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  1. http://www.wfaa.com/news/health/11-year-old-girl-suing-to-legalize-medical-cannabis/462687714 DALLAS – An 11-year-old North Texas girl who had to flee to Colorado is now suing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration to legalize medical cannabis. "I just want kids like me to be able to do what normal kids are able to do,” said Alexis Bortell in a Skype interview with WFAA from her new home in Colorado. Alexis lived in Rowlett until two years ago. Pharmaceuticals couldn't stop her crippling seizures, so her family packed up and moved to Denver where they discovered medical marijuana is the only thing that could help their oldest daughter. It’s not the kind of medical marijuana that’s smoked but rather a blend of THC and CBD cannabis oil. “I haven’t had a seizure in 866 days,” said Alexis. She's one of several plaintiffs asking a federal court in New York to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug and essentially legalize it as medicine. It's hardly the first suit of its kind since the Controlled Substances Act took effect in 1971, but Alexis’ attorneys are hopeful now that states are legalizing it and public opinion is shifting. "This is the first lawsuit of its kind in the sense that we are making arguments under the 5th Amendment due process clause, we are making arguments under the commerce clause, we are making arguments under the 10th Amendment,” explained attorney Michael Hiller. He promised new evidence and new arguments when hearings get scheduled in the coming weeks and months. "Don't take this wrong. I think this is going to go up in smoke like the rest of them, but it's worth a try,” explained Aaron Wiley, Lackey Hershman, LLP, a former federal prosecutor. Wiley said he doubts Alexis can win but said she still has a shot. "You get people talking, that's what can move things. Because now you can move it to your legislators. Now they can start to think well, 'do I want to get re-elected?' If you can get a groundswell, that's what they're really hoping for," said Wiley. "For me, my grandparents live in Texas and I can go there, but I can't stay the night with them. I can't have my medicine in Texas,” added Alexis. She is unable to visit her grandparents and uncertain if she can take a class trip to Washington, D.C. For now, the 11-year-old activist is cornered in Colorado and hoping a court finally allows her to travel with that controversial medicine.
  2. there are so many cities now... you just want a list of ones that have application forms?
  3. they posted more article now resto. some more dying gasps of a prohibitionist. with no direct quotes , direct statistics, or any citations
  4. where is the serious doubt? sessions says he will continue and his decision to recuse himself was weeks ago. this is old news. also chris christie is hardcore against marijuana and definitely a runner up for ag.
  5. http://www.gjsentinel.com/news/articles/court-scent-not-enough-for-car-searc/ heres what happens when marijuana is legal: Court: Scent not enough for car search Because pot is legal in state, smell doesn’t constitute cause By Charles Ashby Friday, July 14, 2017 The indication by a drug-sniffing police dog to the presence of controlled substances in a vehicle by itself is not enough to constitute probable cause for police to search that vehicle, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled Thursday. In a precedent-setting case involving a Moffat County resident, a three-judge panel agreed that a police officer needs more cause to search a vehicle without permission from its owner. That’s because it could be legal marijuana, the court ruled. “Because Amendment 64 legalized possession for personal use of one ounce or less of marijuana by persons 21 years of age or older in Colorado, it is no longer accurate to say, at least as a matter of state law, that an alert by a dog which can detect marijuana — but not specific amounts — can reveal only the presence of ‘contraband,’” Judge Daniel Dailey wrote in the ruling, which was joined by Judges Michael Berger and Jerry Jones. “A dog sniff could result in an alert with respect to something for which, under Colorado law, a person has a legitimate expectation of privacy,” the court added. “Because a dog sniff of a vehicle could infringe upon a legitimate expectation of privacy solely under state law, that dog sniff should now be considered a ‘search’ for purposes of (the amendment) where the occupants are 21 years or older.” In this February 2015 case, Craig Police Cpl. Bryan Gonzales had followed a truck driven by Craig resident Kevin McKnight that was leaving a home that had been searched for drugs nearly two months earlier. Gonzales testified that he pulled the truck over because McKnight allegedly made a turn without using a turn signal. He later called in Sgt. Courtland Folks with the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and his drug-detection dog, Kilo. Kilo is trained to detect cocaine, heroin, esctasy, methamphetamine and marijuana. After Kilo detected something in the vehicle, it was searched by police, revealing a glass pipe commonly used to smoke meth. Despite a motion by McKnight’s attorney to suppress that search, Moffat County District Judge Michael O’Hara allowed evidence found from it. McKnight, 48 at the time, was later convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. But the appeals court said that because some amounts of marijuana are legal, and the dog could not tell officers what he was sniffing, the officers did not have enough probable cause to conduct the search. Both Berger and Jones wrote separate concurring opinions in the case. While Berger said Amendment 64 gave Coloradans “an enforceable expectation of privacy,” Jones said the amendment has “added a level of ambiguity” when it comes to police trying to gather evidence in drug cases. https://www.courts.state.co.us/Courts/Court_of_Appeals/Opinion/2017/16CA0050-PD.pdf
  6. its the definition of republicans who have not woken up to see that the elected republicans say they are for smaller govt and no new taxes and then turn around and make bigger govt and more taxes. there are plenty of conservatives still around, why they vote republican is anyones guess
  7. couple things: to change your addy, call LARA or change it on the application form. about return addy? they probably ignore it. about anything on the letter, small letters that say "MMP" on the envelope and its from licensing regulatory agency
  8. next, freep will be telling us that grow stores also advocate to legalize marijuana to increase the grow store business! what madness!
