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  1. Hi guys I’m back looking for some direction on finding reliable cuts from a local source. Please reach out if you can help. Thank you
  2. Hi guys after a lot of research I decided to go with 4 quantum board panels with the newer lm301h leds. Hoping to flower out soon and wanted to give this a shot. Moving from a 1000whps. Anyone else flowering with these? Thoughts? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. No worries just kinda surprised by the lack of conversation and community. Been away for a while and remembered more activity in the past. Thanks
  4. Wow. Thanks for all the help. What the word? Either a very unfriendly community or just a dead forum? Lots of reads but no thoughts? Is it taboo to be asking these questions or is everyone just hoarding? If that’s the case, log off and stay off the community forums as your not contributing anything and only taking, why bother joining these type of environments if your not looking to connect with others? Odd for sure
  5. Hi I’m searching for the Kyle Kushman Coffin cut as it’s always been one of my fav strains. I know it’s around the area as I had it before but stopped growing for a while . Anyway just an old timer trying to offset the cost at the local medical dispensary, any direction would be much appreciated!!
  6. Hi guys. So I’ve been away from growing over the last 5-7 years as it had gotten to expensive for me to keep growing and as Michigan became more and more of a medical state I just started going To the local dispensaries. Anyway I notice price are up now to where I’m kinda disappointed and tired of paying $100 for a 1/2 ounce of their bottom shelf. So after looking around and appears the advancement in LED lighting I’m going to give it another shot, if for no other reason then to get them vegging and try and grow them outside this year. My hope is to grow enough to sustain myself till next
  7. I agree great cut, but I would prefer the whole tenderloin over a slow indirect charcoal grill, oh maybe an hour to hour and a half. Then commence with large cuts!
  8. Hi looking for a few choice cuts. Pm if interested. I have tons of seeds, cash or cuts to trade. Would live to see a grape ape, original ecsd, or resivoir seeds sour diesel V2. Apollo, strawberry cough, something good? Anyway I'm in the metro Detroit area if that helps! Thanks for looking!
  9. been popping, have a bunch and just popped Gladriel(rez) Double Strawberry Diesel (swan song), Triesel (freebie), Limon (swan song), and fruit punch (Bog?)!
  10. thanks ganjawarrior for the thoughts. right now im using MH with a 400W for veg and then dropping them into 1000W HPS for flower. Hoping for some large nugs this time around!
  11. Thanks for the tip. I'll try to make the next downriver one. Can you openly trade/buy clones at these meetings? Thanks again for the info
  12. so in the process of trying to get my restart, ive tried buying some clones on Craigslist. Wow, what joke. I have had several people listing clones for sale but when comes time they always seem to flake out. Thoughts? has anyone found a good source for clones? im a downriver turd, anyone wanting to donate for a fee something good? ive got to get it going again and could really use some help! Thanks regardless guys! PM Me?
  13. thanks for all the tips. Ive been growing in ocean forest . I have done a few of my windows with plastic but after getting my dte bill this morning via email, looks like i need to do all my windows. Wow, its almost $600. Im going to work harder on my clones and recently took around 10 cuts and im hoping that i get a good percent out of them. Lumberjack, im hoping to get exactly what it sounds like you just did. Get back in action! Thanks for the thoughts!
  14. So ive gotten so tired of having crappy medicine and also having these huge electricity bills. darn guys are they kililng you too? Anyway, ive been currently running a 400w for veg and a 1000w for flower but im just a little bummed with everything. Ive had my card since the beginning and remember growing some really good medicine but looking at my current situation is a bit discourgeing. Anyway, im growing some old cuts that ive had a while and just dont know where to restart from? So, im looking to rejuvinate my grow and also possibly lower my bills? So, im thinking of going with a 4-6 t-5
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