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  1. Dow Jumps 371 Points After FBI Says It Won’t Charge Clinton
  2. I keep hearing MiLegalize folk saying this. Not gonna happen!
  3. Turn Off fox news I realize this is CNN but still, Turn Off fox news
  4. The Solution is to VOTE every fknrepublican out of office. We have our chance this coming Tuesday , November 8 Is anyone surprised at the squeeze on cert docks?
  5. Isn't that what doctors do? They go where they are needed and help as many as they can . It w.as a philanthropic gesture from the golf course, kudos to the owner.Would you be happier if they worked outta the drug house in the hood? Why do some always look at things in a bad light?
  6. Dude, your crystal ball is broken. Why do you keep using it?
  7. Lawmakers in Colorado on Monday asked an anti-marijuana campaign in Arizona to stop airing ads that they say contain false information about their state and could mislead voters who will be deciding on recreational legalization of the drug next week. State Sen. Pat Steadman (D) and Democratic state Reps. Millie Hamner and Johnathan Singer wrote an email to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy leaders to call out ads the group has run. They say the TV spots contain “inaccurate and misleading statements” about the use of legal marijuana tax revenue in Colorado as well as rates of teen drug
  8. its all smoke and mirrors in Colorado. The Wild West. They have no idea how much cash so they spin it whatever way? I gotta feeling California is going to reject recreational soon. Glad I live in the Superior State of Michigan. Home Grows Forever! Free the Weed!
  9. . It's not on the ballot because it schist on the PT/CG system We the People voted for. Greed killed it Any attempts to throw shade on the MMMP will go down in flames. Flames of burning cash. Tops on outdoor grows, reduced counts and weights, mandatory testing, inspections, restrictive ordinances, etc. All tell tail signs There is room for everyone here in our Great State. It is going to take collaboration of rec and Medical if you want rec to pass here. Stomping on CG and Home Grows is the kiss of death. Maybe they will be wiser next time.
  10. Man, those republicans are obsessed with Madonna. They can't handle a woman with power. Evidenttly they use the wrong head to do their thinking.
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