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  1. yea rso is bad, but try not to be an donkey rectum resto.
  2. Connecticut lists psoriatic arthritis as a qualifying condition in its medical marijuana program. You can read the arthritis petition to add arthritis as a qualifying condition to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program here http://komornlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/014.-arthritis-qualifying.pdf That condition was approved and you can now get a medical marijuana card for arthritis in Michigan.
  3. My grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis and uses marijuana to treat it. makes her fingers and joints feel better. You could always try it and see if it helps for you. Won't hurt anything. Start small and use lotions and balms.
  4. absolutely man, i figure anyone whos been to basic training / boot camp is a vet.
  5. yes, the physician will give you another form usually no problem. you can print the forms off at lara website http://michigan.gov/mmp certified gives you better feeling no doubt. otherwise lara drone on phone says "we didn't get it".
  6. its defined in the act now. (j) "Plant" means any living organism that produces its own food through photosynthesis and has observable root formation or is in growth material.
  7. very relaxed atmosphere to have a smoke with a large group of people? only amsterdam has public coffee shop smoking with other people really.
  8. Nice find, Mr. Brent. Do not forget, these fees will eventually be paid by the customers of the provisioning centers. Some of us wonder if any link in the chain (grower, processor, secure transport, provisioning center, safety testing) will actually be profitable with all of the state and local fees. My guess is not with 280,000 medical marijuana patients. Most patients I've seen aren't exactly rich. I think everyone is just waiting for full legalization.
  9. i think the courts focus on the "only" and "or" bits more.
  10. sorry to hear about your bad caregiver. hope someone in warren can help! warren is a terrible city for marijuana, bad police and prosecutors and mayor there :\
  11. if the state denies your caregiver status, consider becoming a patient to grow your own plants. if you have a qualifying condition of course. then, within the privacy of your own home, you could transfer your marijuana to your wife. your wife could be your caregiver, and then this transfer would be 100% legal. good luck, and if you have more questions please ask.
  12. resto is simplifying the issue too much. its kind of a complicated issue. lets go through it real quick here. You (patient) your husband (caregiver) only one of you is allowed to possess 12 plants. in this case, only one of you would be allowed to be in the grow room. now here is another situation, which may work for you. you (patient, but keeps possession of plants on the LARA form) husband (caregiver, not allowed to possess plants) then only you would be allowed in the grow room. different way to do this you (patient, keep possession of plants) husband (caregiver to you
  13. surprised how many people are willing to take a risk without trying to get a controlled substances license....
  14. https://events.nmu.edu/event/lara_director_addresses_medical_cannabis http://www.miningjournal.net/news/local/2018/01/local-briefing-116/ ‘Michigan Medical Marihuana 101’ MARQUETTE — Shelly Edgerton, director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will present “Michigan Medical Marihuana 101” at Northern Michigan University. Her talk is scheduled at 5 p.m. Feb. 7 in 2904 West Science. It is open to the public. LARA oversees the state’s medical cannabis regulations. Edgerton is expected to address the history of medical cannabis in Michigan. She also will provide
  15. making whoopee drug war. can you believe somewhere like san fran had that many convictions? in cali? crazy. flower this drug war.
  16. when you can grow it in your backyard the price will be quite low. i dont get it though if the wholesale price of weed is $50/lb , how would the black market be undercutting the dispensaries? want to get rid of black market, lower the taxes and final price. just until the market dies, then bring taxes up a bit.
  17. the same part of the MMMA that says you dont have to pay a $10,000 fine for marijuana is the part that protects you from paying a tax on marijuana. its also the part of the MMMA that protects you from driving with any marijuana in your system. or the part of the MMMA that protects you from a city ordinance saying you cant grow in your city, or you have to register in your city, or you have to let the city inspect your grow. its a catch-all protect-all line in the act to protect patients and caregivers from these kinds of things. it looks like the treasury department either did not read
  18. it does say that in the bill. i thought it was a rule already, its possible they are just making the rule into law. basically you cant get a state license unless the township/locality has an ordinance opting-in to the program. which is what everyone already knew. this bill is actually a common sense bill out of kesto. http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?2017-HB-5144 you have to read the s-1 amended substitute bill. not the bill that was introduced. its on page 12: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(1k2ixckwvevbvobkyzmoizbh))/documents/2017-2018/billcurrentversion/House/PDF/2017-HCV
  19. jeff sessions, much like chris christie, already know all about marijuana and are still against it. trump is a liar. the quicker you understand this, the quicker you will realize you got lied to. its ok to be fooled by a lie. but you have to learn from this and not get lied to again.
  20. it doesnt affect anyone yet. maybe the recreational guys. the rohrbacher-blumenour appropriations rider is more important at this point. its up for a re-voting this month around the 19th i think. federal agents usually only go after stores, dispensaries and the like. they rarely go after regular people. usually only when caught at borders or national parks or federal lands...
  21. yep 5 cards for 5 patients. each card has the patient info and id number on it
  22. probably growing the heck out of it in cali. why they would drive that much through nebraska though. crazy. i wonder if they did it before with a smaller amount and wanted to do it again.
  23. you think the rich people hospitals run out of iv bags ? hell no. why did trump hate puerto rico again? because of the mayor or something?
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