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  1. She stayed with the pain clinic so she never had to worry about her meds. She has seen doctors in Delta county, but never received any pain killers. That is all linked through the computer systems. I don't think you can get different meds from different doctors like that. Anyway she has had crohns for twenty years and has always told all of her doctors that she smoked cigarettes and weed. Honestly, how can you lie to your doctor? Or why anyway? She has called a few other clinics and they told her that she wouldn't have any trouble with them, but they both said that they would not sign for her card. Of course her main doctor through Beaumont is on vacation and he is fine with her marijuana use and it will be interesting to hear what he says. Maybe he will also say, take the Marinol scrip and don't worry about it. Hard to tell.
  2. Too funny. GO FOR IT DUDE!!!! Don't let people discourage you from anything you feel is right. You know the laws, you know the risks. You have invested money and time and you want to help. You sound like a reasonable person and the only way you will get good is to start. There are haters in every industry and you will always have people tell you what you can't do. Do not deal with people that don't support you and your decisions. People that are in it for the money will be weeded out by patients, not cops. lol
  3. A supervisor at Beaumont hospital told Brenda on Wednesday that William Beaumont hospital no longer recognizes medical marijuana. Come on, really? Could the title really be wrong? That is exactly what THEY said, no me. Thanks anyway.
  4. Damned silly, running a person down because of the name they choose to use on a forum? I've been "Juztbudz" for years, not exactly a "medically" accepted name. It isn't what a person call him/her self that is important, it is the quality of their postings that is tantamount. Keep on being who you are, you'll find plenty of "friends". Peace ... j.b.

  5. I am pretty medicated and frankly the long posts lost me. If this is a medical only site, post it and don't PM me suggesting that I play along. It isn't what I'm about, that isn't how I roll. I find it very offensive that anyone even suggest that if you have a card you can smoke, and freely post how ripped you are. But if not, you can't talk, you can't smoke. Don't call it weed, don't call it dope, don't use that word. As I ramble I see this is a Medical site, and I am wrong. For the record, it was very very classless and I support the marijuana community. All the 'your nicer, no you are, no you are' seems oddly insincere and then to turn around and PM me rotten bunny muffin, then bash someone for using recreation ally and then posting how ripped you are from something you medicated off. Boths points are crystal clear.
  6. lol. I may be pimpin myself. It's like this. I've been to countless dispensaries. Many of the websites, and I am blown away by some of the thought processes of the medical marijuana community. And some people think if you take anything at all for your meds you are a greedy pos. I went to this sight and everything is like overly hugging and kissing, but then I get these PM from people, and then there are indeed people that get upset that medical marijuana and getting stoned are associated. It is hilarious. But on other threads the same people are talking about getting ripped off meds, edibles, oils, HUH?????? So I guess I did pimp myself and ask, what do the other people on this site think. At least I started a different thread
  7. I guess I worded that wrong. What I was saying is before the law we were all recreational in the eyes of the law. We fought together to get this far, then don't expect me to now say, OK recreational user - Good Luck. I don't see a difference. Am I expected to turn my back on the recreational user because now when I get stoned my back no longer hurts? How could a person have that view if they got stoned before they ever had a medical reason. I am pro medical marijuana, pro-marijuana.
  8. I hear you and I appreciate it. I was shocked. I use this name on the Upper Michigan Source website. That is a newssite and nobody ever said anything on there!! I just wanted to see what others thought. I was told on rollitup, that this was one big click and I said I doubt it because people don't stick together anymore. lol. The medicinal user was the recreational user a few years ago. How does the medical community look down on the recreational user? That is utter insanity. This fight has been fought by the recreational user for decades. Anyone that uses should be on the same page. Who is the judge? Ten years ago, if I had a long stressful day at work, I would go home and smoke a fatty and have a beer. Is that recreational or medical? I could argue both sides all day long. Working all day and burning one and having a beer to forget about it, isn't recreation. Both terms are thrown around losely. It is nice to know everyone doesn't feel the same way as she does. I am glad I asked.
  9. Thank You everyone. But telling me I should change my name and that I would be better off going to a compassion center up here instead of making the trip to Jackson does not fall under the warm welcome sign. I have used a long time, and this wouldn't be the first place I was kicked out of. lol Regardless of her problem, I take offense to the "change your name and don't come back" advice. lol. Like I said, I didn't think I caused any harm. Didn't know if maybe I accidentally typed something wrong or what. As far as recreational use. I do use recreationally. I also use medically. I have a very bad back from building houses for twenty years. I also use beer recreationally. Not as much. I support the cause and the movement. I help patients and I help people that aren't patients. If someone with cancer doesn't have their card, I will let everyone of you know that I will give that cancer patient a joint. Regardless of their name, color, sex, etc. If this was a online poker site, maybe my name would be high roller? Hopefully only a few would care.
  10. Thank You Blueberry. From what I understand you run or help run this site. I honestly can't believe the PM is received from her. I got mad at the site, cuz she seems friends with everyone, so I figured, first let me see if others feel that way. I want to inform and help, not bring division.
  11. I received a PM from Donnachris today saying that if I wanted to be taken serious on this site I should change my online name cuz it suggests I am a recreational user. Apparently I must have been a joke before, but if I change my name then I'm OK. Is this the stance this website takes? I use medicinally, but so what? Is the medical marijuana community really going to be prejudiced against the recreational user. These are legal terms, and some of us have been getting high more than 3 years in Michigan. I'd love to know what others that use primarily this site think.
  12. My online name is Gladstoned. I am speaking about my girlfriend not me. I do not take prescription drugs even though my name implies that I do in fact get high. When I am stoned, I am glad. Sorry to those that thought this was a thread to obtain pills or something (response to PM). I was simply trying to let other patients know.
  13. After a few doctors and surgeries up here in the woods, she decided that Beaumont wasn't that far away and a trip down to the D once a month isn't a bad thing. Now what? Health care is expensive, but no health care and bad health care is pretty costly also. She intends to try the oil and try to back off the meds, but that isn't what we are talking about here, and she shouldn't be forced to do that either. What Beaumont is doing is wrong and not all hospitals will go along with this. I hope.
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