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  1. “She wishes she were in a position to simply perform her job,” Lax said. “But she’s doing quite well under the circumstances.” her job of lying to police, threatening community health workers with defunding for simply investigating the outbreak, ignoring flint and its people, covering up for snyder/lyons and DEQ, and covering up what she did? is that her job? remember also she took time out of her 'job', in the middle of people dying and an entire city being poisoned, to come to the medical marijuana conditions panel and vote against autism petition in 2015.
  2. bax

    Warts, Moles, Etc.

    not wart/mole related, but i stepped on a wasp yesterday, mj balm works great to relieve the pain.
  3. ah out of state bidness people. interesting. i am curious how many patients you have gotten connected with caregivers, in michigan that is. if you know the numbers. just curious.
  4. the percentages of thc of marijuana bud are based on the percent of thc in 1 gram of bud. so 1 gram of bud is 1000mg if you have 20% thc of 1000mg thats 200mg per gram of bud if you roll a .5g joint thats 100mg thc joint. but wait! its THCA in your bud. not THC! so you have to convert THCA to THC... http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/01/31/thc-test-potency-marijuana-joint/41267/ If you smoke half of the Kush joint, the most THC you can get is 33 milligrams to 39 milligrams with a sidestream loss between 26 milligrams and 33 milligrams THC. If it’s 4:20 and you want to smoke the whole joint, you’ll be consuming approximately 65 milligrams to 78 milligrams THC. hey i was kinda close ... but not really. that link has more info.
  5. the court is a game, you need a professional game player. regular people only lose in the game of court. remember everyone else in the court is a professional, went to fancy professional college. knows all the tricks to the game, know how to destroy you technically, procedurally and they lie and bring lying witnesses just to stack it against you. then they know how to limit your free speech because why should you get free speech when you are fighting for your life?
  6. nothing in the current law changes anything to do with caregivers. future is unknown. arizona made a new law banning home growing within 25 miles of a dispensary.
  7. they just emailed me again today 115 Days, 270,000 signatures collected...But the clock is ticking WITH ONLY 65 DAYS LEFT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT SUPPORT MI LEGALIZE 2018 DURING OUR TWO MONTH HOMESTRETCH! DONATE $65 TODAY The coalition between MI Legalize 2018 and the CRMLA has been operating at full steam for 115 days so far! We are still gaining momentum and collecting signatures at an incredible pace! we are going to need you help to sustain this effort. Our campaign is built on motivated volunteers and dedicated supporters. We are the definition of a grassroots campaign. Our costs are mounting as we continue to mail more petitions and recruit more volunteers. We continue to rely on small donations made by dedicated folks like you. Can we count on you to get us across the finish line with a monthly donation to MI Legalize 2018? Commit to a monthly donation here: $10, $25, $50, $100 or more! Help us get petitions to our dedicated volunteers. Do you need petitions? Respond to this email and we will be sure to put you in touch with your local organizers and volunteers. Don't wait another day! Join MI Legalize and the CRMLA today in our battle to end the war on marijuana! MI Legalize http://www.milegalize.com/ MI Legalize 2018 has partnered with organizations such as the Marijuana Policy Project to form the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol(CRMLA). This organization has the greatest chance of passing a meaningful and substantial marijuana market. Paid for with regulated funds by MI LEGALIZE 2018, PO Box 4427, East Lansing, MI 48826
  8. an interesting question. LARA is supposed to be the administrator of the program. the boss, the chief, the prosecutor, the judge and jury. and yet... prosecutors and law enforcement have taken this role, without administrative rule.
  9. the board has no power to shutdown anything. neither does LARA. as LARA doesnt license the current dispensaries either. this story is getting a lot of attention but its misguided. at least milegalize is using the story to get more attention. but yeesh.
  10. yep, any ex-convicts or ex-felons can get a patient card. caregiver card is a different question. good luck buddy. if you are worried, you can go to michigan ichat and do a background check on yourself to see whats on your record. i think it costs $10. https://apps.michigan.gov/ichat/home.aspx well i guess ichat says surpressed records wont be found there either, so no luck there. if you have more questions feel free to ask.
