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  1. I just bought 4 Yehsence lights on Amazon (recommendation from Resto). Cost was about $580, and the products should be at my door Friday. Based on KD's and Resto's experience/recommendations, I'm very excited about this transition. I'll give some updates as things progress. If the new lights do what they are said to do, between lighting and AC costs, these LED lights will pay for themselves before labor day.
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    I used to buy empty cartridges from a store in Flint. They were in a big candy-type jar and were unlabeled. They worked OK. I got on-line recently and and did some research and found out that cartridges are available with a variety of oil intake hole diameters. The ones I was using were probably about 1mm. About 2 weeks ago, I bought some cartridges with 2mm intake holes. They are fantastic. The first time I took a hit I was overwhelmed. The oil I use is extracted with butane, but I don't do a fast extraction and don't winterize, so the oil is about the viscosity of tar at room temperature - probably about what you'd get with an alcohol extraction. I bought 10 for $35ish shipped. They are reusable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wood-1ML-5ML-Glass-Ceramic-Coil-Wickless-Vape-Cartridge-510-WHOLESALE/123702988231?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=424297918694&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I highly recommend the ooze battery units. You'll want one with adjustable voltage. Some have a manual dial to adjust voltage, and some have adjustable voltage by pushing the button a few times. My personal preference is the manual. Also, the ooze units have a preheat function, which is very helpful for thicker (pure/uncut) oils. Crank up the volts and vape! I've spent a lot of time and money doing trial and error with vape pens since about 2010. I started with Omicron products, which were kinda good at the time but it's almost like comparing the computer I bought in 1993 with an Intel Pentium 60 processor for about $3,000 to my current machine that is 10 times better at about 20% of the cost. Resto might add to this discussion. Maybe his extraction/winterizing works well with the common/smaller intake hole carts. In any event, you have a lot of options and are asking good questions in a forum where you'll get good answers.
  3. I had a terrible experience switching from dirt to DWC years ago. The problem was that I didn't properly address the risk of root rot, and I lost most of my plants before I installed a chiller and started using enzymes. Now, I use aerocloners and transfer the bare root clones (in the same foam insert) into a 2" net pot (with the bottom cut off) and put them in my DWC system. Unless I make a big mistake (clogged airstone, water level too low, break roots) my transfers are 100% successful, and the plants take-off. I run two aerocloners. One has minimal nutrients for rooting and the other has about 25% of the recommended veg-grow nutes. Someone mentioned DWC being a lot of work. Once you have the system dialed-in, it's probably one of the easiest grow systems to manage. The growth rates are steller and second probably only to aero. Some day, I'll pick Resto's brain about going full aero. It's a bit intimidating thinking about the build and making sure the nozzles don't get clogged, but the upsides (less nute volume = less need to chill the water, higher oxygen levels in the water) are probably worth it.
  4. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act does not prohibit this. But significant issues exist under federal law for sites with more than 100 plants. I think there are a few (at least two) people from Michigan who are doing time in federal prison for this issue.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm at a slow spot in my grow right now - only running 2,000w in flower and an 8-bulb T5 in veg. By next weekend, I'll be down to 1,000w in flower and won't need more light for another month or so. So I am in a good position to replace lights as I ramp up the grow again. Question: if you didn't want to spend to replace all lights at once, how would you stagger the purchases? LED for veg first (replacing T5) or flower first. Do you think it's worth it to replace the T5 in veg? Thank you
  6. Thanks to Resto and KD for openly helping our community. I read some reviews on Amazon, and only one review was negative. I'm just not ready to make the shift; it's more of an attitude of "ain't broke; don't fix it." And maybe there is a learning curve with these lights? maybe not. It's hard to make a major change in one's grow. And I'm an old dog, so new tricks aren't my thing. Good luck KD. Thanks for the discussion of experience, Resto.
  7. Can you put these LED lights closer to the plants than HPS or MH? I understand that the heat is much less, but is there an issue with intensity being too much? I used to run 1,000w HPS with liquid-cooled fixtures. I could get the plants within 6 inches of the bulb, and there was very little heat, but that was about as close as I could get the lights to the plants without bleaching them. One big benefit of LEDs could be the ability to use lower ceilings and plants closer to the lights. Also, about what is the ideal footprint in veg and flower? I assume, because the lights are rectangular, that the ideal footprint is also rectangular? When I'm running full-bore (which is rare), I might run as many as 6 1,000w in flower and 1,000w in veg. It looks like I could replace all of my 1,000w fixtures with about 8 LEDs. That would save about $200/month in electricity just for the lights - then if I subtract the estimated (broad guess) of what I need to pay for AC and hydro solution cooling, that's probably another $100/month heading into the warm season. That means the LEDs would pay for themselves in about 4 months and then save me about $250/month after that. That's an exciting idea. I appreciate you sharing your experience because, like KD, I tried LEDs years ago and concluded that they were crap.
