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  1. Absolutely. In 2010, my son was 5 and in Kindergarten. My husband's ex wife would harass him every chance she saw him in public when he wasn't with me. One interaction was during school when her daughter (my step daughter) was ill and she went to go get her. She constantly called him a "retard", which is horrible seeing that he has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. i filed a personal protection order against her. I asked the judge to make some form of allowance to her to be at the school for her own daughter (my step daughter) as long as she was supervised. The judge stated that due to her own poor judgement, until my son was 18, she was forbidden (via PPO) from being at the school as long as my son was attending. I provided the personal protection order to the principal for his file and explained the situation. Even though my step daughter rode the bus every day, her mother decided AFTER the PPO to start picking her up from school and volunteering at school events and the principal allowed it. When I filed a police report, the officer was shocked that she did not file a report against the parent and was allowing her to break the court order by the county judge. When I was in front of the judge, he made it clear again that the parent was NOT allowed at the school. When I filed a report with the superintendent about the matter, the principal lied and said she never allowed the mother at the school after the PPO and then threatened to sue me for slander. Now, convienantly, my son no longer qualifies for any special counseling/therapy through the school because the principal deemed him not needy enough. In December of 2011, the same parent called CPS claiming that we were all smoking marijuana in front of the children in the house. CPS went to the school and interviewed my son in front of the principal. The principal, nor CPS, ever called to inform me of the interview. CPS protocol in my area is that if there is not an immediate danger (visible neglect or abuse) or the child has a disability, the parent has to be called first. Neither called. I found out right before my children arrived home on the bus when CPS showed up at my door that they had already interviewed all four of my school aged children. I already filed a complaint against CPS for them breaking their own rules in this matter, but now have to go through a process with the school board about the issue of the principal allowing the interview without my knowledge as well. Now, the people that were in the room when my son was being interviewed all know that I am a medical marijuana patient. For the first time in 5 years, I had to file a background check to be able to qualify to supervise a field trip and was declined without report. Seeing that my record is completely clean and always has been, I can only assume I was declined because of my patient status. Over this entire school year, my son's wrestling teammate was being harassed & physically assaulted by his classmate. When my son tried to step in to break the confrontation, he got into trouble from the school for being a "bully" and received a warning. The actual bully then came to school and threatened the wrestling teammate with death (and explained it in great detail). The parent of the child receiving the threat was sent only an email about the event. Although Michigan implemented "Matt's Safe School Law" in January, Pathfinder (my son's school) refuses to implement it under the rule of their principal. Her grand idea, after being forced into doing something by the parent, was to simply frisk the child upon arrival at school and allow him to continue to be in the same class without suspension or further punishment. The principal also plays favorites with parents. When I went to pick up my step daughter during my ex husbands time (note: we reconciled and my name was never taken off the pick up list), they refused to let me take her. Instead of calling my ex (because it was his time), she called my step daughters mother and asked her permission. She said that they always contact the mother. However, when my son's deadbeat dad wanted to avoid his bench warrant for non-payment of support, he showed up for his three times a year visit several hours early, arriving at the school for the pick up. Not only did they have my court order that states he is never allowed to pick up the child from school. but I did not send in any documentation that would deviate from that. I was not called or notified in any manner that the principal signed off on him taking my child out of school for visitation and didnt find out until he did not arrive home on the bus. When I called to complain, she said that if anyone on the pick up list picks up the child, they allow it. She forgot to mention that he added himself to the list.
  2. Please sign this, regardless of where you are from. This principal allowed: 1) Another parent to harass my autistic son. I filed a PPO & the principal refused to enforce it. 2) Allowed CPS to break protocol after a medical marijuana related call and interview my son without notifying me first. 3) Refuses to follow state law "Matts Safe School Law" and enforces bullying, physical assault, and death threats between children when and if she feels like it. 4) Refuses to abide by custody/parenting time guidelines, even if the paperwork from Friend of the Court is filed. http://www.change.org/petitions/fremont-public-schools-force-pathfinders-principal-to-follow-local-and-state-guidelines-laws Please consider signing my petition. I need at least 250 signatures, regardless of where they are from, to put the topic in front of the board for consideration. I cannot stand by as CPS & my son's school continue to break local & state laws and pretend they are doing nothing wrong.
  3. I believe the one on the 15th is by Safer Michigan to promote legalization, collect petitions, and protest the bills. The one on the 29th is to protest the bills & the COA Koon Case.
  4. I know they have already voted on some of these bills. I am trying to watch it on House TV and I am not seeing it. NEED INFORMATION!... What passed? Immediate effect?
  5. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2011-2012/billintroduced/House/htm/2012-HIB-5580.htm
  6. To the people freaking out that the caregiver/patient model will be destroyed and that 10 big grows are coming to Michigan, stop worrying. There is absolutely nothing in the legislature that would make you believe this. You can simply call Nick, Representative Calton's policy director, and he will tell you about the Distribution Model. I am positive no one from the 3MA is promoting this propaganda, but I get at least 15 emails a day asking why I am not speaking out against big time commercial grows and government run buildings. I am not, because it isn't happening. I am a conspiracy theorist and even I do not believe this bull. Just sending this along. I hate hearing people being misinformed.
  7. Medcnman, you are awesome. If you create a tutorial of it, I can make it out of my Brazilian Amazonia trim. Have you tried that strain? A-maz-ing. If you are interested in anything like that, I will get you some clones. Amazing pain killing medicine.
  8. Thank you for sharing. I thought waiting to go into labor past my due date was a painstaking experience, I cannot imagine going past my "death date".
  9. I am happy to say, I haven't taken prescription medications in almost a year now. I do not want to start up again.
  10. Thank you for this information, Michael. My aunt takes about a billion prescription medications and swears cannabis will not help her fibro. I cannot wait to send her this info.
  11. Thank you, Medcnman. Just when I felt things were finally "under control" with the help of cannabis, this new ailment arose.
  12. I suffer from muscle spasms & tremors. Lately, the newest addition to my laundry list of symptoms/ailments is tics. As of now, the tics are isolated to my hands and right arm, but they are starting to greatly impact my daily activities/work/housework. I tried to find the information myself, as I have compiled quite a list of strain research. But none of the strains that claim to be used for tic symptoms have actually helped my tics. Does anyone have this or have a patient who does? What strain do they use to stop their tics? The absolute last thing I want is to break down and go with the anti-seizure medication my primary care provider is pushing on me. I know that cannabis can help with this ailment. But I need relief, and soon.
  13. Do not go to Florida. I heard the north east is very progressive with their views on cannabis and that as the months go on, they keep improving their laws.
  14. I became a caregiver in early January & was certified by a doctor as a patient in early Feb. I received my patient hard card yesterday and my caregiver hard card today. It seems like they are finally moving things along. ::fingers crossed::
  15. Doctor cert: Early February Received card: Today, 4-19-2012 Is that some sort of record?
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