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  1. Was there a an amendment to the MMM Act of 2008 that allows dispenseries to operate? Still being a noob to the system here I'm curious to where it is written. I found House Bill 5580 for "Provisioning Centers" but that is still CG/PT transactions only. I can't find anything about clubs, or dispenseries being voted, or amended into the bill. I did enjoy visiting the dispenseries once in awhile to checkout new meds. Very expensive though.
  2. I find this very disturbing you would even consider doing this to anyone. Friend or foe. I wish I could tell you how I really feel, but I respect this forum.
  3. So voting is useless? I would think this would upset every voter in Michigan. Not just the pro-cannabis community.
  4. I really feel these petitions were only filed to show extreme disapproval of the FEDS for not doing their jobs correctly. They don't appear to be getting the message that we are done with the lies. If the government won't allow our votes for legalization, they sure as heck won't Secede any States. We are stuck until the FEDS get a wake-up call to reality. Maybe this past election will be the start of the wake-up call..
  5. That's the experiment part. It was a lone seed in a God Bud from a local disp. I knew it would probably herm but the tiny size of the seed and the resulting miniature plant has kept it alive. Wondering if I should go ahead and put it in flower, or wait and see if it flowers like a ruderalis. It's 36 days old and is 1.75" tall. I was hoping someone may have had a similar experience. I'll keep it going and take regular pics. It's the smallest plant I've ever seen in all my years.
  6. I found a very small black seed while cleaning some B.C. God Bud to smoke. Teeny-tiniest seed ever but it looked very mature. I figured the seed would never germinate and quite possibly turn hermaphrodite anyway, but I've got nothing but time, and I like experiments, so here we go. After soaking in some towels about a week the taproot finally peeked out. I put it in a solo with some starter mix and put it in with my Oh Zone mom under 18/6 @250W HID. It took forever to break the ground. I almost gave up but it finally came up and it was teeny. I had to break out the 60X to make sure it was even
  7. They did it. Patent # 6,630,507 Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. It was issued to the U.S. Government in 1974. I'm waiting for them to get a patent on sunshine next.
  8. You should have never signed that lease after reading that. A lease is a legal binding document once you sign it. When I first read my lease I was expecting "No MMJ at all." But the only mention of any legal activity was to abide by current state laws and maintain insurance. Maybe you can make him an offer to break the lease at a discount since you cannot use the property as you had intended to. But you did sign the lease, so he is not legally obligated to do anything at all unless it is a situation that could be considered a hazard or a violation of building codes. Good Luck!
  9. The thing that concerns me if they reschedule it, Big Pharma will take the plant, crush it up, dilute it with other chemicals and preservatives, and turn it into a toxic pill with a laundry list of bad side effects. Being that the government somehow got a patent on plant cannabinoids, this is a real possibility.
  10. I may do that. If I can have a cg and keep my grow that works for me. I'm assuming the 20 days while I'm waiting for the cg changes my current patient card is still valid? I still need to go to a dispensery. I haven't ate anything since Saturday and I'm really feeling it today. Appreciate your time!
  11. Excellent advice! How long does it take for the change after submitting the change app?
  12. THANKS ALL! I found a very dependable ride to K-Zoo every other week until my ladies are ready. It may cost me out the yazoo, but I'd rather do this than re-register and apply for a caregiver. Since I'm getting 2.5 oz every other week for two months I may get a decent donation quote. Thanks again for all replies and have a great day!!
  13. I noticed "No Caregiver" is stamped on the back of my card in huge letters. I want to stay within the MMMA Rules. Not sure I can legally keep my grow in operation and have a caregiver both. I will check into it. THANKS!
  14. I've been trying to contact the local Berrien County Compassion Club but their website has been down for maintenance. I just joined MI Norml hoping to find someone in this area. I did find a closer dispensery. 30 grams of O.G. cost me a $600.00 donation. 30 grams will only last me about 5 days. I just put some Oh! Zone clones in the flower room on Friday, so figure I've got another 2 months of dispensery medicating to look forward to. Seems the MMMP would have some kind of temporary caregiver program while you are waiting to harvest instead of having to find a dispensery. Money is not the
  15. Birdman


    Depends on how much of a jackazz LEO wants to be. Roots or not it's a live cutting intended to grow into a plant. Doesn't matter if it's a couple inches or a foot tall. It's not worth having a couple un-rooted clones to put you over the limit and get your name in the court system. Better safe than sorry.
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