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  1. hello everyone....I live near Escanaba MI... I suffer from PTSD and chronic pain. I have just gotten my card and need to find an honest caregiver. If anyone can help me I greatly appreciate it. Please send e-mail to sissylcato@yahoo.com THANK U
  2. hi there, i am looking for a caregiver. i am in the ironwood, mi area, but i can travel. i need medicine for pain relief and to help with my appetite. I'm 90 pounds. i use on average about an ounce a month but all depends on my finances. my e-mail address is sissylcato@yahoo.com. if you can help me, much thanks. alphacat824
  3. hey, welcome to michigan and to the forums. i hope you find the help, advice and understanding you may need. lots of helpful people here. alphacat824
  4. Hello , thanks for all replies. I am in the UP, between ironwood and marquette. I have gotten some really great suggestions here, everyone wants to try to help out and that eases so much of the struggle of looking for meds plus just being ill. I know that I will eventually find a caregiver, I have good transportation and can travel some distance. I'm a legal patient and can't understand why legaling obtaining medication is so hard, the last thing I'd want is to lose my card, but one can usually find it on the streets and it is a shame that a medical patient would consider finding their medication through any other means than legal simply because you don't know how to find a caregiver or grow your own. I am really glad to have found this site, some great topics! Alphacat824
  5. Hello everyone, i have not posted much but am glad to have found this site. I've been a patient for 3 years with declining health, although with Gods grace i keep on. I'm currently looking for a caregiver and finding help here, thanks all. Alphacat824
  6. peace and then more of the same

  7. hi everyone, i am in the upper peninsula around the ironwood area and am in need of a caregiver. I had no idea where to look or who to ask and so i'm very glad to have found this forum. i am unable to maintain an appetite without my meds so any help or advice is appreciated. alphacat824
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