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  1. I wish everyone the best in the futures. Live Well. I live by the last results. Comes a time when the blind man takes your hand, says, "don't you see". Public Email: MalamuteX@hotmail.com And never forget, there is no one looking out for your best interests except you. Craig
  2. ANHEMP, I can see every post you made. No need to lie again. Asking someone a serious question is not flying off the handle. Myself being tired of you, a banned member, and correcting your lies and accusations is not me flying off the handle. :-) You completely jumped into this topic because I asked a serious question and you did everything you could to accuse and obfuscate, then claim victimhood. Just go vote.
  3. You just said I should leave, now your conviction is gone?
  4. Project much? You are the banned member. *shrug* Go vote. Making it simple for you.
  5. Maybe if you posted more useful topics yourself(since you joined in December 2016) it would be better? There were 20 active topics this week as well. At least tell the truth.
  6. I think banning you Norby was them telling you something? And you came back and have trolled for months again.
  7. I will leave with pleasure if people think I am the problem.
  8. I can see why. Facts don't agree with you well.
  9. I have said over and over and over and over again on this forum,... If you are a republican, vote in the PRIMARIES for better republicans. If you are a democrat, vote in the PRIMARIES for better democrats. You always seem to love to try to attach something to me that doesn't exist. But in this thread, I had a very serious question that you cant seem to handle. And ya posted many times, even trolling resto months before the CBD topic even came into existence. You always almost tell the truth and almost answer a question.
  10. You do realize I specifically dredged up that 2 year old thread on guns to troll YOU right? Figured you deserved some trolling for all the trolling you do on this forum. That's all. Now let OP reply.
  11. So you have made multiple accounts to troll the forum. I know. I have known for a long time. *shrug* It was and is rather obvious. :-)
  12. The platform on marijuana was adopted LAST YEAR, not this year, and a bill was already introduced this session for schedule 3.
  13. Still didn't answer my question. What year is it? Can't even get a straight answer from you.
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