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  1. Isn't it crazy that we have lawmakers who talk out of both sides of their mouth? They say if MJ is medicine, it should be tested, etc., but then they want to treat medical MJ like liquor. The double standard is clearly nonsense. Does Detroit (or any municipality) have an ordinance that limits the number of pharmacies?
  2. Lol. Riiiight. Because government employees are paid from money that God just blesses down upon them. How could a government employee say anything so stupid?
  3. Is this a trap?

    Understood. My 2cents above would generally apply to someone you vetted - family friend, relative, or referral from another patient. I'll confess that in years past, I did provide meds to a new patient as soon as paperwork was signed and mailed, and I felt generally comfortable about it because I asked a lot of questions beforehand. Now that I have long-term patients I don't need to worry about it. I've only signed three new patients in about the last five years. Two were a husband and wife who were close friends with a friend/long-term patient. They both moved out of state about two years ago. I didn't even look for replacements. Earlier this year, I signed a new patient - a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer and whose wife has been a registered patient of mine for about six years. I had no problem offering him infused coconut oil and edibles on day one. But I understand the concern. One of my first patients (in 2009, found on-line) got 2.5 oz on a Friday. Within a week he said he was out of meds and wanted another half oz. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and delivered the half. He didn't need any more meds for several weeks. It didn't take a genius to read between the lines. That relationship didn't last long.
  4. Revegging harvested plants?

    My revegged plants were also less vigorous, but I found the clones to perform just fine. Did you experience the same?
  5. Revegging harvested plants?

    Consider finding a patient who wants to get a grow started and keep their own plants. You can give him/her cuttings, and if that grow succeeds, you can get some cuttings back from the best of each strain, thus avoiding having to roll the dice revegging. While revegging worked for me, I wouldn't want to have to count on it if I had a better option.
  6. Revegging harvested plants?

    I don't keep mother plants and clone from one generation to the next. I've had a few periods of cloning disasters. I've been able to root cuttings from a plant as long as four weeks into flower. They were slow to root and grow and had goofy leaves for weeks. But they made it. I also saved two strains by re-vegging. I trimmed them down to just a few small buds and leaves, then put them back in the veg state, with high nitrogen fertilizer, and 24 hours of light from a CFL in a clip-on work light very close to the buds and leaves. Both times it took about 4-5 weeks before there was enough new growth to take cuttings.
  7. Is this a trap?

    I agree about actions and intent. I don't have a revolving door for patients. All of my patients have been with me for about 5 years or more. I'm not too worried about providing meds day 1 under the right circumstances. For example, I have a patient who I've been connect to since 2012. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. He hadn't used MJ since college - probably 30+ years. She could have easily just shared her meds with him. But we wanted to do it right. So he assigned me as his CG, and I didn't wait for the hard card to transfer meds. I believe this is OK under Section 4. Trouble with a Dr. Buck type of situation can happen even after the hard card is issued. If the PA and courts decide that the cert. was bad in the first place, does the CG who acted in good faith have criminal liability? Is the burden of proof on the CG to show that the patient is legit? - either with a signed and submitted form or a card? On the other hand, if I kept one patient slot open....signing paperwork today, canceling it the next day, and signing up a new patient...rinsing and repeating, I wouldn't expect the courts to side with me.
  8. Is this a trap?

    I think you are correct, and the court offered immunity to patients for their testimony, but the patients were informed enough to know that the judge couldn't offer immunity because MJ use is still a federal crime. I believe the case went nowhere after that.
  9. Is this a trap?

    I don't agree that a CG needs to wait for the new patient's hard card to provide meds and be protected under Section 4. Section 4 has some interesting differences in language in different paragraphs that suggests that a card-holding CG (meaning any CG with a card....a.k.a has already been approved by LARA) can assist a qualifying patient to whom he is connected through the registry by providing meds but only gets the protection for the 12 additional plants once the qualifying patient becomes a REGISTERED qualifying patient. Section 4 doesn't define what "connected through the registry" means. I take it to mean that LARA has received either a patient application or change form naming the CG. And once the qualifying patient becomes a registered qualifying patient, the CG is protected for the additional plants. Of course, this puts the onus on the CG to be sure the prospective "patient" isn't pulling a scam and showing false doc recs to buy meds day 1. There are plenty of ways for a CG to find assurance that the prospective patient isn't pulling the wool over his eyes. The best ways are when the CG knows the patient personally or maybe accompanies them to the doc's office for certification. I've posted this legal theory here a few times. I believe it's sound, although not legal advice by any stretch, and I've never seen a court case that addresses the issue. So, seller beware.
  10. Hi, Don't Mind Me. I'm Here Now.

    Not only that (all you said) but we have a wave of people who rail against "entitlements" and say that social security isn't an "entitlement." Somewhere along the line, many folks decided that "entitlement" is a bad word. I blame the likes of entertainers like Rush Limbaugh for this. Social security benefits for old folks are "entitlements." They are entitled.
  11. Hi, Don't Mind Me. I'm Here Now.

    I don't see how someone can join an on-line discussion board and say, "I'm politically active. And most of you will not like the fact that I'm a republican. So we may go toe-to-toe some time over issues. That's okay though. I don't mind getting into heated debates." and then feel attacked. I don't believe the OP felt attacked. But this is how it goes. A person who inserts politics into a discussion should be prepared to actually discuss - not just throw out an opinion and take his ball and go home when someone disagrees. So, I'll comment on this: " I'm for everyone who earns money to keep their money. If you rich, I'm glad you are. Chances are your providing something that give people that aren't a opportunity to make some money. If your one that don't like what they pay. Then find another job that will pay you better." This sort of philosophy doesn't fit our rigged system. Wealthy folks buy votes and get wealthier. This is how we in Michigan were faced with the possibility of a single individual (Maddie Moroun, owner of the Ambassador bridge) continuing to monopolize the busiest international trade route in North America. Trump's grandfather made the family fortune ($250 million) through sweetheart federal deals to provide housing in post WWII NYC. Donald Trump himself has even bragged that his donations to political candidates bought him favors.
  12. I don't doubt that bin Laden used the jews as an excuse. Maybe his real goal was as you state. But obviously he was able to recruit a lot of people into his terror network with that excuse. And of course, every one of his followers who died fighting the zionists provided additional recruiting material. Myself, I think a lot of these recruits joined OBL because they didn't have other opportunities. You don't see many muslim US citizens moving oversees to join the fight.
  13. Bin Laden said in his Declaration of War against the US that he was fighting against the "zionist crusader alliance" that supported Jewish control of Jerusalem and occupation of Palestine. I don't see how the religious radicalism problem can be solved as long as two different groups claim that God gave them the same land. War isn't the solution for either side. This problem is several centuries old. You can't bomb the religion out of someone.
  14. I'm not going to speculate as to what firearms he wanted, but common sense would tell us that this radical POS would have rather had a high capacity magazine instead of a six-shot pea shooter. I don't blame the gun. I don't blame the knife. And I wouldn't blame coffee cans either. No need to get all dramatic and blame shovels because some POS killed his girlfriend's kid last week in West Virginia with a shovel. Fact is, this POS wanted to kill people at Bishop Airport. He failed because no one sold him a gun. That's how our system should work. Exactly.