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  1. Hi , I am a UP caregiver from Ironwood Mi. Feal free to ask me questions
  2. Hey i just moved up here and am wondering if there is anyone that knows where i can get some meds close to here like a temp caregiver or dispensary close by. Just waiting for the grass to grow!
  3. Ive never needed to use any reverse or any similar product. As long as you have stable genetics there shouldn't be a problem with hermies.
  4. Whered you get your mother plants from? Are you sure thry had stable genetics to begin with.it might be easier to just buy a feminized ten pack of seeds and pick the best few and try again.then flower a clone off those
  5. Vertigo__


    Lol its seems that that always happens to me aswell, they're everywhere
  6. Its about time this country did something about these marijuana laws.hopefully more places will follow
  7. Amendment M: Marijuana Yes 157,562 No 85,640
  8. Hey anyone know if its true? The numbers i saw were 114,000 to 61,000 yes to legalize in city limits
  9. Detroits marijuana bill passed 114,000 to 61,000!
  10. darn im glad romney didnt win! that dude prolly would hate the smella my weed
  11. I woke up and hit my bong, then off to vote...it felt so darn American!
  12. I sure would like to see prop 64 pass and the similar ones in Oregon and Washington
  13. I like to have a constant product i.e RO water.cal mag and ph to 6.3
  14. Looking excellent, keep us posted
  15. Go back to a magnetic ballast...bulbs aren't cheap
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