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  1. Here's a link to a post on this subject, Do I Need A Lighting Controller? http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/32172-do-i-need-a-lighting-controller/
  2. I apologize for lashing out at you. I can get hurt by others too easily. I guess I'm emotionally fragile. You need to let go, and not butt-in to threads just to get a jab in. Just let zap post (and edit) without comment. If it gets bad enough, you can start a new thread complaining about admins there. Make it a short post in case it gets deleted. I'm sorry you got hurt. after you posted. Folks sometimes don't understand how it is to make a post that you poured your heart into, and left yourself vulnerable. Maybe you will get over it, and start enjoying the forum again.
  3. So, mods should stop posting? Why are you so negative? Do you consider me an admin (I'm chat room mod)? I don't want to be a considered a "cop" here and have considered giving up the position for that particular reason. I'd like to feel as secure as you do in complaining without "admins suck" being thrown my way. You might like it if there were no admins at all. I really want to make you happy. Grassmatch posts a lot, so you'd expect some of those posts to collide with what mods or admins like.
  4. Tonight, Planet Green Trees' guest, Jeff Mizanskey related his story of life behind bars for Marijuana. After 20 years serving life without parole for a non-violent Marijuana offense, 62-year-old Jeff Mizanskey's family's fight to free him finally got him released from a Missouri prison earlier this year. In 1996, Jeff was sentenced under “three strikes” legislation to life without parole. His previous offenses were also non-violent marijuana offenses. In May of this year, Missouri Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon commuted Jeff's sentence. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/man-sentenced-to-life-for-marijuana-related-charge-walks-free/ So, Jeff is a free man again, but having missed so much time behind bars, Jeff needs your help until he can find a job and tell his story. So far, almost 500 folks have donated to Jeff's GoFundMe page helping to almost reach the half-way point of the $25,000 goal. https://www.gofundme.com/mizanskey Let your friends know they can help Jeff and he'll return the favor by getting his story out and helping reform marijuana sentencing laws. Jeff wants some of the money to “pay it forward” to Show-MeCannabis who helped him, and fights for justice and reform of Marijuana sentencing laws. http://show-mecannabis.com/2015/09/press-release-help-jeff-mizanskey-survive/
  5. Well, some people post 'em here, and some folks put 'em over there... So, post your request here in "Caregiver Issues" or in "Patient Issues", it doesn't much matter. To make sure your request catches someone's eye, while not saying too much (this is the Net, you know): I. "Topic Title": mention that you want a care giver, and perhaps your general location II. The text portion can say very little, but some folks include: a. mention whether you have an MM card or not (your care giver can help you get your card) b. any special requirements which don't reveal too much or hurt your confidentiality (perhaps, "I need mainly edibles", or "The request if for my minor child (a young teen)." c. any timing requirement, such as "I'll need meds before 60 days is up, if not a little sooner.", or "Eek, I'm out of meds completely!" Expect responses via private messages from the care givers, rather than forum posts telling you they are on their way! Trade a bit more about your needs and expectations with the care giver through private message, and learn what the care giver can offer you. Proceed from there to get to know each other better, or come back and post a question or two if you need a little more help from the forum. It's OK to tell your care giver that you can't pay much. If he can't work with you, perhaps someone else can. Of course, if you can pay for your meds (to cover reasonable costs to grow and process your meds), you will find more care givers who can work with you. Just don't let lack of funds stop you from asking for a care giver. Some care givers may even offer to pay the cost of your getting certified with a doctor. So, don't be afraid to ask for what you need when you are negotiating with your care giver. At some point, after you are both comfortable with meeting to handshake on or sign an agreement (yes, a written contract between you and the care giver is a good idea, even if it's informal), you then can choose a safe place to meet face to face. You both should come away from an agreement feeling like you got what you were looking for. If you can't work together on the initial agreement, then you probably won't last long together anyway. If I'm missing something, chime in now!
  6. Yes, joshfromflorida, please don't talk about the incident or what lead up to the incident. That information should be between you and your attorney only, not in a post that anyone can read. If we can help with how you feel (emotions like: mad, sad, glad, confused, numb), then post about your feelings only: "Hey, I'm scared and mad. My family is worried sick.", that kind of stuff. We cannot give you legal advice on your case. And it won't help you if you manage to get sympathy by explaining your reasons here. That's in the past. How you feel is in the present. Let's keep it to how you feel, or maybe you should take t-pain's advice and say nothing here.
  7. Sounds like you've done your best to be a good neighbor and take care of your family. Like you said, you are not a bad person, you just screwed up.
