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  1. bombing them does? theres nothing wrong with being a poor dirt farmer. all of my ancestors were poor dirt farmers. my current relatives in the countries i come from are still poor dirt farmers. i come from a long line of poor dirt farmers and i'll die a poor dirt farmer. a cell phone and computer and internet does not remove my status as a poor dirt farmer. just a poor dirt farmer with some toys. you insult me by saying a poor dirt farmer cannot exist in the 21st century. isnt it a human right not to be bombed? so the answer is not to bomb your neighbors if we are going to be "one" one day.
  2. the training camps are for people to fight the invading occupation army (usa!). get the army out of their countries and the camps go away as these people go back to living their lives being poor dirt farmers like they've been for thousands of years.
  3. ??????????????????????? got any sources for any of that? you do know that the usa CIA funded bin laden in the 80s to fight the soviets right? i'm sure the CIA screwed him over before 2001. or , since his mom is from syria and his dad is from yemen, and maybe, just maybe, the usa bombed someone he knew in any one of those countries usa has bombed over the years from persian gulf etc. http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/05/02/bin.laden.timeline/index.html here is a foreboding article from 1998: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3340101/t/bin-laden-comes-home-roost/ hah senator orrin hatch is involved. this is the argument that george bush himself said "we need to attack them over there so we dont have to fight them here". except... we are fighting them here. in flint and all across the usa. so that bunny muffin argument about pre-emptive war and killing innocent people in those countries still does not work. it just makes people want revenge against americans and their bombs, airstrikes, drones, cia etc. heres an interesting set of facts: saudia arabia funds terrorists. osama bin laden was from saudia arabia. 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were from saudia arabia. maybe instead of attacking syria, libya, iraq, afghanistan, yemen ... usa should focus on saudia arabia? oh....
  4. because government healthcare is bad. dont you understand mal? hey you big R-Republicans, i say return those big government welfare and medicaid and ssi checks. you dont need big governments help!
  5. hey maybe we should stop invading countries and bombing them back to the stoneage? maybe then we wouldnt get people seeking revenge when the usa airstrikes some wedding full of innocent people.
  6. $40 for wu-tang is worth it all day long. WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG but uh. its a trip at the cup. theres nothing like it. NOTHING. hard to describe what its like. its very busy, so if you dont like crowds, dont go. look at the vendor list. are the businesses in the vendor list ones you would like to visit? its set up in a race track. so theres a large loop of ashphault that you walk around, with many many booths selling everything they have. then theres bleachers to sit on, a large stage for music and speakers. a large tent for speakers or just to chill under the shade. you can check out some of the videos from last year , or from other cups in other states on youtube. heres a video that shows what its like: bring your beards and your bikinis, its hot out there. WHOA that screenshot was not there when i posted the video last night! whoaaaaaaa
  7. i think mal is saying one can argue for the 2nd amendment, for guns, while educating people on the dangers of gun ownership and the responsibilities of not leaving loaded weapons where childrens can access them. what part of that confuses you?
  8. wonder how many kids stab themselves to death vs gun deaths. that would prove once and for all! nothing really just curious
  9. yeah mal! why bring facts and data into a conversation? what a jerk...
  11. you dont have 6 months of records? sorry, i dont know any drs in kalkaska.
  12. update may 2017 again she says she will stop eating sugar. thats quite the sugar addiction. possibly the tumor is dying now, but also growing a small bit. she says that the doctors wont explain these things to her. why her tumor is dying. i never understood why many doctors do not share info or thoughts on conditions.
  13. reading through this thread again, lots of great links and connections made. didnt realize the entire michigan government is just a revolving door of stooges going from dept to dept. they all know each other. schuette knows and has worked with a lot of these people over the years. time to see where the chips fall.
