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  1. Since they obtained all the surveillance, patient records, etc., what happens to the innocent patients who purchased from them? Has their ever been a case where cops starting raiding patients just because they visited a dispensary?
  2. I just heard on the news that the piece of legislature involving roadside marijuana saliva testing was tossed out and will not move forward! One for the patients! They said on the news not obviously was it not an extact science but it also targeted michigan medical marijuana patients. WELL DUH? you think? I bet they are pissed. But we are happy!
  3. ACLU IS VERY RUDE and DISCURTIOUS! Well i called the ACLU and i was very disapointed with whom i spoke to. I always hear that they are supposed to be there to listen and to help the little guy but oh how wrong i was! The woman i spoke to was very rude and not professional at all. She cut me off several times while i was trying to explain my situation and then eventually hung up on me? WTF? Why would they hire someone like that to take calls? To those of you who want help from the aclu, i def would think about calling a few other lawyers before hand. You prob will get more of a curtious response and better info. AND MAYBE THEY WONT HANG UP ON YOU! lol i have spoken with the aclu and 2 other lawfirms about this. The other two firms def. was more curtious and had more info. And they didnt cut me off! You know, its a funny thing that someone can sue Mcdonalds for not giving them enough napkins, BUT i cant do anything for my privacy and rights being trampled on? Everyone i talk to seems to think i have no rights in this matter. I just dont believe it!
  4. HEY SOLABEIRTAN, i agree. No i dont grow. And there wasnt even any medicane in my apartment during the search, no vaps, bowls, nothing. Not even any paper or antyhing! what would they have scented on? and how would they have known what they were scenting on unless they gave a drug search command. AND, if they did actually give the command to search for drugs without no prior notice to me, wouldnt that be against privacy laws, 4th amendment or at the very least they violated some kind of landlord laws? Like i keep saying, just doesnt feel right.
  5. i know. last year when they first sent out the memo, i immediatley researched it online and sure enough there actually are bed bug sniffing dogs, so i let it pass. Dr. Bob, you have to admit that they did something wrong here. just dont seem right. seems erie.
  6. we had to leave and when we were leaving they ere two apartments down from us. What is weird is that when we left they said that they would be coming inside in a few minutes, BUT they were gonna switch dogs first? i really didnt think much of it at the time. I figured they prob have two dogs they were using. BUT mine was only 1 of 3 left to inspect out of the entire place and before they did they switched dogs? kind of funny huh? Then later got the news that their BED BUG DOG scented on marijuana? just doesnt seem or feel right to me?
  7. also how did they actually know it was marijuana? What, did the dog jump up on its hind legs and tell them what they thinnk it was?
  8. Already been done. just waiting for a reply. i contacted them by email. I am gonna call first thing tomorrow as well. its just sad. i feel so violated like i have no privacy in my own home. I also know that there is an actual law that grants me THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY. And like i said, they usually have to give you notic of ANY inspection and at the same time let the tenants know what the inspection is before hand. And if anything, at the very least, they had to have violated this. im not a lawyer, but i do have common sense! And mine says i have been wronged and it feels terrible and embarasing and i wish there was something i could do.
  9. yea but also i belive that any inspections whether it be bedbugs, drugs, whatever.., has to be given notice. I believe it is at least 24 hours. SO, the question is was it lawful for them to tell me the inspection was for bed bugs, and then instead do a drug search? ALSO, i believe they have to be given a command to search. SO just them giving the command to sear for drugs without my permission, knowledge and since they are not police and since they did not give notice to said search, is it unlawuful in any way? And yes i did read my lease buddy. It does state i have to let them in for repairs, or other "REASONABLE" inspections. And i put that in quotes beacuse that is the wording they used. This does not seem very reasonable to me. Does it to you? it is amazing that knowone seems to think that this is a violationg or unlawful in any way???? if i told you i was coming in to do a bed bug inspection and then instead OR at the same time i commanded the dog to a cop like search for drugs, wouldnt you feel like you were wronged some way?
