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  1. shishka

    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    Of course you can drop pounds, just like always lol. It’s still illegal but so is selling to anyone that is not your direct patient i.e. a shop. As a patient or caregiver you are bound by the MMMA not the MMFLA.
  2. shishka

    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    You need to get a MMFLA growers license.
  3. shishka

    Anyone seen this?

    Yes but only for patients with no caregiver.
  4. Always great to hear of these victories.
  5. shishka

    If Rec Pot Becomes Legal, what about MM

    For customers the retail price of medical cannabis will be far cheaper without the additional taxes that will be placed on rec cannabis. In fact if the rec initiative passes the 3% tax on medical goes away so medical should get a tad cheaper.
  6. How does Professional Caregiver sound? Nobody ever wanted their meds coming from a hack in a basement. No, the caregivers that spent the coin to get a real grow room that had adequate environmental control is what was preferred. In order to get the $30k plus to build such a room well they needed to be compensated somehow. Heros, each and every one of them.
  7. Well neither of those situations apply to me but I will give credit to those who grabbed it while they could because the board has made it clear that bringing caregivers into the fold and out of the black market is not going to happen. All that talk of getting everyone on the right side of the law was just a bunch of talk as suspected. And the beat goes on...
  8. As noted at the board meeting yesterday, ONE shop in Ann Arbor did 4.5 million in sales last year. There are about 12 or so shops in Ann Arbor. As noted at last months board meeting, ONE caregiver reported yearly income of $350,000 each the last three years but was denied because he was actually stuffing more cash than that in his bank account. This has been huge business in some cities for the last decade. No one believed me.
  9. shishka

    Drama Free Area For Patients

    No, your patient card will still be valid.
  10. shishka

    Cc In Ypsilanti & Monroe?

    What’s a compassion club?
  11. shishka

    Plant count

    I agree with your assessment but like you I hear some people wanting to use the mmfla rules where a plant doesn’t get tagged and thus counted until it is eight inches tall. Sure to cause some issues for some people.
  12. Keep in mind he said he is a genius.
  13. Paul Ryan might be next. I heard the Koch brothers have put him up for sale on eBay. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a fit of pique, David and Charles Koch have unceremoniously listed House Speaker Paul Ryan for sale on the auction site eBay. The Kochs, who reportedly had purchased Ryan for a sum estimated in the tens of millions, now seem likely to lose their entire investment. According to Ryan’s listing on the auction site, the Kochs set a five-hundred-dollar asking price for the used congressman, a figure that, in light of the tepid bidding for him, seems optimistic. “Granted, owning Paul Ryan doesn’t have the benefits that it’s had for David and Charles for all of these years, but the status of owning a former Speaker of the House has to be worth something,” one Koch associate said. “Certainly more than the current high bid of seventeen dollars.” The eBay listing suggested several possible uses for the former House Speaker, including as a Halloween ornament or garden gnome.
  14. shishka

    GG #4 in 10th week - still no amber trichs

    Sounds like your gg4 might be one of the many fake cuts that get passed around as gg4. Obviously can't say for sure bit real gg4 is done in nine weeks.
  15. Especially considering if you don't have a med grow license you will need to wait two years to apply for a rec grow license.