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  1. i think you have to submit all the same photo id as you did when you signed up the cg in the first place. follow the checklist in the mmmp application packet. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/lara_BHCS_MMMP_Application_Packet_0115_478291_7.pdf give lara a call to make sure Telephone Number: 517-284-6400 Email Address: LARA-BMMR-MMMPINFO@michigan.gov
  2. zap, you made this argument before. a caregiver card does not protect for internal possession aka use of medical marijuana. a caregiver card does not protect for driving with >0 ng thc in blood. maybe you misunderstood the question? or you are advocating that people get caregiver cards and hope it protects them from stuff it blatenly does not? which is a bad position from someone who tries to keep people out of trouble with the law on a website dedicated to patients and caregivers.
  3. nah. like most of these closed minded donkey holes, they continue the fu got mine mindset. the rate of people that completely switch is very very low. i'm surprised LEAP exists at all. in my mind it requires an open and thinking mind to become an activist. but if they had an open or thinking mind in the first place they would have learned about med mj long ago.
  4. you're the one who brought the MMMA issues into this thread. the 18000 possession arrests have not much to do with the MMMA patient and caregiver arrests. they are separate things. separate groups of people.
  5. there are only 1400 physicians in michigan who do the certifications of patients. out of a possible 44000 physicians. https://audgen.michigan.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/r641043516-0102.pdf https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/BHCS_MMMP_MCL_333.26426_2013_441881_7.pdf https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/BHCS_MMMP_MCL_333.26426i12345_11-12-14_480805_7.pdf https://www.michigan.gov/documents/healthcareworkforcecenter/Survey_of_Physicians_Final_Report_2012_418612_7.pdf https://www.michigan.gov/documents/healthcareworkforcecenter/Physician_Profile_MHC_FINAL__FEB09_267821_7.pdf its a failure of the mmj community to educate doctors. just my opinion.
  6. i'm not blaming you or mmma , but this is a failure of the entire medical marihuana community that there isnt a list of good drs that can be recommended. and by list i mean more than 3 in the entire state. should be list of 3 in each city.
  7. dont even know why im ranting now. my bad. dont know what the mmma has to do with this proposal either. way to cloud the issues.
  8. chad, even the envelopes from LARA identify you as a patient with the "MMP" letters. what are you going to do about that? patients and caregivers are supposed to be confidential.
  9. can you even name a current cert dr that the MMMA.org recommends?
  10. whatever you do, don't try to say "flower you, got mine" and try to claim that we can't have progress on marijuana laws. didnt you try to fix the problems you saw with the MMMA law? you were one of the proponents of fixing the law. how did fixing the MMMA go? how did you like 4209 and 4210? or 660? what about the 2012 bills? improper transport? 5ng bill? hows the schedule 1 thc lab scandal case going? refiled yet? is anyone labelling their edibles? as required by MMMA law .... anyways, i dont mention the MMMA when collecting signatures unless someone asks. then i point them at the MMMA wording from the proposal: http://www.milegalize.com/2018_proposal_language and heres the INTENT of the new proposal thats a darn fine intent. much better than "limited protections for special class of people" or however the judges word it to take away protections for patients and caregivers. like michael said, wheres the protection from arrest the mmma gives patients ?
  11. sure, but 90% of your clients is like 100 people per year? vs 18,000 possession arrests per year. i'm surprised you compare 100 to 18,000 but ok. says more about your clients than the proposal. max wouldve gone free. a lot of these cases wouldnt even be cases if marijuana was legal. maybe even smell of marijuana as probable cause would go away. bob wouldve been a $100 fine. maybe, its hard to tell how crazy they will attack legalization. the butter cops would be free. didnt carruthers win pretty much? what clients of yours would still have charges under the new proposal?
  12. gotta post this in other places that dont know about it. marijuana forum people probably already know. go post this on the regular people internet sites for best measure!
