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  1. Would you recommend the 4 1ks for 8 flowering plants? I'm trying to keep my every 2 week harvest.
  2. Well my situation has changed again and now have more space. My plan is 2 plants under each light in probably 10 gallon bags. My next question would be would I be better off running 4 600s or 4 1ks? Also which size breakers would you recommend I was gunna do 220v on 20 amp breakers for the 600s but now I'm thinking about doing the 1000 watts and that wouldn't be enough power I don't think so would 2 30 amps be enough for 4 1ks? (Only flower room will be running off that breaker veg room has own breaker and I'm running a dedicated line for my a.c. as well.
  3. Why does it seem as if some people here are saying stuff about "being to high" to do normal tasks like write your name. If you can't spell out your name while medicated maybe this isn't the med for you.
  4. I like them for veg but yea in flower hps is the way to go.
  5. How is the title related to any questions you asked?
  6. Eat small little bits don't eat it all at once
  7. I have been the same way for awhile leaving door open letting light in. With multiple strains and have yet to get seeds.
  8. I watched a video on it and to me it seems more like a bowl for concentrate not so much a vape pen
  9. I got a couple mars hydro I think they are like 138 watts each but I got a few to try to see if I like well they are ok imo. The fans blow alot of heat out of it. If I'm paying to cool my room it's going to be for hps yields
  10. Is anyone using golden tree? If so what's your thoughts on it? I'm looking to switch the canna boost for it since it's alot cheaper.
  11. I seen a guy on Craigslist out of flint I think advertising he builds them. I have no idea of quality nor anyone that used him.
  12. I would think ff would be to hot for unrooted/fresh clones. Did you mix anything in the soil to dilute the soil?
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