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  1. It is actually a bad thing when MS lesions disappear. Sorry. https://www.futurity.org/multiple-sclerosis-lesions-brains-1774712-2/
  2. Bob I didn't comment to be an donkey I just am not a fan of speeders. I guess I'm an old man. Sorry about your friend.
  3. 82 in a 65 come on man! Slow it down! Then you miss a court date for reckless driving (basically) and putting others in danger. Bob am I suppose to feel bad for this guy? I don't know man?
  4. vender

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  5. thank you king how have you been? its been a whille.
  6. Hello all, I have an uncle not responding to chemo he now wants to try MM. He has his card and is his own CG but wants me to be his CG. I'm not going to say NO. So just the one form? http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/LARA_BHCS_MMMP_Patient_Change_Form_0115_478317_7.pdf Or do I need to file something to BECOME a caregiver? or is that the form? and $35? Thanks
  7. I find this hard to believe. Do you know the type of MS? RRMS, PRMS, PPMS? Also is she taking a DMD? DMT? No cure for demyelination. Also MRI's do not show all lesions. They are still present. I might see it working for RRMS?? RRMS is the common one and can be cured with stem cells. Could you ask her? I have PRMS and was thinking of doing a very high doses of THC? With my DMD's... Thanks for your help Norby
  8. Yah they pretty much nailed those crazy tea partiers, right?
  9. bring vender back!!

  10. Ya ten days is the longest I had to go, but I dont see why I couldnt go for weeks. The nute / ppm would rise a lot. I just like the fact I dont have to babysit them.
  11. Ph is always 5.7 and the nutes are Humbolt. I follow humbolts feeding schedule. Watering took over a year to get it dialed in. I think your first guess is right. To much light. I stepped up to a 600w HPS from 400. I have to top of the plant about 15 inches from the light. To close? Do you think it could be from the removal of the leaves? Some of the tops are definitely being burnt thats why I was asking about making them shorter, Thanks for the help. Oh ya the whole plant is looking like that. I have been using cal/mag in the res and spraying them at night.
  12. I have a large res. I can let it go for up to 10 days. Its a recirculating system. Everything is run on X10 and all automated.
  13. Hydro is nice, you can leave them for weeks and not worry. Fill up your res and they take care of themselves. Kinda nice. Low maintenance. Takes a while to dial it in, but then its worry free. I will never go back to being a dirt farmer.
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