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  1. In the beginning, we followed all the rules. Meet in libraries until the libraries in our area closed. Meet in a Church. Meet in a senior center. Meet in community centers. Meet in restaurant banquet halls. We were holding 2-4 public meeting each and every month the first year, all the while waiting for the help and materials we were promised and never ever received. All these meetings were public and no medicine, genetics or anything else against your set rules was present. Our club grew and thrived. Our members wanted more. They wanted a place to come hang out and socialize as
  2. It appears to me that you are the one being inflexible. We were one of the very first clubs to start up and one of only couple still going strong after three years. We came into this under the guise of help from the MMMA, which we NEVER got. Now, three years later, its your way or the highway. Your words The 3MA does want to know what CCs are still operating, and it NEEDS to know how many of those CCs are still operating by NOT promoting sales so that we can see if those clubs would like to come back into the 3MA network. We are not willing to have you come back into the network if
  3. Maybe I am just being thinned skinned today but this thread is very upsetting to me! I am on the board of directors of the MOCC and have been pretty much from the second meeting on. QUOTED from earlier Just call yours a dispensary. You don't follow the guidelines set forth by the founders. If it doesn't fit then call it something else. Not that 2s wrong make a right but the "founders" did not hold up their end of the bargain. Jack explained that very well. Yes, we do host farmers markets at times. The MOCC does not profit from the markets. What "profits" made after paying ex
  4. Very well said! Thats exactly the case with us, the owners of the building we were using supports our cause but are afraid of losing their building.
  5. Unfortunately, the MOCC farmers market will be closed this Sunday due to building issue's. We will update everyone as details become available.
  6. Its open to all patients and caregivers. You must have all the valid/id/paperwork etc. Non MOCC members are asked to pay a $5 donation to the club or you can buy a yearly membership for $25 and get in for free.
  7. The MOCC has a new location for its farmers market! Please come visit us this Sunday 1-5 at Ghetto Rags 19024 Florida Street Roseville, MI 48066 New location, same great people! Visit www.thc4u.com for all the info
  8. My favorite daytime strain is strawberry cream, its 70/30 sativa/indica. I find its the perfect combination of "uppy" without the heart race and it leaves me clear headed. Personally, I find most anything with Haze in it actually makes my headaches worse and the kush strains tent to leave me feeling "stupid" for lack of better word! Typically blueberry or crosses with blueberry are really good for my nausea. Have you tried capsules yet? You can make them with leaf, sugar trim or bud.....I find the sugar trim with the popcorn buds make great capsules that gives good relief withou
  9. I can't believe the holiday party is almost here!!! Will is thawing out two turkeys, one to deep fry and one to bake! There is going to be some crazy good food there! This is a social event and not a public compassion club meeting. We will not be holding any formal classes or demonstrations as we will be enjoying Holiday cheer for the evening! The Decembers public meeting is canceled but please come out and join us for our regularly scheduled public meetings every third Wednesday of the month.
  10. Yes, food donations are still welcome! Several of us girls got together yesterday and put together great holiday baskets to be given away, to include 2 hams and 2 turkeys with most of the trimmings! We have tie-dyed a new batch of shirts which will be available for sale at the party! They make great gifts! The clothing exchange is going to be really cool and fun! Clean out your closet and bring the cloths you are no longer wearing. All the cloths will be laid out and everyone can pick out something they like. This is free. You don't have to donate cloths to be able to take cloths.
  11. I'm a very rare social drinker and thats maybe a glass of wine or a chocolate martini with my sister every once in a blue moon. However, my liver enzymes were very elevated up until this past summer. I've been treating myself with cannabis and slowly getting off all the pharma poisons they had me on. My liver enzymes are now on the low side of normal! I believe I am proof that the pharma drugs can be just as toxic on your liver as alcohol.
  12. My husband wrote the 7 politicians that are running for the 3 available seats for Royal Oak City Counsel. Through their personal responses, we have chosen to vote for: Kyle Dubuc Mike Fournier Scott Warheim Royal Oak currently has a no grow policy and is extremely hostile to medical marijuana. I believe with the above choices, we may be able to make some important changes to their ordinances. We need to show the cities and politicians that are voices DO matter. Please vote.
  13. Please, keep the ride share info coming! If you have an empty seat...let everyone know! If you need a ride, tell us your location! They are trying to destroy our law, if we are not there to say NO-they will succeed!
  14. This could be one of the most important events in the medical community.....we need EVERYONE to attend. We still have a few empty seats that need to be filled!
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