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  1. In order to get a license an applicant must have a caregiver with two years experience on the application. No caregiver = No license. Simple really.
  2. shishka

    I have extra clones

    Temporary website issues according to their Instagram account. Still open and doing business. Just remember to quarantine anything you get there to be safe. Generally good people running it but dirty clones have been known to have come from there. Been in business for many years.
  3. Any caregiver associating with a licensed facility will have to surrender their caregiver status. As such I would hope your investors are willing to compensate for that loss of opportunity. That said, I’m always willing to listen to offers.
  4. Licensed grow and processing facilities as well as provisioning centers can take in product from caregivers until March 31st
  5. Interesting perspective. With such a caring and empathetic demeanor you would make a great caregiver.
  6. The significance of that date is that after Jan 1 everything must be tested to MMFLA standards and entered in the state seed to sale system (METRC). Any leftover caregiver product can still be sold during the month of January as long as it passes testing and is entered in METRC. The thing is if a shop tests a caregiver product that they had been selling in December (before testing was required) and it fails they then have to issue a recall and not many shops want to take that risk so most shops just had fire sales at the end of December to get rid of all caregiver product All caregiver product regardless must be destroyed Jan 31 whether it passed testing or not and starting February 1 everything sold must come from a licensed facility. That is the current state of affairs although there is a lot of pressure on State to open it back up to pre January rules until June or even later.
  7. They have until the end of January to get rid of it thru sales. After that everything must have come from a licensee. Caregiver to provisioning was cut off Dec 31.
  8. Can come from people spraying compost tea on flowers during the flowering stage. Worm poo bat poo seabird poo chicken poo 💩 💩 💩. Silly organic fanatics with their “Don’t panic it’s organic” bunny muffin.
  9. shishka

    Caregivers to dispensaries

    Field of mids
  10. shishka

    Timers for lights

    The best way to use a ballast with a timer is to use a relay switching box. Short of this a heavy duty mechanical timer would be best.
  11. shishka

    Caregivers to dispensaries

    They cannot purchase from caregivers as of today and all product they have must be logged into metrc and tested. Going forward everything must come thru licensed growers/producers. There will not be enough product without caregivers. Expect more litigation.
  12. Temporary operators need to close as of yesterday or risk not getting their state issued license. Those that already have been licensed can stay open
  13. But seriously, the state has yet to promulgate rules for rec. I’m sure a plant in plain view of a passerby will not fly.
  14. It's a free-for-all and I heard it saidYou can bet your lifeStakes are high and so am IIt's in the air toni-i-ight
  15. shishka

    I could use some assistance..

    Sure he does, his name is Craig. Craig Slist.