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  1. Yes there is a bill for each, med and AU. 5547 and 5548 respectively.
  2. It would also allow for microbusiness licensees to have 450 plants, 150 in flower. Would make that license al lot more appealing.
  3. Once again, spinosad.
  4. One spray with a Spinosad containing product should knock them out. Thrips are probably the easiest pest cannabis growers deal with.
  5. The reality is it’s the wild f’ing west out here. Sure no licensed business is going to risk revocation for a sale. But, unlicensed delivery services don’t have much to lose as the state just can’t catch them all. Myself, I’d rather continue to feed the licensed shops because as long as the state allows it it would be darn hard for a prosecutor to get a conviction for that if they even wanted to bother taking it to trial. When the state says “we need caregiver product to keep patients access open” I’m here saying “at your service!” I mean it’s the least I can do to try to help the patients of Michigan continue to get quality clean flower.
  6. Yeah, country setting. Detroit should be a breeze. Just need to be honest about your intentions.
  7. Jackson County. I told them and Consumers Energy I was setting up a caregiver garden. Would be needing 18 lights plus AC plus Dehumidifiers.
  8. Gonna continue for some time. New barn being built right now. Welcome to the new quasi regulated grey market woohoo!!!
  9. From MLive today. $249 per ounce WHOLESALE. $3984 per pound WHOLESALE.
  10. City can’t stop you. It will come down to finding a landlord that will let you or purchasing a building yourself. If renting you may need to deal with the red tape like pulling permits and getting a certificate of occupancy. Easy way is to find a pole barn you can build out easily without prying eyes. I had to deal with electrical inspection when I upgraded my electric to 400 amp service. Actually the electrical inspector refused to sign off on it so I had to go over his head to the building inspector and he made me redo my connections to commercial code instead of residential code, copper vs. aluminum. Once the panels were in I didn’t have to pull any permits or I guess I should say I didn’t pull any permits.
  11. For what it’s worth when I mention PC’s in this thread I’ve been talking strictly about licensed MMFLA shops. Not temporary operators, not unlicensed, not recreational ect. Strictly those that have an actual license. Price is up around 4 now for top shelf wholesale. Most licensed shops don’t even have flower on any shelf.
  12. Oh definitely, if you fail for bugs or even mold you still have options such as remediation or you can blast it and sell the concentrate. This is the bummer part. If you fail for pesticides after it’s been tagged and entered into metrc it MUST be destroyed. You will not get it back from the licensee. Therefore don’t go trying to go this route if you spray any banned chemicals.
  13. And if you aren’t familiar with testing they actually grind up your flower, make a solution and swab a petri dish and let it sit to see if mold spores grow. Limit is 10,000 colony forming units per gram. Pretty hard to get under that number. Outdoor will have no chance. Only the cleanest grow rooms and drying rooms can achieve this. IF you can produce this, you can get 3k+ today for flower.
  14. Okay I think you are starting to see what’s going on slappy. There is NO flower available for licensed shops to purchase. They can’t buy from caregivers, they can’t bring it in from the black market. METRC is the new law of the land. Im not talking about black market pound prices, I’m talking about licensed flower with a metrc tag on it that has passed testing and is ready to go. If you have to sign a waiver at your local shop you are getting old flower that has not passed testing.
  15. I don’t think you guys know what’s going on inside the industry. There is no flower available in METRC. None. If you have a PC and no grow and want flower, you are paying around $4000 if you can even find some.
  16. Guess I must just be one lucky dude lol. From an industry Facebook group
  17. From today’s article on Mlive. https://trib.al/rXTvotX
  18. Okay, carry on. We obviously grow different flower. 80 a zip lol.
  19. Those imaginary entities are currently paying over $3k per pound if your flower can pass testing. darn it’s a good time to be a caregiver.
  20. Show me the memo that says caregivers can legally sell to licensees. I showed you mine, show me yours.
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