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  1. This "locker" business model was discussed here at length. With this case moving to court, I have a bad feeling that many people who believed that this was going to be successfully defensible will be surprised. Nothing would make me happier than to see all parties exonerated and sincerely hope that's the outcome. I believe there is again a lesson to be learned here that conservative interpretations of the law and a ruthless exploration of "intent" is a far better lens to view our laws than the sometimes more loose and "theory" based ideas occasionally purposed. The last time I saw the "loc
  2. Mal, What do you think still needs to happen in Michigan to create the right kind of situation/environment for Legalization to be more strongly considered and passage of favorable litigation to be more likely? Is it all about elected representation, or are there are other factors outside of that just as significant?
  3. It's amazing the lengths we see people being asked to go to provide for the sick and suffering. Ideas like this make me wonder if they all aren't part of a greater plan to eventually wipe out any possibilities of provision beyond the strict pharmaceutical model.
  4. Boo, Welcome aboard. To echo Jim's comments above, not enough can be said about being discreet and keeping conversations to a minimum. In these forums we have seen story after story of people's family members, significant others, best friends etc. etc. inadvertently or deliberately revealing things to undesirables that become incredibly problematic. If you are growing indoors, a lesson I would pass along I learned many years ago, and we have talked about this year....always have a generator ready that can power your garden. I prefer having one for house and then having a completely dedi
  5. Would I be correct in thinking if Denver goes on to play Seattle, the only two recreational marijuana States have made it to the Super Bowl? Wow, what would the odds of that be. If so, I wonder if the National Media will notice.
  6. The State should just sell authentic looking versions of the mile marker and then funnel all profits into the State Park system or something beneficial. If people want the sign that bad why not. I have a feeling this sign will be re homed also.
  7. You can on your own accord keep pain logs and other documentation that would substantiate your condition and symptoms from your POV. This would make it much easier for the Dr giving you a recommendation. It also would go a long way toward showing due diligence on your part to explore every option of documentation that wasn't financially prohibitive.
  8. Got a taped phone call from Consumers saying it's the worst storm in ten years and they are doing everything they can. Maybe this spring they could revisit what they said last spring and look to do more preemptive trimming and move toward more underground lines. I will give them credit for stationing generators at strategic points to get power up again until repairs can be done.
  9. Man, just got power back recently. Two days of running two generators, $$$ hurts. Thankful just to have power again.
  10. Nothing like a Power Outage this time of year to bring a smile to everyone's face. The amount of Bud my Honda Generator has saved over the years is significant to say the least.
  11. I can only speak from my experience, but the people I know who stay complaint, embrace common sense, and keep low key have little to no hassle. There are always exceptions, but I haven't personally seen ill fall upon those doing the right things legally and that made sense.
  12. Just got power back. Yikes the outage stuff is the worst. I have two generators, one for house and a separate one specifically for the ladies. I'm interested in the Natural Gas automatic on ones I keep hearing about. A little cost heavy on the front end, but it could pay for itself if you have a power loss and can't get home quickly enough. I believe they can run on propane also. Does anyone have experience with this variety and any thoughts they would be willing to share?
  13. I like hearing his voice at the beginning of the Dope Cast UK podcast. Great post sir!
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