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  1. Hi, my name is Jane. I've been a member of MMMA from the onset. Recently, my son Ethan, who is 19, was driving home to Kalamazoo, MI from Northern Michigan University after it was announced that school was postponed in mid-March. On his way home he was pulled over by police. He has a medical marijuana card, but didn't have any marijuana in his possession. He was given a roadside sobriety test and was taken to the nearest hospital for a blood test. Then he was taken to jail for the night. He has been charged with a OWI and his court date is June 9. According to my son, he was not read his m
  2. Wow, there it is in black and white. Thanks so much for sharing that!
  3. Fantastic information. Thanks so much for sharing. I have a patient with MS who doesn't like the effects of THC. I'm very excited to share this with him.
  4. I have a patient with multiple sclerosis who is in the process of getting his license for medical marijuana. Does anyone have any experience with what strain or topical cream works best for this condition? Also, as a massage therapist, is it legal for me to apply it?
  5. Hi, my name is Jane. I live in the Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids area. I am ready to begin growing and am looking for someone that doesn't have a designated caregiver. I have a friend who has been a caregiver from the beginning and I could supply your medicine through her until my crop is ready. Eager to get started Thank you!
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