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  1. Alot of advices. Thanks to you guys. You are awesome. Had 3 Kushage and 1 Afghan Haze. Reports of the plants... 1 Kushage didnt do well as I thought. Replaced it with Juilius Caesar. They're getting bigger and healthier. And got another Kushage in dirt, going to use that for cloning and veg. Here's the pictures... This one, I just figured out the problem. It wasn't getting enough air. Checked the air stone, got loosen pipe. Replaced it and tightened it. Feeding more air now so we'll see in a week Same plant as above... weird uh? Both of em only 3 weeks in veg
  2. Sprayed them with Mighty Wash. Waiting few more days for 2nd application of spray.
  3. I got the Mighty Wash. I sprayed full coverage on all plants. So hope it'll get better. Thanks everybody for the advice. Hope no more problems comes up. Really want this to work.
  4. My daylight temp is ranging between 72-75. My night time temp ranges between 65-68. Humidity is 45%. I dont know how I would get those spider mites. Underleaves...
  5. They're getting better now. But I caught these on the Afghan Haze. Is this normal?
  6. This is DWC. Yea it seems to be drooping, but I bend the stem down little and the bottom leaves are growing bigger now.
  7. Okay, I don't want to mess up this time so I need a walkthrough. First picture, first day of 2 plants, they didnt stay up long time. They were like 3-4" inch tall I had circulation problems with the first system till the 2nd system. Room temperature during the day is 74, during the night time is 56. PH is 5.9, Humidity is 45% The 2nd picture is 2 weeks long and already 5-6" tall.
  8. Since im single...lol. in macomb area...
  9. I'm looking for Sativa dominant strain. If anyone has hydro clones, please PM me. I'm looking for 6 clones.
  10. Longhair came by and fixed the controller bucket. And nutrition as well. Thanks to longhair.. appreciate it.
  11. Could someone talk to longhair to check his pm? I pm him. I think my plants are dying... Original clone leaves are turning yellow but new leaves are coming out of stems.
  12. I pm u longhair. Thanks guys for ur help! I'm doing buckets.
  13. Ma comb. I need someone who's good w the system n make sure I'm doin it right
  14. Is there anyone that's willing to help me out with ebb n flow system. Pm me please I would like to make it happen
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