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  1. This is a logical fallacy. Failure does not prove that success is out-of-reach. You have to look at success and work backwards from there. Compare/contrast the grow operation in its entirety. Changing one element of a grow operation can have wide-spread consequences. My own experience with the lights Resto recommended in this thread is very positive. So we know that there is a way to succeed with these lights. We also know that you can't simply swap out HPS and swap in LEDs and expect the same results. I wonder why you used King Diamond's experience with these LEDs to conclude that they are no good, rather than use my experience to conclude that they actually are a good option. Early on in the MM program in Michigan, I offered DWC advice to several people. I told them to do EXACTLY what I do, and they would get similar results. They all ended up deciding that DWC wasn't a good way to grow, and I'd hear stuff like: - No, I didn't use a chiller and didn't take the temperature of my nute solution. I stuck my hand in there, and it felt cool enough. - No, I didn't measure dissolved oxygen. I figured with all of the bubbles, it must be OK. - I used to water my hempy buckets with 1500ppm nutes. I figured that was good for DWC too. - After I added the enzymes, the guy at the grow store told me that adding hydrogen peroxide would help stave off root rot. So I bought a bottle at Rite-Aid and dumped it in the res - For under $1, it was worth a try. - A buddy of mine grows the best buds I've ever seen. He swears by molasses. So I gave it a try. - pH? If I use RO water and mix my nutes according to instructions, the pH should be fine, right? Note that, when discussing soil temperatures, King Diamond was only able to assume they were similar under LEDs as HPS. He also assumed that manicuring the plants the same way he did under HPS would be fine. Myself, I followed the lead of a grower who has been successful with LEDs and DWC and did EXACTLY as he instructed (except I used different lights - those recommended here). I ended up with very satisfying results. I'm sure if King Diamond applies himself, he also can be successful with the same LEDs, as he obviously has done very well with HIDs.
  2. Seven weeks in flower. I had a misstep with this plant in about week 3 that resulted in most of the fan leaves turing brown. It still looks pretty nice. This plant never saw HPS.
  3. Restorium recently posted that he got roots on new cutting in three days with plants grown under LEDs. I'll admit that was a hard one to believe. But now I've seen it myself. I took cuttings last Sunday night, and most of them had visible roots/nubs by Saturday night (6 days). I have tiny root spikes on several cuttings I took Wednesday night (3.5 days ago). The donor plants were all grown under LED since they were very small. I use an aerocloner and a 96-watt T-5 (using only 3 bulbs - so 72 watts.) I'm using RO water with a touch of Cal-Mag. (I will add some nutes in a day or so). The plants were vegged in DWC with the same nutes/additives I always use. Lighting was one 1500-Yehsense with both switches on, covering about 4' by 4'. I've been using one aerocloner or another for about 8 years and, when everything is going right, get visible roots in about 7 days. 3.5 days is unprecedented. I realize this recent occurrence is very anecdotal, but it makes me wonder if the different light during veg causes physiological differences in the plants that make them root more easily.
  4. I'm not sure of the strain. I received three clones from a friend and got them mixed up. This is at 35 days and is my first plant flowered solely under LEDs. I'm going to work on photo quality.
  5. I'm glad you posted this. One of my pet peeves is folks talking about "magnifying light" as if that means somehow more light is magically created. As you stated, the lens on these LED lights don't magnify light - they focus it.
  6. I hope I don't come across as a p.rick, but knowing that a person needs a patient in order to become a caregiver is about the most basic element of this program. If this is something you had to ask about, you should be asking yourself if you truly know enough at this point to stay legal and out of trouble. You really should do A LOT of reading and ask a lot more questions before you dive in.
  7. Tomato cages work well too. I grow DWC in five-gallon buckets. I cut the legs of the tomato cages down to about 1.5" long, drill three holes in the lid, slide the legs in, then fold them over.
  8. I agree with everything you said. I never will understand why some patients think they should get free meds from a CG, while assuming the CG can sell meds to other patients to make it all worthwhile. It makes no sense. It's as if we CGs are asked to sign-up a stranger as a patient and give free meds to him/her and sell meds to other stranger patients to make it all worthwhile. It's crazy. "I'm sick so I want you to give me free meds and pay for my card and sell MMJ to other SICK people to bridge the costs so I don't have to pay anything." Why are you more special than the other sick people you expect a CG to sell to so you can get free meds?
  9. OK, let me get straight to the point. You, as a patient, seem to think that a caregiver should give you stuff for free in exchange for growing 12 plants. This is probably because you think a caregiver will sell overages to someone else to make it all worthwhile. So I ask you this: How about you sign-up with a caregiver and pay an average price for meds and buy the surplus from the caregiver and then YOU sell it? Put the shoe on the other foot. And bend your mind around this: If every patient out there is entitled to free meds from a CG, why would any person grow for free? Where is this free weed coming from? And where did you get the delusion that every plant produces a pound? I hope you do find a CG...
  10. Yeah. understood. Thanks for keeping it real. I'm not going there.
  11. I'm not going to throw shade on Existo. But I have no interest in his plan whatsoever.
  12. OK. So you aren't a patient seeking a CG; you represent a business interest. Got it.
  13. Why are you asking for multiple "caregivers?" Are you a patient seeking a caregiver? Why don't you just lay-out your plan without trying to trick someone to participate in your agenda. It smells bad.
  14. Well, I just bought 4. It's hard to go wrong at this price point.
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