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  1. Not unheard of, but that's funny, you think they'd be more helpful at the store you help pay the bills at.... oh yeah, they don't sell anything to kill mushrooms, (well they do but probably don't know) If they had something they could sell you to get rid of 'em, it'd co$t $150/g, and you'd need two different kinds. Call it hydro-store logic. Get rid of them if you can, especially if someone in your house has allergies. Fungus spores - not good for the blood, man.
  2. He (Swampy) sent about 500? or 5000? seeds there for them (someone) to use in their medical program. For reals....
  3. Very well done Eric! Sorry you had to file to get the "public" info. Thank you for all you're doing.
  4. I posted in the original thread, I let mine go too long with out care and she passed. Still good for the prizes though! LongHairBri yours is looking way good man. Very well done. Perhaps we can have another go at a later date. I have two Leonard's in solo cups, maybe I'll leave one in just to see how she does. I cut a pollinated bud and found healthy seeds from the FL x White Russian cross, will include some for the winner. Tooldini, I think I may have offered you a FL cut in the past, but was unable to provide due to pests. If that's the case you're first on the list f
  5. Mine died. Still have seeds for the winner though. The FL B1 is at day 20 something of flowering, already pollinated. Best of luck to anyone who's still goin!
  6. Oh yeah, thank you for your service, from myself, my family, and all of us here. ...just don't tell us if you're a Marine, Army, Air Force or CG! (joking of course, all service members should be equally thanked.) (Navy more than others... had to say it, let the feuding continue!) greenhouse - proud Navy Vet
  7. I've found that smoking cannabis upsets my GERD about half the time. Never fear, it may or may not affect you in the same manner. Orally consuming properly prepared cannabis works well for me without upsetting the system in that way. However, I should also point out that cannabis helps my lower digestive system to "relax" easing the sometimes associated pain of ..... well you get my point. My tract is snarled, and far too often ornery. Have you looked in to purchasing or have you tried a vaporizer? I don't seem to have any problems with the vapor, perhaps it's the toxins in the smo
  8. Right here bro.... http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,1607,7-154-27417_51869_52139---,00.html
  9. He IS a very good man. He was a friend.. I had the opportunity to stand on his and Brad's shoulders (figuratively of course I don't think we'd survive it otherwise lol.) I am honored to have worked with them, and would do it again if needed. Bubblegrower, Greg's maybe the last person we should expect to hear something of that nature fall from his lips. (He better not prove me wrong LOL we know where he lives.....) Just kidding of course, don't need any misunderstandings.
  10. Here's my update... Stem at 7 days... leaf spots are from thrips, nasty buggers! Still trying to ID the type. roots at 12 days Somewhere around the 9th, I unplugged my pump to take some pics, forgot to plug it back in... so bad....... not cool at all. Next day they were very sad. All but one made it through the "drought." So now here we are at day 19 and I'm still in the darn cloner, haven't had the time to set up the rest. Hopefully tonight will be a good time to do it..... will put up some more shots including the Free Leonard mom and dad.
  11. Thanks for the link, been saying that for a while, hadn't any links. There is no "perfect" extraction process. And on a molecular level, unless you destroy a hell of a lot of cannabinoids in the process to boil off the solvent, you end up ingesting it. That is with regard to the toxic solvents like naptha and iso propyl alcohol (2-propanol), because the main effects of ethanol ingestion are not deadly at those levels. Supercritical fluid extraction, usually with CO2, (also can use butane, propane, R134a, etc.) is by far the best method. Equipment costs are high, and the process is quit
  12. Here we go..... everyonr ready forRoundup Ready Cannabis!!??
  13. That would be a darn fine idea, mix 'em. If you have the time and material, make two batches separately. You can test the different effects, then mix them and see the difference...
  14. LOL would it be "cheating" if'n I decided to pollinate mine? I have a male Free Leonard that's been eying the ladies for quite some time, having a hard time keeping the pollen on his pistils. That's put some weight on her hee hee. Been praying for a FL male since I was gifted the beans years ago. Slowly I've been growing 'em out hoping for a dude or two. After a few hopefuls, one has finally emerged. He's been vegging since December, kept him close to the lights and he's still quite short and stocky. Cloned him on the 1st with the ladies, he's showing some super strong root growth,
  15. That is amazing! We should not be surprised however, as the cannabis plant seems highly effective in helping the body repair damaged tissue. Seems Mr. Simpson just can't help himself, wherever he goes he's keeping up the good fight, keepin' on keepin' on. Thanks for letting us know, great news indeed.
  16. I cant make the drive to attend in person, but I will send letters, will get it to all the council members I can find contact info for.
  17. I just hope we don't have to wait for someone who pays for certification to spill the beans on the method. Will the extraction method be shared without a donation or fee requested? Will there be "mystical" and rare protected almost extinct herbs included? Herbs that they cannot share the name of, lol, because they're almost gone from the earth, like osha root? I hope not, that would be deceptive. I understand Peanutbutter has his reasons for protecting "his" recipe so well, and we all have our opinions of why he so closely guarded it. If these fine folks try to do the same thing wit
  18. Good to hear the information will be updated, we certainly don't want anyone ingesting or even topically applying naptha now do we? Naptha is a general term for a certain boiling temperature range of volatile petroleum distillates. Naptha is toxic. "Pure" naptha doesn't exist as it is a myriad of chemicals, and all petroleum based.
  19. The safest one available to ingest in small quantities is ethanol. 98% is available in other states.
  20. Funny, they are no longer using it, but they still recommend it. From website: http://phoenixtears.ca/hemp-oil/make-the-medicine/ "The process that I am about to describe involves washing the starting material twice with a good solvent such as pure naphtha, to remove the available resin from the plant material. Naphtha has proven to be a very good solvent to produce the oil and in Europe it is often called benzine. The only solvents that I have direct experience with are ether, alcohol and naphtha. Ether is my personal favourite and it is a very effective solvent, but it is expensive and
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