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  1. You can write the link code manually. paste link[ /img]
  2. So here she is, nearly week 4. Been getting generally busy lately, plus I got a puppy... Showing good frost at this point with a subtle fruity/chocolate smell. Her nodes are stacking up well and she's throwing tons of pistils.
  3. What is the size of your room/closet/tent? You are stretching the ability of a 400 at 3x3, hope your setup is between that and 2x2. And you are not far from the size I like to flower at the first time I run a strain, at least the plant in the yellow bucket is that size. Good luck and have fun!
  4. Looking good guys! Is that pre 98 bubba? Beautiful greenhouse girls and nice bho...
  5. Gotta love some bubble hash! This is Gandalf (Kromes The White x GDP) 3 days before the chop at 9 weeks...
  6. I enjoyed the sample of Plushberry I had this summer, had kind of a chocolate cherry smell and flavor. Been watching people grow BCS for almost two years and have seen some impressive ladies. I'm really hoping that is the dominance of this pheno. I have more beans to run of I don't find what I am looking for right away. Here she is at 16 days and after a trim downstairs. She has gained a few inches in the last week, might need to broaden her out in veg a little more next time. Frost is starting to appear around the budsites, too, little hard to see. Here is a shot of her stem, about average for her neighbors who are proven keepers.
  7. Barneys farm has fems if you run them, otherwise BC bud depot is the only other breeder on attitude that has sweet tooth, if my memory serves me correctly.
  8. Here she is at 1.5 weeks into flower. Her stretch has been minimal so far, but it's still early so she may have a growth spurt. The real show is not far off...
  9. This is the link to the first page of doubleds journal: https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/doubleds-10-lb-plant-room-test.29805/ It's a great read
  10. What are your temps and humidity?
  11. My friend Higher Solutions bred this cross. Black Cherry Soda is the same clone only mom as Plushberry and he crossed it with the same starfighter pollen that was used in Space Jam. I'm liking the cross so far, sexed quickly, branches pretty easily. HS sees a lot of the BCS and I hope he's right, I've been wanting a cherry herb for a minute. This girl is in a 10 gallon container with subcools supersoil, topped and tied. I will try and post updates weekly as she flowers.
  12. They are not breaking unions to aid the common people of this state. The Republicans wish to simply lower wages by reducing the funding unions receive via dues, therefore diminishing some of the leverage unions have for negotiations. Remember, a high union wage in a region translates into better wages and working conditions for non-union workers in the region as well. The Republicans current strategy towards mmj is similar to their efforts to stop abortion, restrict safe access until access is no longer feasible with reasonable effort. Simply put, we, as a people, need to organize and vote out the people that would see our cause driven back underground. Maybe collect an extra 20 bucks in compassion club dues every year and arrange voter registration drivea. Maybe even provide a network of ride sharing to get people to the polls on election day. Once we can prove that we can bring votes to the table we will have better leverage to negotiate with rival legislators and embolden ones friendly to mmj.
  13. Sweet Tooth is a fast commercial strain with great taste, smell and bag appeal.
  14. Ordering seeds from attitude is painless and you can find world class genetics. Regulars, look at Subcool, Rare Dankness. Fems, look at Reserva Privada, Barneys Farm. And OGRaskal has plenty of fire both regular and feminized.
  15. It could also cause stress and hermi. I would keep it in the 1 gallon and use nutes. Feed water water, you will probably be watering daily.
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