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  1. improper transport does not apply to patients anymore. http://fox17online.com/2016/12/22/court-of-appeals-rules-against-improper-transport-strengthens-michigan-medical-marijuana-act/ the case is people v latz. so you have to go back and challenge your conviction under that moo poo law. you can sue the county/city for wrongful prosecution too. get a lawwwwwwwwwwyer and yeah, reversing the conviction will also kill that stupid probation. as for probation with mmj, you have to fight for it. judge has a lot of power in that regard. but you can fight it. fight fight fight dont give up. call michael komorn lawyer http://www.komornlaw.com 30903 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 240 Farmington Hills, MI 48334 800-656-3557
  2. http://www.candgnews.com/news/CenterLineapprovesmedicalmarijuanafacilitiesordinance Center Line approves medical marijuana facilities ordinance my offer still stands, if someone wants to pay me to populate and keep updated a list of all michigan townships, cities and localities licensing mmfla businesses. i could make a list for 1 bitcoin or $10,000 .
  3. rockind is one of the top defense attys in the state. but also his rate is more $$$. you dont want to hire a lawyer? then dont try to run a dispensary unless its licensed by the state. seems simple enough. marijuana and medical marijuana remain schedule 1 and schedule 2 here in the state laws. it aint no joke, its the law.
  4. is this your first charge ever? then you maybe able to null it with a 7411. did they catch you smoking and confiscate some marijuana for lab tests? who is prosecuting you? dearborn? wayne county ? or msp ? or lansing ? sorry a lot of questions, but the answers will guide where you need to go.
  5. which systems will you be intergrating in the MMFLA ? not much on integration yet. http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571-448228--,00.html
  6. naw. city council bribes are much much smaller. heres a story out of detroit. city council bribery, a few payments of $3,000 cash in an envelope is enough to secure a "$1.2 billion sludge-hauling contract " http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/27/us/27detroit.html
  7. maybe if i were paid i would populate a list.... I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed There ain't nothing in this world for free. i will help a little, here are some google searches to get some results you are looking for: "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" ordinance "public notice" "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" ordinance "draft" "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" site:mi.us "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" ordinance inurl:news "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" ordinance gets a lot of results but you have to comb through. if you are curious about the ordinances in an area you are looking at put this in google "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" then add the city or township name after it. so "MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT" garden city and it brings up garden city ordinances on the subject. could automate this by getting a list of cities in the state and just searching each city and township and collecting the results. what fun!
  8. no idea about strains or cream brands. there arent a lot of standardized creams yet, so your patient might just be getting local ones. as a massage therapist you should be legal, as long as your patient is registered and within his or her limits on possession weight, with the other requirements on the presumption of medical use, too. http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-Initiated-Law-1-of-2008 (j) A person shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, solely for being in the presence or vicinity of the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act, or for assisting a registered qualifying patient with using or administering marihuana.
  9. one is felony firearm and maint drug house and manf mj 4-6 years? and the other is protection, because you have a card.
  10. crmla / milegalize language legalizes cannabis sativa and creates 2 categories of rules based on thc content. industrial hemp and marihuana Sec. 2. The purpose of this act is to make marihuana legal under state and local law for adults 21 years of age or older, to make industrial hemp legal under state and local law, (e) “Marihuana” means all parts of the plant of the genus cannabis, growing or not; (c) “Industrial hemp” means a plant of the genus cannabis and any part of that plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis, or per volume or weight of marihuana-infused product, or the combined percent of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid in any part of the plant of the genus cannabis regardless of moisture content.
  11. glass or stone upsidedown dinner or serving plate might work depending on your situation. if that would be tall enough for your purpose.
  12. it wont help us regular folk. the corrections officer cannot be fired for bogus illegal reason, because of his contract with the county. regular citizens rarely get such nice contracts. thanks police union for not allowing bogus firings, especially for medical conditions. anti-union people want to be able to fire for any reason, including if you are hurt on the job or have some medical condition, pregnant etc.
  13. bax


    right, if it holds its shape at room temp , like a brownie, its a solid. if it turns into a puddle , its a liquid. dont even get me started on plasma.
  14. bax


    no, the BMMR memo specifies in accordance with the MMMA. being "in accordance with the MMMA" means being a resident of michigan in order to be a patient or caregiver. it means being a caregiver who has marijuana specifically for his registered and connected michigan patients. out of state dispensaries have nothing to do with the MMMA. do you agree?
  15. Parents were warned about the dangers in the 1930's propaganda film, "Reefer Madness" ???? theres a lot of anti-s in this program.
  16. the petition for adding the condition to new mexico's program, in case anyone wants to read it. https://207-114-136-210.static.twtelecom.net/handouts/CCJ%20082317%20Item%204%20Briscoe%20Opioid%20Petition%20Compilation%20for%20CCJ.pdf
  17. some people like leds, but until they are "better" , i stick with the old standard bright replaceable lightbulbs of hps/mh.
  18. what kind of pain? eating marijuana can help with pain, but there are the usual side effects of getting high. topical marijuana like a balm or salve will also help with some pains and does not have the side effects. after one to two weeks of marijuana use, you may find you adjust to the high feeling and can operate mostly normal again. because your body has absorbed and compensated for the thc and builds a tolerance to the feelings of it. as to finding locations in which to buy products, you can ask to meet caregivers here on the forum. or check out the jackson compassion club , http://jacksoncompassionclub.com/ or check out weedmaps for list of other dispensaries.