  11. if you're on the milegalize mailing list they email you updates. or if you're in contact with the volunteer army they give you updates when you turn in petitions. as for a signature count, i dont think there is a public website with this information. each milestone, the groups put the news out. 100k: http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/07/michigan_legalization_petition.html 200k: https://www.regulatemi.org/news/2017/08/15/whoa,-we’re-halfway-there/ 200k: http://wtvbam.com/news/articles/2017/aug/21/marijuana-legalization-drive-passes-200000-signatures/ if you want to stay connected there are a few places... https://www.regulatemi.org/news/ and facebook https://www.facebook.com/MiLegalize/ https://www.facebook.com/RegulateMi/ twitter https://twitter.com/RegulateMI https://twitter.com/milegalize2018
  12. i'd ask you how carruthers case is going now, but the answer is not good.
  13. bob, i know you pay more attention than i do... how many dispensary owners have been sent to jail? not many. carruthers was one. but besides him, cant think of too many others. agro and her boys still fighting in court, STILL. how many would you say? less than 20 people? more than 50 ? i dont think its more than 100 people total in michigan. maybe i'm wrong.
  14. $5000 per pound of edible? naw. $50-100 tops. brownies dont cost that much, ohio.
  15. autism petition will be resubmitted hopefully in september.
  16. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/08/14/2017-17119/international-drug-scheduling-convention-on-psychotropic-substances-single-convention-on-narcotic Psychoactive substances to be reviewed by the 39th ECDD: 1. Ocfentanil 2. Furanyl fentanyl (Fu-F) 3. Acryloylfentanyl (Acrylfentanyl) 4. Carfentanil 5. 4-fluoroisobutyrfentanyl (4-FIBF, pFIBF) 6. Tetrahydrofuranylfentanyl (THF-F) 7. 4-fluoroamphetamine (4-FA) 8. AB-PINACA 9. AB-CHMINACA 10. 5F-PB-22 11. UR-144 12. 5F-ADB 13. Etizolam 14. Pregabalin 15. Tramadol 16. Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. CBD has been shown to be beneficial in experimental models of several neurological disorders, including those of seizure and epilepsy. In the United States, CBD-containing products are in human clinical testing in three therapeutic areas, but no such products are approved by FDA for marketing for medical purposes in the United States. CBD is a Schedule I controlled substance under the CSA. At the 37th (2015) meeting of the ECDD, the committee requested that the Secretariat prepare relevant documentation to conduct pre-reviews for several substances, including CBD. IV. Opportunity To Submit Domestic Information As required by section 201(d)(2)(A) of the CSA, FDA, on behalf of HHS, invites interested persons to submit comments regarding the 17 named drug substances. Any comments received will be considered by HHS when it prepares a scientific and medical evaluation of these drug substances. HHS will forward a scientific and medical evaluation of these drug substances to WHO, through the Secretary of State, for WHO's consideration in deciding whether to recommend international control/decontrol of any of these drug substances. Such control could limit, among other things, the manufacture and distribution (import/export) of these drug substances and could impose certain recordkeeping requirements on them. Although FDA is, through this notice, requesting comments from interested persons, which will be considered by HHS when it prepares an evaluation of these drug substances, HHS will not now make any recommendations to WHO regarding whether any of these drugs should be subjected to international controls. Instead, HHS will defer such consideration until WHO has made official recommendations to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, which are expected to be made in early 2018. Any HHS position regarding international control of these drug substances will be preceded by another Federal Register notice soliciting public comments, as required by section 201(d)(2)(B) of the CSA. DATES: Submit either electronic or written comments by September 13, 2017. ADDRESSES: You may submit comments as follows. Please note that late, untimely filed comments will not be considered. Electronic comments must be submitted on or before September 13, 2017. The https://www.regulations.gov electronic filing system will accept comments until midnight Eastern Time at the end of September 13, 2017. Comments received by mail/hand delivery/courier (for written/paper submissions) will be considered timely if they are postmarked or the delivery service acceptance receipt is on or before that date. Electronic Submissions Submit electronic comments in the following way: Federal eRulemaking Portal: https://www.regulations.gov. Follow the instructions for submitting comments. Comments submitted electronically, including attachments, to https://www.regulations.gov will be posted to the docket unchanged. Because your comment will be made public, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your comment does not include any confidential information that you or a third party may not wish to be posted, such as medical information, your or anyone else's Social Security number, or confidential business information, such as a manufacturing process. Please note that if you include your name, contact information, or other information that identifies you in the body of your comments, that information will be posted on https://www.regulations.gov.
