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  1. It's great that someone has gone through the effort to draft this up, but without sources (none are documented) it reads largely as an opinion piece (one that I agree with, but an opinion piece none the less). If an anti-cannabis group had put out a piece like this with no sources, we would all go crazy.
  2. I am interested in the control group. I mean, come on man, how excited do people get to win up to $5. And even if you did get "a little rush", how many times are you going to get that "rush" at three different points over a four year period?? I would sort of think any rush you got about $5 might diminish over time. How could you not monitor and publish the results of a control group?
  3. It seems to really depend on the industry. I have a 20+ year corporate career, and have never been drug tested for a single job. However, I work in an industry with a lot of "creative types", so drug testing runs counter to actually hiring anyone.
  4. That's fantastic news. I once lost my dog for 30 days, yes, 30 days and was able to recover her. The short story is she wandered off while playing on a farm and someone found her and decided they would keep her. Eventually she ran away from them and was picked up by the Ft. Colling humane society who had a missing dog report on file and contacted me. It was a great day.
  5. I have found the pre-loaded vape "pens" and cartridges very convenient, but I also worry about what'ss put in them. That and they're made ridiculously cheap and break constantly which makes them quite expensive over time. If you can find a reliable source of clean oil/wax (or produce your own), you can mix it with Propylene Glycol (PG) yourself and load it in a normal, retail vape you can find at any vape shop. These vapes are much higher quality and do not break easily. All you generally have to do it replace the coil every couple of weeks (depending on usage) and they run about $3-$4
  6. Obviously, the way you appear plays a huge role as well. Part of it is youth, for sure, and part of it is appearance. I'm not advising or advocating that people change their appearance just to avoid be harassed by LEO, it's just something to be aware of. When I was in college, I had an older vehicle, very long hair, and dressed somewhat like a bum (or like a college student if you will) and there is no doubt I was harassed for that. Police were always suspicious, and I would even get followed around and watched when I went into a store. Now I'm in my 40s, dress semi-professionally a
  7. Interesting. Are they implying there is a legal way to run a business to dispense marijuana for medical use?
  8. I respect you a ton Zap, but I disagree on this topic. I don't disagree there will be arguing and misinformation as that is prevalent today. When I see it occurring, I close a thread, that's how I chose to deal with that. What I disagree with is having a dictatorship that decides what is good for us to discuss and not good for us to discuss. It would be one thing is it was a request to have a Muscle Car forum - ok, that's totally off topic regarding the purpose of this site (although ironically, you can post a topic about that but not certain medical marijuana topics). There are dicta
  9. Sounds like the Supreme Court is discussing this case today: http://www.marijuana.com/blog/news/2016/03/supreme-court-will-discuss-marijuana-case-on-friday/
  10. I do believe the discussion of dispensaries should be allowed. They are a fact in Michigan, and they exist. Also, a patient getting their meds from a dispensary is, in fact, legal. If you want to prevent illegal conversations, perhaps ban discussion around setting up and running a dispensary, although personally, I think that should allowed as well given the above point about quasi-legalization in AA and Detroit. That being said, I have to call BS on legality being the reason. Before Koon was overturned, did we disallow discussions involving driving in anyway? After all, it was de fac
  11. I read an interesting article this weekend that said the Conservatives are kinda screwed on this one. The reason being is that a tie in the SC essentially defaults back to the lower court ruling with no precedence being set. Obama has had a lot of opportunity to fill the lower courts with more liberal judges, so the general thought is that a split SC benefits liberals. So, even if they win the presidency and control the senate, there is some thought the Dems might filibusterer to just keep it a split court. Either way, this is going to be interesting to watch,
  12. As I was watching Bernie's speech last night when he was calling out all these special interests and the Koch brothers by name, I was thinking to myself "how long before Bernie mysteriously dies in his sleep or has some sort of accident". Sad that we're thinking that, but it just wouldn't surprise me. These are bad and powerful people he's messing with here. On the other hand, they may not care since he won't be able to do crap without a whole lot of help from Congress, and the powers that be will still have that wrapped up tight regardless of the outcome of the presidential election.
  13. I just have to chime in to say that I hear so many horror stories about patient/caregiver relationships and I'm so thankful I have never had any issues. I met my first caregiver through my original certifying doctor (they gave out a sheet with contact info for some caregivers), I met the second one through here. In my 4 years of being a patient, I have only had these two caregivers and they have both been fantastic. They're very fair (not cheap, but fair) on pricing and can 100% be counted on to deliver quality meds whenever I need them. I would like to think they would say the sa
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