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  1. Parallel construction. They "knew" but needed something they could act on.
  2. I'd never give the cops keys to my house under any circumstances, even if I was a crime victim in my own house. Look what happened, they victimized you again . You were better off not calling them. What a world.
  3. Here is what may be a stupid question: Why not make up a label which implicates no actual person? If a patient has the benefit of asymmetric immunity, they are covered regardless the source, and can have a label which indicates the required items but lists a John Doe as the source.
  4. Use combination lock boxes folks. Forces the cops to actually get a warrant or leaves undeniable evidence of forced entry if they don't. They can't take your keys and unlock it if it's a combination in your head.
  5. Terrible opinion to the final claim. They are saying that seeds, stems, and stalks are marijuana because they are not usable marijuana. Section 4 only applies to plants and usable marijuana. You have to use a section 8 for marijuana. It's like carruthers but for seeds, stems, and stalks now. Section 4 is now useless because all flower has stems.
  6. Is this author assuming people are required to show their card upon contact with law enforcement as with concealed carry? I don't see why anyone would just show the police their card unless they already found marijuana, and at that point the marijuana is reasonable suspicion not the card.
  7. I bet this will move as soon as the appeals are opined on the current illegal transport in the penal code. They will see the error, and they will include the fix in this bill. The "need" will be there to pass it. Lame duck in December sounds about right.
  8. It's easier for many people to believe that their water was poisoned then for them to accept that their "awesome" police are using test kits that give absurd amounts of false positives.
  9. “A vial of tap water was used to demonstrate what should have been an absolute negative result, however, when that tap water was tested, a positive indicator for THC was detected,” said Captain Michael Yowell of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.
  10. Wow. The significance of this event is being lost on some....field test kits are JUNK and this highlights the issue in a very public way.
  11. It's a well source. What is the most plausible cause? [ ] Someone solubilized massive amounts of THC and tampered with the well. [ X ] The test kits yield absurd rates of false positives to pure water.
  12. It would be interesting to stage a "test" of the pilot roadside testing kits with Lansing water.
  13. "Yowell says company using field test kit for employee drug tests first raised suspicions. Tested H20 expecting negative. Came back positive."
  14. http://www.denverpost.com/2016/07/21/colorado-town-thc-in-water/
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