  8. Thanks for the report. I'm going to give it a try.
  9. Another question. When you fill that "wide mouth" one, how does the center chamber thing make electrical contact with the base? Wouldn't the oil be in the way?
  10. Thanks. I haven't been winterizing because this approach is such a nice improvement I don't feel the need to make that improvement at this time. My oil is a bit thicker. I can squish it our of a syringe at room temperature, but it doesn't fill the cartridge very well unless I heat the cartridge a bit. I have a trusty Volcano that I'll probably never use again.
  11. Thanks. I like how the first one comes apart so there is more room to fill it. How thick is your oil? Do you need to heat it to get it to flow when you fill the cartridge?
  12. Which cartridge did you buy? I'm always looking for improvements.
  13. I've had good luck with these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-OOZE-TWIST-High-Voltage-650-900-1100-BATTERY-PEN-INCLUDES-CHARGER/283378622641?hash=item41faaea0b1:rk:4:pf:0&var&checksum=2833786226419b35f50e591947f6911dbd21f9f3d105&enc=AQADAAAC8FjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVaFGJdeISzYFeFvLfpkUrdzg9%2F1GKKYC0h5vltr1Yc0xAh8DGRxMxkIX26HGnwo7pm5IxsTuL6zsYLyvioRcQ342bCdKronO9GjYioeXqU7WoU1Dg%2F%2B2KjTYg125JYElRRUKqTVOzkXFEuA3UpVLlYxeHQGQJaRM%2By1MdFMurL1DeKp8WsP9YZi6HFvfplHcjCAMzZvwPyTmnKjQrAvk4iXDZe2zH%2FbvCqDQ5285BDv6GZGhTQI1a%2Fvk4%2BvNz5sE%2Fs9mpl2MFrs%2FlzWxVaVq45%2BrKJr0R0xnc2IfqOG55MPKQGsiHTePVou7XyCYqDRwYczneXAjZ8SCnBCh3NL3sPPhp%2BrTWVt%2BTeVoKlw0J06FkPQV6NEtXnvs07KldejkuIcbyFkvPId56mo0JA%2F7TzdLdsGdWuxXMA6HaODylU4kmIjlHZkO6FV3ao5sgoXxDcblmpxjduJd8bQaQvcacOvdkBcS0xMkb0FgjxpxIsvegXcf%2FCT8EOzjrfuWTP%2BFtPVgkEe%2BRX4Zx4swu5zzIfbHy0l2Z3Y1WoNOytQZtrn7OmmsGPspnt%2FxROCy8QC3wv3YFhFYuJCCkPaus2kCA33w904JwCceAKLHWqP3T%2FJ%2B64EYA1cMDkpfceQIUWy6npiA0dDyZppNH3BGt1R2rkqj4zhGWB0sdnUT%2B3PvBJ8DaYqsiunUiYi0SkFdpsAggSV0oKOejTXjKSSakixJT%2F02wdvLL4CvcVEbZYJcn3wGIxoT7TtzKVRNux%2FI1ljnytLjOxeaqb4Qgo6CRHsKe1hgE5dB3M3QYIub%2FI7YjEsoY92bIr7ozWdxZq4qQe%2BhfR1SP3B5To8D2YMauPU44DCy8FhD7Hjz1pR0AssA819mR5GB6mU%2BTGwRAiCu%2B2jAhS809rADVNAH6Sp2MU64Q1B0I00xdu4CEUYvHLaXAuWJ7IUTgO97NUM4EH68%2FbIdL
  14. I like the Ooze pens with adjustable voltage (mostly due to battery life). You can get pens with voltage adjusted by hitting the button some number of times or other pens with a manual dial to adjust the voltage. I'm a low-tech kinda person, so I prefer the manual adjustment. But the cartridge is more important than the pen/battery. The pens/cartridges we can buy are mostly born in the tobacco industry. If someone can find a way to make a pen/cartridge combo that's easily refillable with pure cannabis oil, he or she would probably cash-in.
  15. Yes. I and my patients have used a few different types of pens - the variable (higher) voltage ones being the best. The trick is to get the right cartridges. The ones with at least four holes at 1.5mm in diameter work pretty well. It took quite a bit of trial and error to figure this out. I started with the Omicron pens close to 10 years ago. They worked OK but were prone to leaks and clogs. The newer wickless technology works much better.
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