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  1. Resto said it right. The money angle is nauseating. If you are a caregiver and operate under the framework of MMJ rules, probably the best you can do is break-even. Every guy and his brothers and his cousins are growing weed in Michigan. I've been doing this for many years. I know several growers who are sitting on pounds of high-quality outdoor-grown marijuana and offering ounces for about $80 to $100. If you want to profit in this industry, as a caregiver, you need to be able to offer a product that supplants what is available on the open market.
  2. Highlander

    Proposal 1 passes !

    I haven't kept-up with the significance of the new ML laws. I don't know for sure, but I think MMJ patients might have some advantage over recreational users when it comes to being accused of "driving under the influence." Resto, what do you think? Is there still an advantage for qualified MMJ users to assert "medical use?" Is there a good reason to to renew a medical card?
  3. Highlander

    Member card address

    No. The card has your mailing address. The forms do not ask for the address of the grow. I and several others on this website have used PO boxes for our mailing address many times without an issue.
  4. The problem is with "free" meds. This has been the case for years. There are mostly only four reasons why some CGs offer free meds: 1. You're close friends or family, and the CG is a super nice guy (or gal). 2. The CG is trying out a huge number of new strains and wants more plants to facilitate this. (This really doesn't happen very often). 3. The CG is growing more than his/her patients need and selling overages illegally. (Do you want a CG going around with YOUR MMJ card/info if he/she is the sort of person taking big legal risks?) 4. The CG is inexperienced and willing to promise free meds to try to get patients. Medical MJ is no different than the rest of life. If someone offers you something for nothing, you need to dig deep and figure out what the real cost is and if that's something you want to be involved with. This concept of free meds has disappointed many patients. You have to ask yourself why a complete stranger would offer MJ for free. You also should know that at least some CGs (I've witnessed this first hand) pay certification clinics a fee when a new patient is referred and signs up. Going back to 2009, the most successful relationships I've had (as a CG) with patients are 1.) Family, 2.) Friends, 3.) Referral from family or friends (counting my patients as friends as it usually works out that way) and 4.) This website. If I were in your shoes, I'd use the link the previous poster put up, send in the form removing the CG and send a copy certified mail to the CG....and get started with the new search. Unless you have someone in mind already, I'd start on this website in the classifieds section. There are several members/CGs here who have been active on these forums for a long time and have built some credability. Good luck. And yeah, that bud you posted a pic of is absolute garbage.
  5. It doesn't matter. You give LARA your mailing address - not the address of your grow. You can even use a PO Box. I did that for years for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was if I lost a card I didn't want a street address on it.
  6. Highlander

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    I checked the time on the email. I received it at 8:51 pm March 12.
  7. Highlander

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Shortly after I posted, I began thinking about what procedures grassmatch might have in place to decide when to disseminate personal information/copies of IDs and MMJ cards. I know nothing more about this matter but deleted the attachments out of an abundance of caution. I don't want to be part of the problem if one exists.
  8. Highlander

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    I signed up on grassmatch a while ago - maybe a year or two - out of curiosity. I wasn't looking for new patients. I'm not going to say anything good or bad about the website. That isn't the point of my post. I'm posting to show this email I received from grassmatch this morning. "For a while now, we've been chasing after a patient that was using Grassmatch to rob caregivers. He went by xxxx, and numerous other names - but his real name is XXXX. His illustrious criminal history is attached to this email: Highlights are felony weapons, larceny, and assault. Remember - REPORT problem patients on Grassmatch - we're listening!"
  9. Highlander

    Clone Distributor

    For the sake of discussion - say I'm a patient with a caregiver who grows for me. Through whatever circumstance, I find someone willing to sell me 5 oz. at a discounted price. I buy 2.5 oz. and transfer it to my caregiver to hold for me later, as he is legal to have 2.5 for me. Then I go back and buy another 2.5. Do you think this is a reasonable scenario for a patient to transfer to a CG under Section 4 protections?
  10. Isn't it crazy that we have lawmakers who talk out of both sides of their mouth? They say if MJ is medicine, it should be tested, etc., but then they want to treat medical MJ like liquor. The double standard is clearly nonsense. Does Detroit (or any municipality) have an ordinance that limits the number of pharmacies?
  11. Lol. Riiiight. Because government employees are paid from money that God just blesses down upon them. How could a government employee say anything so stupid?
  12. Highlander

    Is this a trap?

    Understood. My 2cents above would generally apply to someone you vetted - family friend, relative, or referral from another patient. I'll confess that in years past, I did provide meds to a new patient as soon as paperwork was signed and mailed, and I felt generally comfortable about it because I asked a lot of questions beforehand. Now that I have long-term patients I don't need to worry about it. I've only signed three new patients in about the last five years. Two were a husband and wife who were close friends with a friend/long-term patient. They both moved out of state about two years ago. I didn't even look for replacements. Earlier this year, I signed a new patient - a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer and whose wife has been a registered patient of mine for about six years. I had no problem offering him infused coconut oil and edibles on day one. But I understand the concern. One of my first patients (in 2009, found on-line) got 2.5 oz on a Friday. Within a week he said he was out of meds and wanted another half oz. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and delivered the half. He didn't need any more meds for several weeks. It didn't take a genius to read between the lines. That relationship didn't last long.
  13. Highlander

    Revegging harvested plants?

    My revegged plants were also less vigorous, but I found the clones to perform just fine. Did you experience the same?
  14. Highlander

    Revegging harvested plants?

    Consider finding a patient who wants to get a grow started and keep their own plants. You can give him/her cuttings, and if that grow succeeds, you can get some cuttings back from the best of each strain, thus avoiding having to roll the dice revegging. While revegging worked for me, I wouldn't want to have to count on it if I had a better option.