  8. Yep, it's hard to tell what will happen after you get involved in the criminal "justice" system. Good luck on that! You reminded me of a case back in the 1970's were a good friend's attic grow was raided and confiscated, and he arrested. His attorney was old and sick, managing to delay court appearances by "calling in sick" each time anything came up (more than likely legitimately called in sick). Years passed this way with my buddy still out on bail. Eventually, he (or his dying attorney) got notice that charges were dropped and bail was returned or however that worked. So, nothing happened except he has an arrest record, but no conviction. The case here, tho is with the feds, and usually federal laws are written in such a way that you hardly ever win if you go to trial in a federal case: the prosecution usually wins because the evidence required to show that a crime was committed is so easy to prove in court. However that should have been worded... the bar for conviction is low.
  9. I can't blame you for trying to scare away thugs from stealing your crop. It's too bad they got hurt and now you are in the hot seat now. You must be terrified at the possibility of going to jail. But, you can't know what will happen. Take things one day at a time, and just wait for the gears of justice to turn (and hope you don't get crushed in those gears). Stay strong! Try not to say too much here about the particulars of the incident, since anyone can read this board. Wait to talk to an attorney. If and when you are arrested and charged, you can ask for a defense attorney to be appointed to defend you in court. Only tell this attorney what happened: don't tell us here. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty. You aren't necessarily going to be arrested, much less go prison. There are a lot of ways this could turn out without you serving any time in jail, so hang in there. This would be your very first offense and you've been attacked at your own home before. All that could help you a great deal. Lean on us here for support. In this community you have friends. I hope we can help in some way. But, please be careful what you post here, specifically about the incident. Let that part of the story stay between you and your attorney (when you get or need one). We can help you with how you feel and stuff, but keep details that could hurt your case to yourself for now.
  10. Turing Pharmaceuticals raises price of two pills 5,000% and 9,000%: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/21/business/a-huge-overnight-increase-in-a-drugs-price-raises-protests.html?_r=0 Peanut executive guilty of faking salmonella tests, killing 9 people: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/peanut-executive-salmonella-case-faces-prison-life-33896621 VW diesels' software fakes emission tests for 11 million cars worldwide: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34325005 The Pope (and Bernie Sanders) reminds us to serve the poor (not eat the poor), but maybe the rich themselves will do more by exposing their own greed and lack of ethics. Will Americans wake up and smell change in the air? Or does change (like greed) have no smell, as the conservatives would have us believe.
  11. Those are wrongful death suits. If the shot perp survives, he might try to sue you himself. I don't know which one is looked at more favorably in court: is suing more successful if the perp dies and his family sues you, or if the perp is only injured, and sues you himself. Someone I know carries his pistol (with concealed carry permit and "one in the chamber") everywhere, even to church. He says that if he is convicted of shooting someone to protect his life or the life of a loved one, then that's fine: he'll serve the time because he survived to serve his prison sentence. He figures if he doesn't shoot, he may loose more than merely going to jail. So, don't hesitate after your pistol is out of the holster. Likewise, don't draw your pistol unless you plan to use it. What the cops practice saying (if only under their breath) is, "I used deadly force to stop the threat, not to kill. I kept firing until the the threat stopped.", thus diminishing a life taken to a threat stopped.
  12. You shouldn't say anything. Let your attorney do the talking.
  13. It's considered a milder offense to enter someone's empty home (burglary) than enter an occupied home (home invasion). Burglars can be less violent of the two, and often are not armed, while home invaders are more nasty than even an armed robber since your home is your last bastion of refuge. Defending yourself and your home with deadly force under those circumstances may be considered fair in some states. Heck, in some states you can chase down someone running down the street with your TV and then shoot him, so it all depends on the state you live in.
  14. So you are telling us that your plants can protect themselves, or is it your life and limb that needs to added to the fray?
  15. It's an intellectual property rights issue: the author expects to be the only person who can reproduce his copyrighted material without first getting permission. Suppose someone on MMMA makes a good post that gets referenced and linked to, driving folks to the MMMA site. If someone on another board merely posts the whole article tho, there is little reason for someone to click on the link and actually visit the MMMA site, depriving the author and this site their well-deserved recognition, acknowledgement and site hit (in Google site ranking statistics). If someone actually visits MMMA, they may stick around or contribute to the site (by donating money, patronizing an advertiser, joining MMMA and/or posting here). So, if you feel strongly about it either way, you at least know why I'm bothering to write this post. It's more to inform than to shame or coerce you.
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