  17. http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-10573_11472-429409--rss,00.html LARA Seeks Participants for Medical Marihuana Stakeholder Workgroups Media Contact: LARA Communications 517-373-9280 Email: mediainfo@michigan.gov August 22, 2017 - LARA’s Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation (BMMR) is facilitating five stakeholder work groups to discuss and provide suggestions on regulatory topics related to the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA). The work groups are: Grower Processor Safety Compliance Facility Provisioning Center Secure Transporter Individuals interested in participating in a work group must send an email to LARA-MedicalMarihuana@michigan.gov. Work group requests must have WORK GROUP in the subject line. Requests and inquiries made via telephone or to other bureau contacts may not be accepted. In order to be considered to sit on a work group panel, the interested individual’s email must contain the information listed below. The name of the individual interested in participating and his or her contact information including mailing address, email address and phone number. Which one of the five work groups the individual would like to participate in. The individual’s occupation, job title, and employer or organization. A brief explanation of no more than 150 words detailing the individual’s qualifications for inclusion in the stakeholder work group. No attachments should be included. The bureau will consider all email applications that meet these requirements, and any additional relevant information when establishing the stakeholder work groups. The deadline to email requests to participate in a work group is Tuesday, September 5, 2017 by 9:00 AM. Selections for the work groups and the public announcements will be made by Tuesday, September 12, 2017. The workgroups will gather information only and will not interfere with the authority of the Medical Marihuana Licensing Board or Advisory Panel procedures as provided under the MMFLA. LARA is in the process of starting the formal rulemaking process pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act of 1969. To that end, the purpose of the work groups is to seek input on the regulatory topics. Regardless of participation in the workgroups, all interested members of the public will be able to participate in the permanent rulemaking process that includes public comment, hearing notices and draft rules that will be published for review and comment. For more information, visit the BMMR webpage at www.michigan.gov/medicalmarihuana For more information about LARA, please visit www.michigan.gov/lara Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/michiganLARA “Like” us on Facebook or find us on YouTube www.youtube.com/michiganLARA
  18. this guy is pretty brave. wanting to take away sick peoples medicine and multi million dollar dispensary businesses.
  19. 2017 q4 gwph stock will go up or down big time. gwph at ~100 right now. so the argument, after the fda approves sativex or epidiolex: its not a medicine unless its put into a bottle with an equal dosage. http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMDA-1TW341/5012603857x0x923393/4961EF53-CD10-458C-9695-38D12E0507F1/GW_Investor_Deck.pdf Epidiolex® Rescheduling • FDA approval necessitates that Epidiolex be moved out of Schedule I once it has an “accepted medical use” • At the time of NDA approval, FDA recommend the appropriate lower schedule (II-V) based on the abuse liability data submitted as part of the NDA • Following NDA approval, DEA has up to 90 days to issue an interim final rule (IFR), after which Epidiolex can be marketed and dispensed • GW is aiming for Epidiolex to be placed into Schedule 4 - MARINOL (synthetic THC in sesame oil) Schedule III
  20. yep, a lot against MEDICAL. like they dont like the poll numbers.
  21. i'm not too far at all, 3 miles away. promix people either love or hate. sometimes its too "hot" with nutrients for seedlings, or the peat moss is too acidic. sometimes people overwater the seedlings. sometimes the bags come with pests. got a ph meter ? run some water through the promix and measure the runoff. what kind of water are you using ? depending on how old your seedlings were you dont need to feed them until a couple of weeks have passed. e.g. a foot tall.
  22. also do you have your hard card? and are a valid patient/caregiver ? sorry its a weird place right now, gotta ask. seeds germinate well in 80F , also the plants grow well at 75-85F , even higher temps are ok depending on watering. seedlings dying could be dampening off (aka fungus or rot) from the soil or water. what soil are you using? what water? to cool off the room you should put up some white color blinds to keep the sun out. sunlight = warmer. i notice some sun from your picture. to answer your question, yea, its possible to ask someone to come take a look. komornlaw (in farm hills) and the birmingham compassion club both have such services i think. also theres a guy to check if your grow room meets the secure definition as well. or even me maybe. if you arent a weirdo or crazy person. haha! and if you arent too far away. i'm not driving to fenton.
  23. what part of oakland county? theres a few of us near birmingham. more of us near 8 mile i think
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