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  1. Found out the cookie wreck is doc gvz cut which is the cookie dominant pheno.
  2. Hello everyone it's been a while since I've been here working extremely hard on getting my rooms where they needed to be for my patients. But long story short I just received some new genetics & wanted to know if anyone has experience with them xxx og clone only ,cookie wreck cannaventure seeds , animal cookies clone only, purple alien cookies cannaventure seeds & gorilla glue number 4 any help would be appreciated.
  3. Look at plantlightinghydroponics.com it's in Ohio & I get all my gear from there & it will be here in a day or two. Also darn Good prices
  4. I will be going to the cup in April & wanted to know if anyone else on this site is going & if anyone has ever been to Denver some suggestions on where to stay & what to see far as attractions.
  5. Hello everyone looks like I have 2 phenotypes of holy grail & kosher 2 weeks into veg so far so good. Also decided to grow og 18, reserva privada og kush, stacked kush, sour kush, dna la women, sour cream, sour kush the promotion from attitude bubba kush x sour diesel, paradise seeds wappa& magus genetics moaivation all from seed all doing very well. Gonna be a very busy few months, decided to try most of the seeds I had still have 5 more strains 10 seeds. Looking for keeper's before I go to Colorado in April hoping to obtain some elite strains wish me luck on both fronts.
  6. Did anyone call in & win tonight?
  7. Hello everyone I just received an email stating that they will be giving away complete hydro systems next week starting at 8 pm instead of 9.
  8. Hey letting you guys in the community know about this great show comes on every Wednesday. This show gives away free grow gear to callers that ask grow questions. It comes on 9 pm eastern Standard Time on dfz radio.com you can access on your computer or on your smart phone with the tune in app. They give away the top of the line gear & its totally free, I won the grand prize last week which was a blue lab meter, can filter, cyco pro kit nutrients& some hula perfect planters. I'm not spamming or promoting the show I just wanted everyone on this site to benefit from the free gear! Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.
  9. Thanks I'm trying to round my genetics out with a high cbd strain what would you suggest?
  10. I wanted to know how do they respond to topping or fimming?
  11. Wanted some advice on growing both strains got 3 seedlings of each.
  12. I talked with my hydro store about hydrofarm & the warranties about my nextgen & quantum ballast they are honoring the warranty on those products. Also I have a cap ebb & grow they are honoring the warranty on that too.
  13. Tried to post pictures didn't upload how do I upload pictures?
  14. I'm running this now didn't know if it was genuine but it looks exactly like shiskas pic.
  15. I pretty much have my cloning routine down pat & thank you for the info highlander & if I run into any problems can I pm you if not I still appreciate the information.
  16. Ok king that info helps but still need assistance with getting there.
  17. Genetics are la con, kosher kush, holy grail kush, & I call it so called girl scout can't call it the real thing until I get some kind of confirmation. That's why I was asking for help so I could get some kind of idea what I would have to do on the veg & cloning side to keep that schedule. I have mothers of each strain & for as demand it is gonna be about oz or more a week per patient everyone including me has chronic back pain it runs in my family.
  18. Would this work? Put the 9 & 11 week under there own lights then add the other 9&10 week strain under the other 2 lights 2 or 3 weeks later will this get me the schedule I was trying to achieve?
  19. I have picked up 3 patients which gives me a total of 4 plus myself I have to provide for, so the every 2 1/2 months of harvesting isn't going to be sufficient. I have 4 different strains in my room 2 are 9 week, 1 10 week & 1 11 week flower period. I just got a 4x8x7 tent for my veg with a 600 watt mh, my bloom room is 14x20 but I only use a 8x8 with 4 600 in use. What I was thinking I wanted to harvest 4-6 plants every 2-3 weeks under each lamp& needed help putting a schedule together. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions. Forgot to mention that I also have a 4 tier rack used for cloning 2 of the tiers have a single 4' t5 so I have the setup just need someone that can help me with the plan. Thanks in advance & have a blessed & bountiful day .
  20. By the way its under climate controls they have 3 brands of split model units
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