you’ll understand why it’s been so important for us to raise awareness with short videos like the one seen above until we can raise enough funds to finish shooting our full length film. http://igg.me/at/TheWholePlant “We’re making a film about reversing Autism impairment, Epileptic conditions, and more with Full-Spectrum Cannabis, nutrition, and HARD WORK.” About the author: Martin Wuest is a proud parent, husband, and an activist from Detroit, Michigan. Martin advocates strongly for the legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis. He works with others to raise awareness about the benefits of Cannabis and a plant-based diet for preventing and reversing diseases and developmental disorders. Martin works from home and spends most of his free time writing and gardening. www.parents4pot.org www.cannabisfamilyseeds.org www.facebook.com/CannaFamSeeds http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/02/17/what-happened-when-they-treated-autistic-children-with-medical-cannabis/
  16. It is a simple welcome to a former member , not making fun of anyone . Too bad you see it that way . . . Try the REPORT icon
  17. Kindly lodge your complaint here please ; South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network
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