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  1. Yes I believe so. I had a felony here in Michigan for growing. I got it set aside and am now a caregiver.
  2. Answer me this then. Where do you think temporary operators are getting their product? They can’t buy from licensed growers or processors because they’re not in metrc. I suggest you sit on the sidelines while this plays out.
  3. Unlicensed provisioning centers that are considered temporary operators can still buy from caregivers and sell that product with a consent waiver. If you want your caregiver product in a licensed PC you will need to sell to a licensed grower or licensed processor and have them middle men it. Once a licensed grower or processor takes it in it will need to be tagged as a batch (15 lb flower max) and tested. If the product fails testing it must be destroyed in most cases. Full panel testing for flower at PSI Labs in Ann Arbor is $410 and seven grams.
  4. So their “1500 watt” light consumes 265 watts, costs $150 and has a spread of 5’4” x 5’4”? Complete garbage and lies is all they are peddling. If anyone is looking for real LED’s check out Fluence or Gavita. Keep in mind they are not toys and will run around $1500 per light but they are the real deal.
  5. Well he was hanging out on forums ten years ago. ICMAG to be precise, he went by moonshine back then. Thanks for posting this up, I’ll have to have a watch.
  6. The shops the have a grow or processing license will likely continue purchasing from caregivers. The ones that don’t will be at an unfair disadvantage for a while.
  7. A little different starting April 1st. No longer can provisioning centers buy from caregivers. Only processors or growers can buy from caregivers. It must then be tested and entered into metrc and then can be sold to provisioning centers. This insures all product will be tested going forward They put no end date on this other than to say when it feel right they will pull the plug on caregivers. Also, whatever cg supply licensed pc’s have as of March 30th they can sell until it’s gone with a waiver.
  8. I’m sure there are but I can’t say who. I don’t use them and am more concerned with the poison pushers than the good guys at the moment.
  9. Go to Instagram and check out @got_clean_meds account.
  10. Myclobutanil turns to hydrogen CYANIDE at 410 degrees!!! As far as the convienence factor goes, as the saying goes, the juice is not worth the squeeze.
  11. Lab tests from PSI Labs done through independent testing of products purchased off the shelves of Michigan provisioning centers. Most of the bigger companies pushing carts in shops are buying dirty distillate in bulk from Cali and branding it to look like it’s from Michigan. Platinum Vape Michigan, Official Big Gas, MKX, Savage Sticks, Wacky Willy, Pure Michigan Oil ect. All have failed test results for pesticides. Most with extremely high levels of Myclobutanil which turns to cyanide when heated to temps over 410 degrees.
  12. My suggestion would be to not use carts if you value your health. And yes, midnight express are full of pesticides like most of them.
  13. I don’t know, last month or the month before a dude was approved for a class A and his capitalization attestation included 72 plants and a picture of a pile of cash. You never know.
  14. In order to get a license an applicant must have a caregiver with two years experience on the application. No caregiver = No license. Simple really.
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