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  1. It's alleged that the KK is just renamed Platinum OG Kush....
  2. Is the Cultivation Station on Telegraph just south of 94?? If so I have a good story that pertains to that prick clerk in there....lol
  3. Take it easy Blane..... People didnt jump on him....it was stated that the plant he posted up looked nothing like the plant it was supposed to be..... Once most of you work your way up in the game....start looking for legitimate cuts of certain strains...you will realize why this type of shiit fires people up....people popping seeds said to be from clone only selections....then they pass them off with the same name....frustrating to say the least....
  4. LMAO Spreading plenty of bullshiit in that post eh? Plenty of breeders already have her and dropped crosses with her.... She's already here and easily found in the right circles....
  5. Killing shiit as always, Faygo..... Props...
  6. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to update with a quick smoke report... Ghost Bud... Tahoe OG for comparison.... As you can see the Ghost is allllll OG. It has the "old school" OG Kush flavor that I remember when OG first starting showing up...nice funky, musty, astringent smoke. A couple of bowls of this and your head will be in the clouds....The Ghost OG doesn't have the Indica dominant buzz of the Tahoe OG....more of a well rounded head and body mix...The Ghost hits you right behind the eyes on a good rip.. The Ghost is a keeper in my garden for sure. I have a couple of nice plants of the keeper growing up currently. I will get a better look at her potential the second time around. I also want to take a second to thank Doctor Greenthumb again for the opportunity to grow these great genetics out for him. He work has blessed my garden with another dank OG for a long time to come! Thanks Doc! Thanks for looking everyone!
  7. x2 That plant looks sick RLP. It looks like you took that LC to its full potential! Nice work!
  8. Diesels when ran correctly would fit the bill...Same with the Chems..... But truely I have never ran across a strain that yields amazing and also has great potency....the bigger yielders always seem to lack that desired punch of the danker bud..... ....or you could do like I do....and find one you like and run the fukk out of it....then you will have as much as you want and then some. Sometimes the best plant is the one your take time and dial in and learn.....
  9. No CO2...No Blue arcs....I pull the plants out of the room for pics....that way they don't get the normal yellow tinge to the pics.... Thanks for stopping in Pic Book!
  10. Hey Rhino! Thanks for the nice words. Do you have the real one?
  11. Thanks bro! Thanks for stopping KD! Thanks! I am a big fan of Dr. G as well. Very nice things to be found in these beans for sure!
  12. Hey Everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates....this time of year is always busy for me......I am just about to wrap these up they are around 66-68 days right now....and have been flushing for 10+ days..... Here we go....these are finishing up nicely..... Ghost 1....the 'freak' pheno....looks like some sort of Afghani maybe? I don't know where she came from but she looks like she will yield nice for sure.... Ghost 3...ahh yess....Ghost 3...here is the keeper pheno....nice chunky buds.....and that typical armpit OG funk to her....I can't wait to smoke this one... Last but not least Ghost 4....she was a lanky girl for sure...thats what made me not keep her in the end...frosty as hell and smells real good.....she kinda reminds me of Larry OG.... Thanks for looking!
  13. Hey Rhino! Yeah, they are around 60 dayz right now....I will snap some shots here in the next day or two... Thanks for stopping by!
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