  19. http://cityofmorenci.org/topnav/News/tabid/71/ID/555/Passage-of-Ordinance-17-333.aspx posted on October 25, 2017 On October, 23, 2017, the Morenci City Council approved Ordinance 17-333. The Notice of Adoption Summary is below: Pursuant to Section 29 of the Morenci City Charter, the Morenci City Council has authorized the City Administrator / Clerk to publish a digest of Ordinance 17-333 that was enacted into law by the Morenci City Council on October 23, 2017 with an effective date of—November 4, 2017—which is ten (10) days after the date of publication of this summary on October 25, 2017. Ordinance 17-333 does the following: Amends Chapter 22 of the Morenci Code of Ordinances (zoning ordinance) to provide for land use provisions for medical marihuana facilities pursuant to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (Public Act 281 of 2016). Allows for medical marihuana growing, processing, safety compliance centers, and secure transporters within the I-2 zoning district. Allows for medical marihuana provisioning centers in the C-3 zoning district. Sets forth rules and regulations for buffer zones, signage, minimum lot sizes, minimum yard depth / distances, facility construction, and physical appearance. Copies of Ordinance 17-333 may be obtained from the City of Morenci Offices located at 118 Orchard Street, Morenci, MI 49256 or online at www.CityofMorenci.org. Public Notice Summary of 17-333 10.25.2017
  20. the last thing i heard was http://www.businessinsider.com/medical-marijuana-trump-administration-2017-first-statement-2017-5 Trump, who has stayed mum on the topic of marijuana since the election, finally gave an indication as to where he stands on the issue in his statement after he signed the bill: "Division B, section 537 provides that the Department of Justice may not use any funds to prevent implementation of medical marijuana laws by various States and territories. I will treat this provision consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully executed."
  21. forgot to mention, i have no connections to any dispensary. not an owner, not an operator/employee, etc. just my opinions ... good luck!
  22. 1. dispensaries opened whenever they wanted (and some when they localities ok'd them), some right in 2009. the model they followed was the same model in other states. 2. dispensaries usually sell all types of products. although there was a short time when oils and extracts dissapeared after a court ruling 3. cash 4. probably the limit that the caregiver/pt is allowed to possess. 2.5 oz per patient. 5. they are in the business of selling marijuana. as there are only 250,000 patients, increasing the buying base to all adults could possibly increase their sales. 6. some dispensaries grow themselves, some buy from other caregivers. they detail some of the purchasing in the 'weed wars' and other type shows filming dispensaries in california. some products are made outside of michigan and are shipped in, like dixie elixirs from colorado. i doubt that the manufacturers ship themselves, more like enterprising independent transporters, making the dangerous travel through non-medical states with cars full of marijuana products. the state licensed dispensaries will only be able to purchase from michigan processors. 7. current dispensaries probably not. future dispensaries that will be licensed by the state will have to keep records, seed to sale. all of the growers, processors and manufacturers will also be licensed by LARA , if they want to supply to the state dispensaries. 8. i dont think it was an order. there are public meetings to decide the rules of issuing licenses. some of the board members on the panel to decide the rules gave opinions on not allowing any current dispensary owners to participate in the future dispensary licensing. there was also an idea to have them all close by december so that they could then still apply for a license in the future. 9. some communities have endorsed dispensaries, some have not. you can see editorials in various local newspapers all over michigan with pros/cons. also people complain or support them in various city council meetings all over michigan. just because 63% of voters approved medical marijuana does not mean 63% of people support dispensaries either. i would say for the most part, most people just dont care. for example in detroit, where a majority of dispensaries are, some people like that there are businesses taking over empty buildings and employing people. other people, especially church groups, have rallied to eradicate medical marijuana dispensaries from being in thier city/districts. 10. new state licensing rules on dispensaries are not formalized yet. city licensing rules for dispensaries vary from city to city. some cities licensed them for industrial zones or business/retail. others allow neighborhood dispensaries. most dispensaries have stayed away from schools, due to federal drug free zones. church groups have called for dispensaries to be zoned out if they are within 1000 feet of other dispensaries, alcohol stores, parks, schools and even churches. in other states where these types of rules were being debated, it has been shown that within city limits (like los angeles) it is almost impossible to have any dispensary that is not near one of those things. in the end, its medical marijuana, just like any pharmacy, it shouldnt be zoned out of anywhere. only people with state-issued cards (or paperwork) are allowed to purchase. 24 hour pharmacy? well then 24 hour dispensary. drive through pharmacy? well then drive through dispensary. no different. except that medical marijuana is safe and non-toxic with no overdose deaths. while a pharmacy is full of drugs that people overdose on every day in michigan. 11. quite a few dispensary owners / employees have been raided, arrested, charged, prosecuted and jailed. see people v mcqueen. or this press release from the attorney general bill schuette... http://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-164-46849_47203-294663--,00.html some dispensaries have been robbed/burgled (just like pharmacies), some dispensaries dont report it to police either. 12. a simple fact about the reality of what is going on. the drug dealer on the corner does not check for ID and will sell anything to anyone, including children. the medical marijuana dispensary checks IDs and state issued cards and sells medical marijuana to authorized adults. minors in the MMMP are forced to have parents be their caregivers due to the law, thus only the parents acquire medical marijuana for them.
  23. if LARA allowed caregivers to change patients online, instantly, this would not be an issue.
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