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  1. The MH blue's are ridiculous in their output. However the cost makes it just too expensive to relamp and keep meds affordable for my patients. MH can be used in veg and flower, hps can be used in veg or flower, either at ANY time. The difference will be in growth rate and structure. MH promotes compact bushy growth with smaller leaves and stems. HPS promotes lanky internode spacing with less bushy growth, but with bigger leaves and stems. Flowering is generally better with HPS because of the influence on leaf growth, which translates into bud growth. Flowering with an MH will generally produce smaller denser buds with a slightly higher potency but a reduced yield compared to the HPS. They will also stretch much less during the transition. Some strains will react badly to either one used at either time, these are just generalizations. For instance my jack herer loved vegging under MH, but flowering under MH produced very small buds compared to the HPS. Conversely, a Kush I have loves vegging under HPS, but yields better when flowered under a MH. Knowing what each bulb is capable of doing, along with what your strain likes/dislikes, can really let you dial it in through the spectrum. For the most part, I veg under both MH and HPS, and will alternate bulbs in the hoods every few days to get a good mixed spectrum. When its time for flowering, they are either kept under MH's for the first 2 weeks, or on strains that show a dislike for that, I'll run the first week with MH, switch to HPS the second week, back to the MH for the 3rd, and finish out with HPS. Most of the time during the last week I'll hit em with the MH again, I've noticed this helps the calyxes to "pop" and swell. Whenever messing with light spectrum's be wary of too much stress, this can cause hermies in sexually unstable varieties, even more so for strains that originated from fem seed.
  2. That book is my bible. Forget all the others, that bunny muffin lays it out. "Don't stop breeding until you have ALL the traits stabilized" paraphrased, but that has stuck with me for years. I'm probably one of the few people on here that actually understand where MrD is coming from on this. You know the purple wreck that went around back in mid 09? Yea I brought that from cali, gave it to some "friends" who promised they wouldn't give it out, and 4 months later every "compassion club" in the area was selling my purple wreck. Sad thing was it wasn't even that good. Then there is the guy who was gifted seeds, and clones, changed the names of both, then sold both as clones for a profit. Sickens me. There is a thing called intellectual property. Go look at the actual seed industry, and I'm not just talking monsanto, I'm talking family run operations. They make people sign crazy non-disclosures just to test the darn things. This is no different from what we are doing. I can't speak for MrD but I've been breeding for nearly 10 years. Its really disheartening to think of all the hours, the time, not to mention the RISK of being put away in FEDERAL prison. Do I get to count that in my "compensation" amount? No, ok you pay the 10grand to the lawyers for me, oh wait, none of you would. Hypocritical communities of band wagoners imo. Where were all you compassionate folks before the law? Before you expected someone to hand over 10 years worth of work for 10 dollars, so you can turn around and make thousands selling cuts like its no big deal. There used to be an etiquette among growers before the med law, as we all understood the real risks we were taking. With the bandwagoners there is no respect at all. I've met more than a few people that the first words out of their mouth was "can I get a clone?". How about you try and build a working relationship with me before you ask for something that is the equivalent of asking for my first born? As for dying patients, I've already been lied to on that front as well "Oh man I got a patient with cancer I really need clones to get me going". Only to find out later there was no cancer patient. A few people have spoiled it for the group. Before you start bashing on me, lets not forget that I did something uncharacteristic and straight gave away high CBD genetics to a caregiver, and both reddog and captain kirk. How much you want to bet that I wont see a drop of love, or even piddly credit for getting those to them (the one caregiver did the right thing and started a grow journal on it though)? I barely got a thank you out of either of them, but in 6 months, I bet they have a new high cbd strain that they will claim cures cancer, and no credit will come my way. I'm not even asking for cash, I'm asking for the high five that MrD doesn't even want. I wont get it, because of the lack of respect. But I'm just a pessimist, maybe they will do the right thing, use it for reddogs cancer, and give credit where its due, but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Good point, but I don't care when you/we/I start, I'll use all the veg time I can.
  4. When you've taught 3000 people how to grow you will learn it DOES make a difference what you call it. You tell someone to flush with 3x the container volume in water, and another says to flush for 2 weeks, you wind up with a poor noob drowning his plants at the most critical time. Not something I want on my conscious. As for it not hurting anything to use more, true, but the mess it can make can be quite a pain. You could move plants to a bath tub, or some other drain, but moving plants is never a good idea imo (does a plant outdoors ever move 10 feet?). 1:1 is much more manageable in this regard than a 3:1.
