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  1. It is actually a bad thing when MS lesions disappear. Sorry. https://www.futurity.org/multiple-sclerosis-lesions-brains-1774712-2/
  2. Bob I didn't comment to be an donkey I just am not a fan of speeders. I guess I'm an old man. Sorry about your friend.
  3. 82 in a 65 come on man! Slow it down! Then you miss a court date for reckless driving (basically) and putting others in danger. Bob am I suppose to feel bad for this guy? I don't know man?
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  6. thank you king how have you been? its been a whille.
  7. Hello all, I have an uncle not responding to chemo he now wants to try MM. He has his card and is his own CG but wants me to be his CG. I'm not going to say NO. So just the one form? http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/LARA_BHCS_MMMP_Patient_Change_Form_0115_478317_7.pdf Or do I need to file something to BECOME a caregiver? or is that the form? and $35? Thanks
  8. I find this hard to believe. Do you know the type of MS? RRMS, PRMS, PPMS? Also is she taking a DMD? DMT? No cure for demyelination. Also MRI's do not show all lesions. They are still present. I might see it working for RRMS?? RRMS is the common one and can be cured with stem cells. Could you ask her? I have PRMS and was thinking of doing a very high doses of THC? With my DMD's... Thanks for your help Norby
  9. Yah they pretty much nailed those crazy tea partiers, right?
  10. Ya ten days is the longest I had to go, but I dont see why I couldnt go for weeks. The nute / ppm would rise a lot. I just like the fact I dont have to babysit them.
  11. Ph is always 5.7 and the nutes are Humbolt. I follow humbolts feeding schedule. Watering took over a year to get it dialed in. I think your first guess is right. To much light. I stepped up to a 600w HPS from 400. I have to top of the plant about 15 inches from the light. To close? Do you think it could be from the removal of the leaves? Some of the tops are definitely being burnt thats why I was asking about making them shorter, Thanks for the help. Oh ya the whole plant is looking like that. I have been using cal/mag in the res and spraying them at night.
  12. I have a large res. I can let it go for up to 10 days. Its a recirculating system. Everything is run on X10 and all automated.
  13. Hydro is nice, you can leave them for weeks and not worry. Fill up your res and they take care of themselves. Kinda nice. Low maintenance. Takes a while to dial it in, but then its worry free. I will never go back to being a dirt farmer.
  14. Well Rick Snyder is OK with MM. Dear Mr. Vender, Thank you for your time and interest in the campaign. Rick supports the use of medical marijuana when it is done so legally, and prescribed by a licensed physician for legitimate medical reasons. As governor, Rick will work hard to uphold the decisions of the people and the state's constitution. He is a pro-lifer. So I am not sure I can vote for him. Women have the right to do what they choose. IMO
  15. Problem. not sure if its a calcium problem or the fact I stripped the leaves. Any ideas? Thanks THC-Farmer HELP!
  16. Just an update. Although the buds look beautiful, lots of resin trics.. The plant does not. It seems I either have a Calcium deficiency or the plant is sucking the nitrogen from the sugar leaves. The leaves close to the buds are browning. I will post some photos later. I did give it Cal/Mag about a week ago when I first started seeing the signs.
  17. Do you have a link that works? That site doesnt exist.
  18. Farmer when you removed during veg did the plant bush out / stunt the growth. I would like shorter bushier plants and was going to remove some during veg to get smaller node spaces and more bush like. Any thoughts?
  19. The study was done by Purdue showing that you get larger but fewer fruit. Anyway you can read about it at http://www.grow-tomato-sauce.com/pruning.html
  20. THC-farmer thats what I am looking for. Good job. I will still do my experiment but it sounds like you did a good study. Thanks +rep. I should be starting my study in about a week. "They" did do a study on removing leaves from tomatoes and the data shows a sweeter larger fruit. I will google to find it. Right now I am looking at the effects of injections. Trying a mix of sugars and milk, I use milk on my pumpkins with great results. Now dont go and try this I dont want to be responsible for your plants dieing.
  21. I love all this. All your degrees and reading and education doesnt mean shiit when it comes to life. Until you do some experimenting of your own it is not possible to say %100 about anything. I am looking for facts from ppl who have tried removing leaves. When you do some pruning IT DOES impart its energy into the growth of the flower / fruit. Tomato gardeners have been doing it for decades. Mother nature ppl dont want to know what I do with syringes and plants. You would freak. I will be doing a side by side of this coming up. If others do a side by side we could end this and have a nice data set. Mother nature is way over rated. Humans without a doubt can make plants better. Science has done some amazing things with plants, like creating a tobacco with star fish DNA to create a AIDS drug that can be smoked. So stop with the mother nature doesnt need our help crap. IMO
  22. I hope you have money for a good lawyer and don't mind losing all you have and your house. If you don't think it can happen I am sure some posters can fill you in. So if all that doesnt bother you then no it's not stupid. I am not digging on you, I just dont want to see another person go down. Everyone can go on and on about how its locked, the law doesnt say... blah blah blah. LEO and Judges dont give a sheit. They will make your life hell. Looks nice to me, GL. I am sure we will be reading about you in the news. And ya that cross is a bit much, dude what are you thinking or not.
  23. Is it possible to find out how much money, tax payer dollars are being wasted on these cases? I mean this is just amazing. Time and money spent setting up the raid. Getting the judges and city attorneys involved. All the paperwork and filing clerks.... And Kalamazoo is hurting for money. And the moron voters in K-zoo passing millage's to pay for more cops only to see there tax dollars wasted. I really hope this guy wins, then you will see your vote for more cops is really going to pay for a MM grower, the thing you are so against. Funny. Frustrated.
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