  13. as far as i can tell, the 8 states and d.c. that legalized have all been peoples initiatives. vermont would have been the first and only state, except the gov vetoed it. these people have no knowledge nor a brain to fact check what they say, ever. Vivek Murthy? 19th Surgeon General of the United States In office December 18, 2014 – April 21, 2017 he was in charge of giving medical information to the entire united states and cant even bother to do simple fact checking. this is a making whoopee reminder to always get a second opinion from these quacks and research your own medical problems yourself, because the doctors just dont give any defecates.
  14. i was just pulling your chain, imi its up to you to decide what you will vote/support. good luck! seeing as colorado and washington both dropped 80% of marijuana possession arrests , i'm going to be voting yes on this one so that will save michigan 18,000+ arrests each year for marijuana. yeah its not perfect, its not tomatoes. i'll vote for tomatoes too when that ever gets on the ballot. its a start. bunch more states and then we can take down the federal laws as well. just like repealing alcohol prohibition. dont let anyone's words scare you away from participating in democracy, imi. use your american right to vote and your michigan RIGHT to initiate laws. think about all those other states where they cant even do ballot proposals. they are never going to get medical marijuana in georgia, alabama or mississippi.
  15. Two former cops, a board manager, a pharmacist who by law cannot play with cannabis, and a flunky?
  16. it woulda been weird for them to say doctors are permitted to work in the mmma but not cpa? Maybe? I guess this is mmfla stuff now.
  17. yes, imi supports the current situation of marijuana being 100% illegal. well, she didnt say otherwise... haha
  18. duerte just declared martial law in one of the islands as well. what a monster. declaring martial law wont get you out of a war criminal tribunal
  19. bottles of crap are never any good. also wouldnt trust a company that would not label ingredients.
  20. video was difficult to get working, works in chrome. http://www.wwmt.com/news/local/town-hall-marijuana-in-michigan Watch the "Your Voice Your Future" Town Hall about recreational marijuana in Michigan, recorded live Thursday, May 18, at 7:30 p.m. Kalamazoo MI — Legalization of recreational marijuana is a topic once again in Michigan, with supporters pushing for ballot initiatives in upcoming elections. Just days ago, ballot language was submitted to the state for approval. The petition language is awaiting approval from the Secretary of State’s Office, which will set the stage for a summer signature drive and a potential 2018 ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults. But is it the right choice for Michigan? Newschannel 3 hosted a Town Hall discussion about Marijuana In Michigan. Panelists include: Town Hall Panelists Include: Matthew R. Abel, Attorney at Law, Cannabis Counsel®, P.L.C. Executive Director, Michigan NORML Lifetime Member, NORML Legal Committee National Cannabis Bar Association Board member State Bar of Michigan Marijuana Law Section Council Jeff Hadley, Police Chief, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Donald E. Greydanus, MD, Dr HC (ATHENS) Professor and Founding Chair, Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine (Kalamazoo, Michigan). Edited over 50 medical books dealing with health care of children, adolescents and young adults. Edited a book on substance abuse in adolescents and young adults. Written various articles on cannabis and its negative effects on teenagers and young adults. Just appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to the Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery. Lectured in many medical centers both nationally and internationally Received many awards in Pediatrics both nationally and internationally. Yousef Rabhi, Michigan State Rep. 53rd House District Rabhi said the war on drugs has been a failure and has cost many millions of taxpayer dollars spent locking up the wrong people, hindering their ability to get jobs after they've been criminally convicted. He said it's a race war against people of color and is being used to target minority communities. "And that is unacceptable," he said, speaking in support of a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Michigan. "I'm here with you today because the reality is, whether you like it or not, people are using marijuana, and so the prohibition, it doesn't work. And so what we need to be doing is looking at ways to decriminalize and legalize, so that we can ensure that everybody is using marijuana safely. It is about safe usage." Rabhi said legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes and taxing it would bring in new state revenue for schools, roads and other infrastructure.
  21. so theres an honest person in westland's city council? or maybe some anti-marijuana crusader? hmm still $5k or even $15k and you turn it over? thats some principle
  22. watch the bill will change in the senate to move 750.474 to the MMMA...
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