  5. Fem seeds are a darn shame, and should never be used. If you really want more females, here is an article dutch passion released a few years before they began feminizing seeds, then quickly removed it after they started. http://www.1stmarijuanagrowerspage.com/how-to-improve-female-male-ratio-of-cannabis-plant.html
  6. If you want to know, you need to send it to a lab like this http://oregonfoodweb.com/ Anyone who acts like they know whats going on in their soil or compost without testing, is the same as these growers who say there meds are 20%thc because the seed bank says so, then when they get it tested they pout and blame the lab for their 10% readings. Its not cheap, but if you want to KNOW and not ASSUME, you need to get it tested by a qualified lab, period. As for beneficial's to add, stay away from anything with Trichoderma. Long story short, it will dominate your soil, which drops ph to around 5 in the medium, and locks up N+P early. Don't believe me, google it. Ecto myco does not, repeat DOES NOT, form a relationship with cannabis. The ONLY one that forms a relationship with cannabis is the Endo strain Glomulus Intraradices. 2 sources of this that are very cheap. Pro-Mix BX (or they sell it as "Myke", but its hard to find), or Xtreme Gardening's Mykos (Owned by RFI). These are the only two manufacturers of Glomulus Intraradices in the world. Everyone else buys from them, and then hammers it into a powder, mixes it with some other strains or "propagules" which is a fancy word for "It might be alive, but we don't know". Those extra strains are ultimately ineffective unless you are growing some pine trees/shrubs or the occasional birch tree. As for beneficial bacteria, Bacillus Subtillus is the most commonly used, but this is more for preventing bad fungus (and sometimes good fungus) from growing. The only bacterial beneficial I mess with now, is Azos from Xtreme yet again, and again, they are the only ones who possess the technology to make it for store shelves. Its a nitrogen fixing bacteria, and also generates some plant hormones. It can even be used as a rooting paste. I just finished up my trials with it, and I wont run another organic plant without it. Reduced my nitrogen inputs by half. Not to mention ridiculous healthy growth that was better than the plants that did receive heavy nitrogen inputs.
  7. I had a nice long rebuttal, but never mind, all I can do is laugh. See you at the finish.
  8. What you are describing is leaching, not flushing. This gets confused a lot. Leaching can be used to to speed up the ripening process, or to correct a nutrient/salt build up. IMO a good leach is the start of a good flush, but I disagree with amounts. It depends on the porosity of the soil. Heavy soils like Happy Frog or Ocean Forest, may require 3x (example: 1 gallon container, 3 gallons of water) the container size in water. Pro-mix BX/Sunshine #4/Light Warrior/Roots 707 are more like 1x the container size (example 1 gallon container, 1 gallon of water).
  9. A fellow at the MOCC Farmers Market had a nice Kandy Kush and I believe he had clones available.
  10. More like 5 solo cups Unless that's against the rules? I've had this type of competition for years with friends. Like LHB said, root issues happen quickly. I wouldn't even need a month of veg time, but I will to follow the rules. What about root pruning, go or no go?</p>
  11. I stopped using bat guanos and manure for these very reasons. Cow/Horse poop is loaded with anthrax, which has several aerobic strains. Remember the spinach fiasco a few years back? That was e.coli. Which is found in abundance in guano that has not been pasteurized. I have seen several pasteurized guanos that are safe to use however. That being said, it was more for MY safety rather than my PATIENTS, reason being is none of them consume RAW cannabis. Most cannabis reaches temps far high enough to kill bad pathogens. Like was said earlier, there are always risks. For instance, most mined sources of phosphorous (used in synthetic nutrients) contain un-safe amounts of radiation from years of nuclear tests/disasters. The risk is low, but it is there.
  12. Niiiiiiiiice now I just need a cheap all mesh zippered work bag, *nudge*.
  13. Count me in, I may just do several methods. Thinking, Organic, Veganic, DWC, Aero, and Soil-less
  14. That 20% was not say the difference between a shwag sample testing 1% at one lab then 21% at another. It was some labs reading 20% and others reading 21%, a very small difference. At least that's how I read it.
  15. How long, and how many ways did you try and run it RLP? I gave Sour Kush a year, makes a great breeder, but no matter what I tried I still hated it lol. Now the black from BCBD took about 6 months to figure out, would have tossed it on first impressions.
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