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  1. Thanks man. The buds retain some serious weight after a proper cure. like little crystal coated rocks. it's a reallly deep intense smell, kinda like a sweet skunky candied crust with odd OG notes. The og has a sort of lemon sharp it adds. the OG smell is stronger in flower and gets lighter & the funk comes out with a proper cure. I really am happy I have this what ever it may be.
  2. I've been barked at too many times for telling people where to get good seeds in MI locally. PM me or something. there are several dispensaries that carry AAA genetics.
  3. STRAIGHT UP if you don't mind a longer flower I would suggest a ECSD hybrid. you should see the size of ecsds buds (east coast sour diesel) plus when it's been tested it came in at 25+ THC legitimately. as some one who has smoked this Clone A lot, I can say you don't get a tolerance either. look into. Get anything from Bodhi, CV, house of love (better hurry they stopped making seeds) or dank house. Can't go wrong with Bodhi...
  4. oh I got my hands full at the moment. I always like to have my count a good bit below what I can actually have, idk it just feels safer that way to me. I'm currently on a hunt for studs through a pre 98 bubba BX ((fire og BX x pre 98 bubba) x pre 98 bubba)
  5. haha FMFF all day! haha. i remember way back when asking you about.. ummm. idk i cant remeber at the moment. it was my first grow, OH! super silver haze x OG kush i think. i was gonna pick up some clones but i never ended up having the donation amount though. either way you were really helpful. right on man.
  6. the thread was "where to get seeds?" i mean.. thats what i feel and suggest 100%? i think the kind of genetics that are going to be there are worthy of driving across state straight up. none of which will even be my own. at least not for a while.. it was meant to let people know stuff like that is out there, attitude, bay, boutique whudeva.. you cant get these cross's on them unless its a auction and then your paying 500$ for hype and dixs with big wallets. so what ever man. i thought sites like this are for the spread of productive knowledge in this MEDICAL community
  7. if you dont get a letter back in 21 days your legal. im also in GR. its about a 90 day wait for the card at the moment. BEST dispensary in our area is fire and earth. check em out once you wait the rest of the days. theyre on leafly.com
  8. thank you! haha wow a nice reasonable comment can be made on this site. everything for the most part is in the works, im friends with a few breeders (rather large ones) and get lots of unreleased stuff from them. A LOT of really cool gems. virtual whos who of elite genetics and every now and then ill throw in some super special stuff like rez's sour d ibl f2's x ECSD beans. all of these seeds and stuff will be avail. in the near future at a VERY good dispensary in the grand rapids area that just opened and has a stupid line up of meds and other hollistic healthy stuff. as far as tester and stu
  9. no i just got the cut. i prolly just shouldnt have posted this thread. if you saw in what i POSTED ^ i think it may be cherry pie, that is what the man who gave it to me said it was after he talked to his guy and thinks he mixed the two up. but then garden of dreams said this was a GSC s1 & that he had a cut in his possesion in a thread on another site (who is a pretty reputable guy). so take that up with him. it has a cookies funk and similar structure to the cherry pie. but thats right you must know every combo that could happen in a self pollination of thin mints. if that wasnt meant t
  10. hello all. i like smoking on the headiest of herbs, insane genetics, breeding and helping people. i kinda like to think im a strain encyclopedia. always looking to learn more. michigan medical marijuana compliant. what im currently smoking on Hells Angel OG the white x spacebomb or killer queen i dont remeber.. medicated. ill have to medicate and figure out if its ind or sat. chem 91 skunk va
  11. this is what ive seen of the thin mints. i think this is week 4
  12. i have a s1, not saying i have thin mints. how ever i think that ^^ is a gsc thin mints x fire OG(maybe s.FL OG idk) as well if im not mistaken. yes the pheno yields. no quarrels here. thats why im working her. to bump up the yields but stay in the fam and get the most cookie gentics into the cross. Fire OG x GSC(thin mints)out of 30-40 beans 1-3 GSC dom males will be picked and hit to my s1. then those will be going back to the original GSC mom, to try and bulk up yields but stay in the fam. and that is the brunt of the project i have to come thanks for the input though. the guy i got the cu
  13. really impressed with it. theres a lot of hype but personally i wanted a GSC cut for breeding solely, hitting my eventual D. AKROYD BX? male to the cookies. you guys im some one who is legitimately out to help MI's pot community and get premium elite west coast genetics out to you guys. theres a conspiracy going on guys. haha but real talk. circles of cats hoard and float around cuts to them selves AND the beans. now i understand and fully recognize that elite genetics should not be whored and and given to every one and their brother, genetic drifting would kill the strain and what you guys en
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