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  1. Welcome my friend. I stand here with with you. You have much to offer to this site.
  2. When Ph changes that fast in hydro it is because you have bacteria growing in your buckets.
  3. He should be popping in sooner or later to talk with you. I spoke with him and directed him to the site.
  4. Not that I am trying to be a horses butt but if this is so, technically he could call the police every time they turn their stove on and be a real pain in the butt to them as well.
  5. Does this same law cover vegetarians who consider the smell of cooking meat to be annoying as well?
  6. You are doing a good job. I will let Esko know of this grow when I speak with him tomorrow.
  7. This is impossible. Cannabis must be decarboxilized in order to allow any effect to happen. Unless the owners had an oven strapped to their back, heated the cannabis to above 185 degrees, this did not happen.
  8. I did some looking into this guy. There are Youtube videos of him speaking and with patients. This might be a guy that all patients of Michigan would be interested in looking into. Don't fall in love with him on first sight of course. Simply look into him and examine him as a man and a politician. Dig up what he has voted for and against in his history.
  9. 1 pound per plant can be done standing on your head. In fact if you can't pull 1 pounds off a plant indoor, your skills are novice at best. The problem I see most people facing is impatience and improperly designed growing areas. With 12 plants a grower should easily harvest 1 pound per month dependent of course on strain selection. This can be done in any choice of substrate. The key is large pots for single plants and 90-120 day veg times to fill the net of a 4 x 4 tent. The grower must commit themselves to 6 months per plant. In hydro this time can be reduced dramatically. In the end it comes down to room design and patience in order to reach these yields. The current format I am examining uses 12 plants per 4 x 4 in hydro and is a super-fast way to get 16-20 ounces per harvest from a 4 x 4 in 9 weeks from an 8 week strain under 600w. The drawback of course is the high plant count. We must all realize that growing requires much time and money invested in order to reach the premium yields and and qualities so many other growers around the world obtain. So far as outside plants go, I regularly see plants that exceed 10, 12, and sometimes reach 15 pounds per plant. I would feel like a complete failure and stop growing completely if I was forced into production levels that I have seen discussed. In the end it all comes down to the ambition of the grower, the knowledge possessed by the grower, and the ability to combine both in order to maximize production.
  10. He has found a green apple pheno for his Lady Cane F3. Supposed to be very special. I think there are plans for a RiRi x LCf3 to try to find a Sour green apple.
  11. Cross done by Esko of DJ Shorts Blueberry female with a Grimm's Bros. C99 male. Male is super fast and throws pollen at 15 days and dies by 6 weeks. Same male was used for Chucky's Bride (Exodus Cheese x C99), Holy Princess (Santa Maria Planck Cut x C99), Sour Cindy (Sour Diesel RiRi Cut x C99), and yet unnamed Amnesia Haze (Soma Cannabis Cup Winner Clone) x C99. Esko has some of the best genetics in the world in his library.
  12. #50 Mississippi or any other southern state with more churches than convenience stores.
  13. The city attorney presented evidence of the governments patent on medical marijuana in this case. An example of saying one thing and doing another.
  14. You can find E$kob@r genetics at http://www.sanniesshop.com/ *broken link removed Both are reputable and Esko is coming out as one of the best breeders in the world. All packs come with freebies as well.
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