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  1. Drop her as a patient. This is why I never offered free meds. They think they are entitled to it once you give it to them free. IMHO. I like Willy have my patients pay a small fee to help cover the electric etc.
  2. I would of posted right off, but had to have the gal send it to me as I couldn't find it. Hope you can make it, it is always a good time and the food is great.
  3. Is anyone planning on going to the REGGAE FAMILY REUNION, MORLEY, MI July 26. I plan on going and wouldn't mind meeting up with anyone who might be going.
  4. Well it is good to see some old friends are still on here. I'm still kickin just don't post much anymore.
  5. I am sorry but I will not be making it up. I have devolped heart problems and am passing out as I drive. Doctors told me no driving for six months.
  6. Do you need anything food wise? You mentioned a BBQ, I make a killer homemade BBQ sauce i could bring up a gallon. I also have a awesome cole slaw that goes very well with pulled pork or maybe some potato salad. I plan on getting there right around noon, see ya all then.
  7. My two cents. If someone really wants to get the medical effects from cannibis it should be ingested. Smoking and vaping are the quickest way to adminster the meds. I have no problem with people who smoke and care less if they do it for rec or medical. There are ways to make oil that is completly safe and without any side effects like upsetting the stoumach. I use this distiller http://www.h2olabs.com/c-14-essential-oils-distiller.aspx it works great and it it allows me to reclaim the alcohol. I like to use lcohol from this company, http://organicalcohol.com/store/ they are a bit pricey, but w
  8. well it looks like i might crawl out of my den and make an appeareance. I'll be camping so is the elecrtic avaiable. Look forward to seeing old friends again.
  9. Poll a hundred patients and get a hundred different answers and still be no closer to the answer. For me normal is 14 to 18 grams a day depending on how bad my pain is on any given day.
  10. Please no personal attacks please. And stay on topic.
  11. Topic has been locked for 24 hour cool down.
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