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  1. ak 48 has the seeds..... its with super silver haze with a few seeds and lemon skunk and sour diesel with almost none...all in the same room and we have really cleaned it well after each harvest.... we use reverse the first week of flower to stop it but it doesn''t always work and this time there is a ton of seeds in the ak....
  2. hello. i recently had a harvest and about 2 weeks prior it got to about 100 degrees in my grow room. this caused the plants in there to homorphidite and seed all up. there were never any males anywhere in the pic. anyway i have heard some conflicting storys. first i heard that when this happens they produce pollen and if that is the case does that mean that my young plants that were a week and a half into flower when this happened will there be seeds in them? can a homorph pollenate another young flowering plant? what do i do to prevent future spread of these seeds. i had 2 strains in the grow and one was almost done when the heat hit and the other was 1 and 1/2 weeks. will the 1 and 1/2 weeks ones get seeds 2. plz help thanx
  3. i am going away to a state that i do not believe has a medical marijuana law and i will be gone for a while and i would like to bring a couple oz with me. i will be traveling by plane and i am unsure if i would be able to find it where i am going. the state is florida and i do not know any connections in florida. if anyone can give me advice or any help directly plz let me know. its my medicine if i had a script for 200 vicodins it wouldn't be a problem. plz let me know the laws and stipulations. also any thing that would help me with this problem. thanx in advance. plz get at me.
  4. hes working out of the houghton lake higgins lake area./ my dogs are ok but he didn't take care of them the way he said he would too. he is a two faced peice of s__t. his full name is he stole from me and i have the proof.
  5. i am not out to start problems with people on here. i just think everyone should know what a spineless peice of crap that rob is. i also would like to prevent him selling any of my stuff on this site. i was the one that told him about the site in the first place. i also know his former caregiver who he signed off with right before i went on vacation. like this was all premeditated. he has no source of income and no way to have meds for sale unless they are mine and he has stolen them. thats the only conclusion i can come up with. he wanted to trade some "gold" and that is exactly what half of my harvest was. i know his family and i plan to take it up with them to see if they all have something to say in the matter. its a real bummer i even have to go threw this. i will have another harvest in a week so its not the end of the world. its just the point. i will ruin whatever rep he has on here if i can. thanx to everyone who supports me. hes a bad dude. just thought everyone should know.
  6. you asked how he did it so here you go. i have 2 100+ lab dogs and no one would just come in here. we had it in a slot machine that was very heavy. he stole the slot machine with its contents (many fresh jars) and took it out my sliding glass doors the day b4 i got back from mexico. he called me and asked if someone came and picked it up. weird.... then he blamed it on some losers he knows but then we went with him to confront these people and his story changed. then i see the kid for everyday for a year and a half then he just stops calling and comming around. that was enough to prove he was guilty. it is about the friendship because i trusted him like i would trust my other close friends but none of them would ever do this to me. his a psyco and a loser in my eyes.
  7. it sucks because i trusted him to watch my living plants and my dogs and also to cure my harvest. i was gonna give him some when i got home but that wasn't good enough for him. he has a bad past history of screwing his friends over in one way or another and i should have seen it sooner but hind sight is 20 20. hes a liar and a thief. if you plan to do anything with him watch your back cause hes only out for himself. i hope to get some back but you never know. anyway thanx for the support everyone. i just want to get this out there.
  8. majstoner was a really good friend of mine and i had him watching my house while i was in mexico. he decided it would be a good idea to screw over people who treated him like family. he stole 3,500 -5,000 dollars worth of prime bud and he is trying to sell and trade it. you really should think 2 times before you deal with him. he is a loose cannon and a bad person. if you choose to do business with him its your choice but he stole from who he called a best friend and he will rob you too. i am tracking him now to try to get my goods back. thank you
  9. i live in a little town in northern michigan and i would like to start a dispensary. how do i go about doing this. can someone please point me in a direction to get this going. i would have a few different strains and some hash and edibles. i am a patient and i have a caregiver who is a family member who is also a patient. what do i have to do. i think a have a place to do it out of and the supply to keep it going. plz help me.. thanx
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