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  1. Because he is a cardholder I wanted some opinions and info. I thought that's why were all here. Are u always this abrasive?
  2. So Mmj isn't legal in all of MI? Can they prosecute this in a regular court not federal. I thght they made it federally ok for tribal lands and for Indians to be able to sell etc... If it were me I'd fight it I think it's bs. Idiots clda jus trashed it but they looked on the video n got his name from his players card. What a waste of time, over a plant he uses for medicine.
  3. So a friend dropped a dime bag at 4 winds casino. This am the tribal police came to his house and gave him a ticket for possession. He is a legal patient and caregiver. How can they do that if he had a Mmj card. Is it illegal to posses Mmj on tribal grounds? Dsnt make sense to me. Thanks in advance for your input
  4. Berrien county cg here with one slot opening any day now. Pm me to discuss further
  5. Berrien county cg here with one opening real soon. Pm me to discuss further
  6. A friend has cancer bad and is willing to try RSO anyone with info of how he can get some please pm me thank you
  7. No not from same source. I also have tincture made from purple kush. I'll have him try that too
  8. Not ballsy enough to take it on a plane... Supply shld be plentiful out there for 420 n I budgeted for it...
  9. I'm planning on shopping for a good vape when I go to Denver in two weeks also
  10. He has eaten it before but is hesitant as the dr told him the only legal way to consume it is vape or smoking it. It's a cheap vapor brand vape. Lil black box with glass nipple coming out of it. When he tried eating it before he didn't like the couchlock. I recommended using the salve liberally Vaping and eating the coconut oil caps I made him... They made him burp when he took them once.
  11. So my dad got his card he has severed nerves in his leg from a motorbike accident. Perineal neuropathy, drop foot. Anywho he's in great pain even while taking ocycontin 10 mg twice a day and gabipentin. He just vaped for the first time (he won't smoke it) 3 grams vaped n he Dsnt notice any difference or feel different. Any suggestions of how I can help him get relief and hopefully eventually off the pain meds. He also uses a salve I gave him.
  12. I pot my candy as soon as it gets to 300 and I've had no problems...
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