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  1. What table are you Using? Recommend height for plants in aeroflo is under 3ft..did u top ur Plants i need the flowers to be dense,no whispy crap lol thanks for the reply
  2. Sorry my apologies im in metro det Oakland county but have no problem driving downtown or north or wherever just looking for good deal all these big places charge an arm and a leg. Im a poor college student who can barely afford my books and my meds lol. Thanks for response. Anyone close who can help me Out? 248,313,586,734 all close enough free this week all day Mon-wed(til 22nd im free have old car and all necessary medical records/mri's in hand as well w some money someone please help me asap) please pm me if you can help! Much appreciated later on everyone
  3. sorry if this is in the wrong area i did not see where it should go. Anyway is there anyone who does renewals at a fair Rate? Please let me know if so any help would be greatly aappreciated. thanks.
  4. Yes i appreciate it and understand and plan to grow my own mothers from cali connect seeds and clip those into my ez clone and go about it that way but as of right now i have no genetics and would really love to eliminate the germinating/sexing process (don't like fem'd seed either) to save time but i know some people don't wanna come off their genetics but that's why i will offer nice donation for good clone/clipping..thanks for your reply i do appreciate it.
  5. need 12-30 uunder 6in preferably clones or possibly clippings. Looking for f2-3 & the most potent i can get. Lemme know what u have here is list of some of what im looking for. OG KUSH SOUR OG MASTERS BUBBA LARRY OG DEADHEAD OG JEDI OG DIALBLO OG PURP OG KRYPTONITE OG WHITE FIRE OG and many more please reach me if you have any im looking for. Thanks for Looking!
  6. lets start off by saying this is my third grow all done in aero. Both harvest prior were good with second yielding nineteen oz of dry med From 5 plants but plants to large and hard to manage so changed setup and sstrategy so lemme know what u think. First here is my setup GH aeroflo30 table Lumatek 1000w digi dimmable /switchable ballast Raptor hood Hotrilux eye super HPS "red" Spectrum bulb blue lab combo meter ez clone 30 so since plants got so large was thiking of no veg right from cloner to table. Has anyone tried This? How much time would this save me as well?also the grow chambers on the aeroflo are 6ft so i was planning on light Rail..good Idea? Pros and Cons? Eventually will prob switch to two 600s over table but will make do w what i have for now. Id REALLY appreciate any help i could get! Thanks Oh also if you have any SUPER potent kush clippings or clones such as OG,Sour OG,Larry OG,white fire OG,woodie OG,deadhead OG,jedi OG etc drop me a line. Thanks again!
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