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  1. Mibrains, there is no need to apologize for the human condition. Everyone gets snarky once in a while. I think we would rather have opinionated people around here than someone who is a milquetoast and shrinks into a corner. If we do not argue then how do we change minds or see different points of view. You know I think you are a good person and I hope all is well with your mother.
  2. I think that is a fabulous idea too. One thing though--the paypal email address may be changing here shortly. Since Carruthers has confirmed an attorney it may be better to have funds donated directly to the attorney to avoid getting double knicked on paypal fees. If that is going to happen I will notify everyone here ASAP with a new paypal email address.
  3. Stuart Friedman was just sent $1450 from this community. Thanks to all who donated and to those who will donate in the future. Thanks also to those who support this cause but cannot donate for whatever reason. This is a good start folks. Please continue to spread the word though as we still need more.
  4. Bitter? No. Nothing to be bitter about. Brash? Guilty! I suppose that is my personality. I suppose I do not sugarcoat things. I tell it like it is and sometimes that comes off as rude. As for winning--no, I don't want to win. So YOU win!!!!
  5. I am not turning anything around on you at all. I am defending myself. I never once indicated that you are not doing enough. Where are you getting that??? Seriously, where??? As for the fundraising, this is not my forte either. But sometimes you have to pick up the baton and run with it if no one else does. I am quite sure that someone else would do a much better job. Maybe they would have fancy posters and mugs and shirts, etc. They would recruit an army to hit up every retail establishment. They would attend every related even in the state. Someone would do better than I am. But they aren't. So I did what I could. But I still welcome anyone else to come forward and take the reigns.
  6. Similarly, should I say Gideon got what he deserved since he was popped for burglary? Does that mean he had no right to counsel? The fact that I think Gideon has a right to counsel has nothing to do with the underlying facts that got him to the point where he needed counsel. Does it mean I support burglary since I support Gideon's right to counsel? Give me a freaking break Mibrains.
  7. You need to stop confusing the issues Mibrains. If this case were not in appeals then it could not affect the rest of Michigan. In that case I would maybe bang the, "you're an idiot for pushing the envelope" drum. My opinion of the underlying actions is not being allowed to cloud my judgment on the issue at hand. Apparently it IS clouding yours. Separate this in your mind Mibrains. Should I stand idly by and let an issue that affects tons of people just run its course since I don't agree with what got the defendant to this point? I do not get that line of thinking. It is illogical.
  8. Try to make others feel inferior? So now you are in my head ay? If others feel inferior it is due to their own self esteem issues as I never TRY to make others feel inferior. Secondly, how have I presented this that puts it in a negative light? I make people think they aren't doing enough? How is that? Maybe you should specifically point that out so I can change that. I don't, however, see me as doing that. I ask and beg people to help. I encourage it. I ask people to give what they can. If you can only give $1 then good for you. If you can only give a bump of the thread then good for you. I have NOT insinuated that anyone is not doing enough. When I ask for help I am not speaking to one single person. I think you need to read the posts in the spirit in which they are intended and not as if they are directed only to you or to some singular person. Thirdly, you should peruse my posts on this site. I have ALWAYS encouraged a conservative approach to this law. If Carruthers were in circuit court I would probably be the one saying that he pushed the envelope too far. However, the issue is much larger now and my berating him will not help. So I support him. Lastly, the only reason I took the initiative to tackle this issue is because no one else stepped up and it needs to be done. If I am too brash for you, or some, and if you think that hurts the cause then I will gladly pass the baton to you or someone else. Just say the word. I will step aside and someone else can manage the fund. I have ZERO problem with that. So if someone wants to come forward I will transition this. Any sweet talkers in the crowd with finesse? Step right up.
  9. What does the jury have to do with the price of tea in China? Presumably the grandma would take it to the supreme court as well because then she gets 2 shots at winning. Whether a jury would convict Carruthers isn't an issue in this case. Secondly, it is naïve to suggest that, but for the Carruthers case, things would have remained static in this area. The issue of weight in regard to edibles has always been discussed here and elsewhere. It was only a matter of time before someone stepped up and challenged.
  10. I would point out that Carruthers has been convicted of nothing in this case. In the landmark US Sup Ct case of Gideon v Wainwright, that established the right to counsel, Clarence Gideon looked guilty on the surface too. But does that mean you would not have supported his cause? If he were a criminal should people have turned their backs on him? Gideon v. Wainwright involved a cause that people should have rallied around regardless of whether Gideon was a criminal. It was the underlying issue that was important. Similarly, here, the underlying issue is important. Should we wait to support the cause until someone, "more deserving" comes along? Maybe a 92 year old grandma possessing a few brownies? Would we then feel better about ourselves in supporting the cause? You don't need to like the person, what they have done, what they wear, what music they like, what they have done in their past, or who they hang out with. You just need to want to support the cause. You can blame them for making bad law at the COA if you want. You can despise the underlying actions that got them to the COA. However, like HIghlander pointed out, who better to carry the mantle? The 92 year old grandma or someone more capable with maybe a stronger constitution? This case involves an issue that affects many. You can cut off your nose to spite your face and not support the cause or you can pony up in the hopes of making things better. No amount of hating Carruthers is going to help here. As for going after deep pockets to help support the cause, that has been talked about. But it isn't going to happen by itself. So maybe if everyone here and elsewhere approaches retail establishments that profit from med mj then we could get more money coming in. You, Northerngal, could approach your local retailers about this. Everyone here can do the same. That is encouraged. This is a grassroots effort and has to start somewhere. It is starting here and hopefully progresses as everyone sees themselves as a soldier for the effort.
  11. Okay, so if I have this right Highlander has donated 3 times thus far and is at $249. GregS is at $251. Is that right guys? I don't know what you guys have going behind the scenes but at any rate you both have donated a grand total of $500. THANK YOU! By the way, all those (three I think) who said they would match funds up to $100 last night did step up and donate before we even had $100 from others. So thank you all.
  12. The hits you get on ebay will be from collectors. They are generally in it for the bottom line and I doubt that you will create a bidding war based on the proceeds being donated to a cause that some portion of the population doesn't agree with. It could hurt as much as it helps. A very big thank you goes out to GregS for being the first person to donate twice with a C note each time. That's right folks, he is in it for $200 thus far. We have had a few other $100 donations as well but GregS is the first to drop that much. Thank you to other double donors as well. I understand not everyone can put in even $100 so your $20, give or take, is extremely helpful as well.
  13. And with that we are now just over $850 in the paypal account. Add in imiubu's collected $200 and we will be over $1000. This is a good start but let's keep plugging away. Ask your local grow shop, dispensary, market, etc., to contribute. I will mention names of anyone willing to have their name put out there so maybe some free goodwill advertising will entice some places to contribute. Thanks to everyone who has donated. Special thanks to those who have donated $100 and those who have donated less but have done all they could. There have also been 2 and, I think, 3 time donors. Thank you for those. Making this fund a weekly tithe, or whatever you can afford, is a great help.
  14. Anyone else feeling generous today? The next $55 in donations today will be worth $165. Your dollar gets us 3! Send 5 bucks if you can. Tell your friends to visit this thread please--or give them the paypal address in my signature!
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