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  1. email me at propertyspecialist@313cash.com for pictures and list of meds

  2. I am a great caregiver with nothing but the best meds for my patients. Come out and meet me

    and we will sign you up!

  3. Sup! Hooray for making it here :goodjob::goodjob::goodjob::goodjob::goodjob::goodjob::goodjob
  4. Thanks guys! Just was real blurry on this! I don't want to get people/myself in trouble, so prolly best I wait the 20.
  5. If you had added a few kilo's of blow and an Uzi.... lol J/K but really what were you doing with all that weed bro? Holy crap! --LOL scratch that after reading 12 posts more... I still think you were pushing it, but not as crazy as I first thought.
  6. Three months to live? bunny muffin I'd skip weed, move right to the hard stuff, not like it can hurt. Seriously if I was in a world of pain and had 3 month's I'd think Opium or some such. Weed's great for pain, but there are limits IMHO
  7. Hey my paperwork syays I'm legit after 15 days, but everyone says 21. What's the dealio?
  8. Not to me! I have to live here, what's BS, is that Howell voted FOR medical MJ, and by a good majority! Now our city "representatives" do this. WTF is wrong with this system?!?
  9. That'd be fun, but I'm spending it with family.
  10. I'm going to do the caregiver thing until my son is out of the house. I'm going to stick to small amounts "pre-legal' style so that if LEO's decide to screw me, they can't get me on dealer quantities.
  11. No on the KKK, that's actually a town NORTH of Howell, thank you very much. :-) And no KK/Racist bunny muffin other then the occasional ignorant dumb donkey, same as everywhere else on the planet. Though the sheriff here is a the head ant-weed guy, he's decided that if he just tried hard enough that the Nixon era will return.
  12. Well I went in got approved in Lansing, thanks guys, meet a bunch of great people. Sorry by the way to the lady whom I thought had a phoenix tattoo..was an eagle.... DOH! Sent the money/application in this afternoon, quadruple-checked it :-) Kinda wierd...for the first time in 23 years..I'm legit. Will be hitting the 21 days right after my birthday. Until then keeping my head down B)
  13. Horray, going to see doc for my card, waiting for my call :-) Soon I will no longer be a bad boy *GRIn*
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