  14. http://www.npr.org/2017/06/14/532902398/michigan-health-chief-charged-with-involuntary-manslaughter-for-flint-water-cris https://www.apnews.com/fa6ea0b57c2f41a4b3036cddee453834/Michigan-health-chief-charged-in-Flint-water-probe Lyon also is charged with misconduct in office for allegedly obstructing university researchers who are studying if the surge in cases was linked to the Flint River. Prosecutors also brought charges Wednesday against a sixth person — the state’s chief medical officer, Dr. Eden Wells, 54, who is accused of obstruction of justice and lying to an investigator. Snyder expressed support for Lyon and Wells. “Director Lyon and Dr. Wells have been and continue to be instrumental in Flint’s recovery,” he said in a statement. “They have my full faith and confidence, and will remain on duty at DHHS.”
  15. not sure if MMMA will have the petition , it depends on who volunteers to show up at the booth. will MMMA be at the high times event? have to ask zap. But! the petition will be there, in other booths, probably at the milegalize booth.
  16. heck 4210 means patients can have 36oz of liquid and be protected by section 4. they could have 72 ounces of liquid marijuana and be protected still! a pound of butter? butter is a liquid. thats only 16 ounces. but the michigan supreme court fails to see the entire law and continues to prosecute patients, against the meaning , intent, and will of the people. and before someone says oh "they had 1 WHOLE POUND of butter before 4210 was enacted" read the making whoopee law!
  17. it shouldnt, the COA did another bad ruling. after not taking the case. after the MSC ORDERED the COA to take the case. 3 years, 1 suicide, 1 plea deal... for what? for moo poo unconstitutional bunny muffin man. now who pays? the taxpayer. for the unconstitutional police work. for the unconstitutional firing of a jail guard. for the wrongful arrest. because the district, circuit and COA courts keep siding with the police and prosecutors upholding unconstitutional bunny muffin! oh and because the MSC could have just ended this bad case right here. based on section 8 , 4210 and just leaving patients the flower alone huh? but no. now the MSC sends it back to kent county court. back to the judge who upheld all this unconstitutional bunny muffin.
  18. you cant knock and talk at 4am. unanimous supreme court decision. http://woodtv.com/2017/06/03/mi-supreme-court-officers-rights-violated-in-marijuana-arrest/ http://publicdocs.courts.mi.gov/opinions/final/sct/153115_72_01.pdf In these consolidated cases, we consider the constitutionality of two early morning searches of the defendants’ homes. We conclude that the police conduct in both cases was unconstitutional; these were not permissible “knock and talks,” but rather warrantless searches. Because of these illegal searches, the defendants’ consent to search—even if voluntary—is invalid unless it is sufficiently attenuated from the illegality. Accordingly, we reverse the Court of Appeals’ contrary determination and remand these cases to the Kent Circuit Court for further proceedings.
  19. at least we now know that drinking a quart or two of leaf and bud juice wont hurt ya! the champion juicer is a slow rpm juicer right? most people i think are used to the high rpm juicers. the high rpm juicers are good for carrots or firm vegetables, but the low rpm juicers are much better for leaves, cannabis or otherwise. wish i could drink a weed juice every day.
  20. yeah, please use food grade if possible, resto is correct.
  21. you could use rocks, although most people are using plastic net pots to hold the plants, so you have to be sure your plastic net pots can handle the weight. also since they are heavy rocks you want to be careful that they do not get shifted and crush the delicate taproot thus killing the plant. sometimes you have to lift the lid of the dwc bucket to see whats going on or to clean it or change air bubbler or something. heavy rocks can shift and break plant root. you could probably use those lava landscape rocks if you dont want clay pellets. i think there are other alternative mediums as well. people on the internet say: you can just use foam like a pool noodle to hold the plant in place. no rocks/pellets at all. although you have to be careful about the roots being at the right height. perlite marbles / glass search for alternative medium dwc in google for more results.
  22. people get the possession arrests because they are using. e.g. caught with papers / pipes and smoking. but ok, sure. some would be protected for carrying pipes and pot, if they had a caregiver card. i think you'd run into time and place problems though, no doubt.
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