  10. Well, its time for some more discrimination and also what i believe to be a violation of my 4th amendment. Can someone please listen to my story of what happened today! I will try not leave anything out.., i live in an apartment building. Last year the managers/landlords sent out a letter that sated they are going to start doing an annual routine K9 BED BUG inspection. This is where they bring a dog in to every apartment, and then walk them around beds, sofas, etc to check for bed bugs. They hang a not on your door about a week in advance that states they will be bringing the BED BUG k9 through to check for bed bugs and that they will enter your home whether your there or not. We have lived at this apartment for over 5 years and last year is the first year they did it. So, last year they brought them in and, that was it! no bed bugs. BUT, this year was a little different... They hung the note on the door that stated they were coming in to do a bed bug inspection. Whenever they are gonna do any inspection of any kind i always clean very well and i always take my medicine and everything out of the apartment so that NOTHING is there. today they came into my apartment to do an inspection for bed bugs. I was not present. Later the manager contacted me to let me know that their dog scented and hit on marijuana? they said the dog alerted them to the smell of marijuana. they said they didn’t find anything but the dog alerted MARINUANA? what the hell? Is this legal. They said they could kick us out with a 24 hour notice but they were not gonna do that, Instead they wrote it down in our file that their dog alerted them to marijuana. SO in other words they said they were coming in to do a bed bug inspection and then without any knowledge or permission of mine, they somehow obviously started having the dog do a search or sniff around? for all i know they looked through my stuff. Nothing was in my apartment but they still said the dog altered them to the presence of marijuana. THIS IS SUUPOSED TO BE A BED BUG DOG? How can they do this? they nothing about a drug dog inspection. All they stated and all that was stated on the letter that they were doing an annual bed bug inspection? How do they get to lie under false pretenses? i fell really violated! And it seems like they broke the law somehow? I did not admit to anything but i did let them know that i was not happy and that i felt she had conducted a warantless search! then they stated they could kick me out even if i am a legal patient because they are a federally funded apartment. isn’t this a warrantless search or a violation of my amendments or something. I feel like im not safe in my own. I feel like i do not have any privacy. I feel like now i have an annual drug dog inspection? needless to say i would like to start slowly looking for a new place. But that dont meant i still dont feel violated. so how does my landlord/manager/apartment get to say they are coming in to do a bed bug inspection and then also conduct a warrantless and unsolicited search? Can i take any leagl action? Could the aclu help? I am soo pissed right now! Any help would be appreciated! Even though they said they are not gonna kick me out, i till would like to know if they violated my rights in any way and if so, what action can i take against them for doing so. i feel lost abnd totally violated! Could they even kick me out for just a dog alerting them to the prescense without any evidence what so ever? Any help would be great. What can i do?
  11. Thank You Dr. Bob! It is very nice to know there are still compassionate Doctors out there!
  12. Hello. I realize the laws have changed and patients now need to have some documentation now. It is time for my father to get his renewal. he has had his card for the last 2-3 years for severe and chronic migraines as well as nausea. Since the laws have changed he went to his primary physician to get some documentation. His physician told him his chronic migraines and nausea was from anxiety that he was diagnosed with. So now on his way out he got his paper that says anxiety migraines, etc. Now he has to find a doctor! The doc i just got off the phone said she wanted an entire year of medical history? WHAT? Does anyone know of any doctors that will certify him? He has some documentation and now we need to find a physician who will accept it and not make him jump through unnecessary hoops! i understand documentation is needed now, but as far as an entire year of history, that seems excessive!
  13. I just do not understand how is this happening when everything was compliant? WHY hasnt the ACLU steppoed in? There has to be something this family can do! What stops ANy judge in any county taking kids away from legal patients? WHERE IS THE ACLU ON THIS ONE
  14. And how would they determine if that individual was impaired?
  15. I know the supreme court just ruled something about the michigan act supersedes the zero tolerance policy. SO, can a coop take you in for a blood test or give you a ticket for dui having a card? how does that effect us?
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