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  1. When I used a 4x4 tent I had 4 plants which went perfect since at the time I was growing only for me so I would have 4 in flower 4 in veg and when it came time to clone I could have 4 clones waiting to be rooted and still stay within my plant count usually under most of the time except when I was cloning then id have all my 12
  2. Do you do any freebies along with the 200 per ounce
  3. Hi, I am a patient and have been asked to become a caregiver, my question is what is a reasonable donations for meds, the patient was wanting 2 plants after harvest and then donation for anything needed after. what do caregivers usually do for their set up?
  4. Billy74

    Veg Room

    ok yea i already top so that should help i was just hoping the light wouldnt be too close. do you have any good info on setting up an actual room, i already know i will have one vent going to it from the furnace to the room for heat im either going 8x8 or 10x10, ive only grown in a tent so i dont know how hard an actual room will be to control
  5. Billy74

    Veg Room

    I have got the wood for the room just need to build it now I am going to be using panda film, I have a question, I am thinking about switiching that room to the flower room as I will have more space and in the summer it will be cooler in the basement, but my question is will i have enough vertical space as the height down there is only about 6 foot 3 inches.
  6. Billy74

    Veg Room

    The new place I am at I plan on setting up a veg room in the basement problem is I have to build a room as a tent wont fit its a low basement, and the temp is about 64 degrees down there. My question is does anyone have any ideas of how to set it up id say it is probably a little over 6 ft tall down there.
  7. Did you put anything on the outside so nothing could get in the holes like a screen or a dryer vent?
  8. Hi, I just moved and am setting up my grow room, a have 6.5 Feet tent all the way around and I want to vent out the window, My question is how do I vent out a window without making it look suspicious the room is upstairs and the window is torward the backyard of the house. any suggestions would be appreciated. Also the fan I am using is a 6 inch tornado and I will be using 1 600 watt light and eventually will have 2 in the future.
  9. So I should increase the cal mag I have just been giving them the recomended amount.
  10. So according to the chart 6.5 is the best way to go? Maybe thats where my problem is
  11. Thanks for the Info I will be picking up sand tomorrow.
  12. Will any type of sand work?
  13. hmm i had read around 6.3 was good so if the ph were to drift it wouldnt go down as much. I will try 6.0 and see how that goes and give a light feeding next watering. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  14. P.h would be 6.3 using t5 lights 4 bulb the plants are about 4 weeks old recently planted into 3 gal pots. temp is 70-75 I had sprayed them with some water and epsom salt before the lights had gone off. I Just wanted to make sure the gnats were not causing this, I inspected the soil and no signs of larve just have them stuck to the yellow tape, I am going to lean more torward ph, I have not gave them nutes yet just what is in the dirt and super thrive when I had transplanted them.
  15. Hi I was just wondering what is the problem with the plant in the pictures, it seems to get worse once it hits into flower, its pineapple express I thought it was cal mag but I have gave them cal-mag altho the plant in the pic has not received any yet since it was just repotted. I use happy frog soil. I also was wondering how do you combat knats I have yellow fly paper up but I want to get rid of them completey there not horrible just annoying is all.
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