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  1. Grassmatch, That's some FUNNY bunny muffin RUGHT THERE.......................
  2. Grassmatch, The method used is a 99.5% Isoproponal rinse, rinse 5-6 times. We start by cutting the stems into 3"-4" pieces, and I wont do a run unless I have 2, 5 gallon buckets ready to go... Cost is $30.00 a gallon for Iso. and I will use about 1 1//2 gallons here, of which I will get most of the Iso back when Iso/oil mix is reduced in the Isomizer, you loose some Iso in the stems, but Ill get back about 80% of the Iso. The Iso/oil mix is then filtered using a vacume flask with a ceramic funnel and activated carbon to remove the non polar substances, waxes, chlorophyll and any other unwanted compounds. From those 2 buckets I will get from 10 to 12 grams of oil after the final purge of Iso.... The taste of the oil is a little bit different than the regular oil that we make, seems like the terpenes are not quite as abundant as in the regular oil.
  3. Just thought I would share the test results from a batch of stalk oil I ran a few months ago.......... Notice the high levels of CBN along with CBC, along with a lower level of THC............... We are still working with this oil, but have found it great for use in topicals and some patients use for a multitude of ailments. Some patients report a feeling of alertness, not able to sleep, but most have the opposite effect.......... Yes the yield is low, but there needs to be more research on this.
  4. We use cannabis oil. 1 gram = 1000ml grams. 1 dose = 50 ml grams. We make hard candy's that come out at about 15 ml grams each. Most people will take a couple of these candy's at a time for there needs. We also make Laffy Taffy @ 25ml grams per dose. (That should be Taffy @ 50mlg)
  5. Has anyone of you thought about how Law Enforcement looks at the perception of a "LOCKED BOX" in an automobile???? What do you think is going to be his first thought? GUN,,,,,,,,,,,,ILLEAGLE DRUGS..........MONEY........... How does a locked box protect you? I would rather follow the LAW. I carry in a small cooler or a lunch box, to just fly under the radar. If you read the hunting laws on transporting firearms in your vehicle you will see where they got the wording for this carry law.
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