  9. shop that sells vapes, bongs, pipes and papers to marijuana smokers advocating for legalizing marijuana, news at 11 oh also lighters, butane, butane lighters, nails, bubblers, filters, rolling machines, grinders, jars.... what else.... like 90% of their inventory.
  10. Growing safely at home https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/marijuana/growing-safely-home Make sure all lights and other equipment are installed by a licensed electrician to prevent fire hazards. To prevent mold growth, make sure the walls of your grow area don’t easily absorb water (painted concrete or plastic are best). Make sure the growing space has plenty of ventilation to get rid of excess heat and moisture. Avoid the use of pesticides or fertilizers if possible. Learn more about state rules on pesticide use for commercial products. If pesticides or fertilizers are used, make sure they’re stored in locked cabinets, out of the reach of children. Also, wear personal protective equipment when using pesticides. Only use carbon dioxide generators that are safe for indoor use. Change clothes and shoes when leaving your indoor grow area to prevent tracking chemicals to other areas of your home. Throwing items out when you are done: To throw away any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, solvents, and mercury-containing lighting, take these items to a household hazardous waste collection facility. If there isn’t one in your area, contact your local health department for information on upcoming waste collection events that may be in your area. Mercury-containing lighting recyclers may be available in your area as well. To properly throw away marijuana plant or food products, grind up and mix the product with food waste or soil so that no one accidentally eats or uses it. You can then use your household trash or the nearest landfill.
  11. "But, Baxter said, the initiative to amend Chapter 61 will not appear on the ballot." is this the same jerk that tried to block prop m in detroit in 2012 and failed in the courts?
  12. lol "smart alternatives to marijuana" typo "smart approaches to marijuana". nice freudian slip. for a second i thought SAM changed its name.
  13. marijuana, especially medical marijuana is not a conservative vs liberal ideal. it has wide support from everyone, in every poll, local or nationwide. with florida getting medical marijuana vote at 70%, which is the most % a medical marijuana state has been created so far. michigan was the previous biggest percentage with 63%. now we cant claim it any longer. florida leans heavily republican. its not a republican vs democrat thing. although republicans dislike marijuana more than democrats. with independents supporting marijuana more than either party.
  14. what jerks. block should start the whammy lawsuit 30 million damages for lost wages, distress, etc. this is all a sec 8 case and 4210 makes it all moot anyways.
  15. yea heres a tip for anyone who wants to go: show up at like 9 or 10 am when no one is there. if you already got a wristband, go in the vendor entrance, no line
  16. anyone who wants to be licensed will be fingerprinted and those fingerprints will live on the FBI servers forever. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2017-2018/billanalysis/House/pdf/2017-HLA-0433-62A50275.pdf
  17. mal, do you hate on people that vote 3rd party? or just people that vote republican?
  18. oh , our area had a bunch of other crap and primaries, so it was all on the same ballot. so we were both right!
  19. so you are saying people with REAL disabilities fight for years and barely squeak in, but then others with no disability are getting in easily? and then you agree with the republicans who want to cut money from ALL DISABLED because of the bad apples? does not seem very fair to me, to punish all for the bad actions of individuals. of course not all republicans are for cutting social services. just most of the ones that get elected.
  20. last run i did i started with 12 seeds... i got one to germ. then i pulled my old stock and started 20 seeds... got 1 to survive. then i tossed 50 bagseeds down in wet paper towels in a warm dark spot ... got 1 to germ. last year was a terrible germination rate for me . 3 fem plants, 4 males. rip 2017. i know your pain, and i have NO IDEA WHAT WENT WRONG. but it sure went wrong haha. tried different water, tap, filtered, distilled, with nutes, without nutes, with compost tea, tried direct soil seeding, coco seeding... just bad all around. good luck with your clone journey.
  21. michigan has an open primary.... you dont have to pick a party to get a primary ballot. especially not for 2016. if someone refused to give you a ballot in the 2016 primary election, let us and your elections clerk know about this voter tampering...
  22. surprised there isnt an anti-booby-trap bill put forth in the legislature yet
  23. ANHEMP i think a lot of us can agree on things govt should and shouldnt do, right? like we agree the govt shouldnt be spying on us? the govt shouldnt be spying on what books we get at the library. the govt shouldnt be funding corporations to advertise or move jobs to other countries. these are not dem vs rep fights. as both parties support that nonsense. but i think we can also agree on other things the govt should do like testing and ensuring we have clean water and air to breathe? nixon created the EPA! or taking care of the old and sick with medicare/medicaid ssd/ssi? what about welfare or foodstamps? i support foodstamps so people arent starving. lets find out what we agree on, then we can argue what candidate or party supports the most policies we both agree on, deal ?
  24. i would also like to know why a voter (who is on foodstamps or ssi or medicare) would support republicans who want to get rid of or drastically cut medicare, medicaid, social security, welfare, food stamps. its not a bad question, ANHEMP. its also not a DEM vs REP question. its an honest question. still waiting for an answer. even obama tried to cut social security and medicare in his 2014 budget. http://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/articles/2013/04/29/how-the-chained-cpi-affects-social-security-payments trumps budget cuts are going to hurt the people on SSD: https://www.forbes.com/sites/eriksherman/2017/05/23/trump-budget-does-cut-social-security-and-medicaid-breaking-major-promises/
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