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  1. More hateful spew from the man who grows thc laden roots but is against testing, too funny. Still a tool, nothing new here.
  2. Great Lakes genetics, one week from payment sent to seeds received.
  3. Nope, wrong again. What an unhappy little bubble of reality you live in, how sad.
  4. My experience is not the same, Colombian black could not be any more different than black rose or black afghani. That reads way more argumentative than intended. Pic has a good point, that if one black strain worked well for patient then lots of other black strains would work well also.
  5. Beer cup, sandwich bag and a rubber band. Expandable to any size, small storage space, separates possible contaminates.
  6. Another easy way to increase terpenes, taste and quality is malted barley from the brew store 1 ounce per gallon works wonders. Pennies per gallon and produces the same results as a seed soak tea without the hassle or waiting.
  7. Yellow sticky traps will help knock down the population and give you something to identify. Fungus gnats are not that much of a threat until the get large in numbers. If they are winged root aphids then you have some serious work to get rid of them.
  8. ??????? I hope you get the help you need, you are a delusional...again.
  9. It seems some one else agreed with me and deleted the post I was referring to.
  10. no. Posting someone's full name. Not disputing what said person did or whether or not they deserve it, only that to post someone's name is a crappy thing to do.
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