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  1. WooHoo! I DO NOT process Oil for Patients. With your MMJ card, you can still use Dispensaries for your Edible and Hash needs. Thanks for asking!
  2. WooHoo! It's begining to look ALOT like Christmas! Everywhere you GO!
  3. WooHoo! KingDiamond, its Great to see you and Restorium2 still hanging around! To be Honest, I don't remember which strain it was?
  4. I Grow for Myself, but produce enough to support a few Patients. I could use a little help (another patient or two).
  5. I am considering talking on another Local Patient to Help. I am an experienced Grower with High THC Meds. I DO NOT need your plant count. LEGAL Patient/CareGiver relationship ONLY! Contact Me to Discuss?
  6. No Rush..... Contact Me when you are ready?
  7. MUCH Respect and LOVE to ALL Perpetuators of Cannabis as Medicine, as well as EVERYONE participating in this conversation in helping those UNDERinformed! Please Consider..... EVERY aspect of Cannabis has Healing Effects... With that said... I BELIEVE that ALL Extraction Processes EXTRACT SOME, but not ALL of Cannabis's POTENTIAL! Plus, MOST extractions have a Degree of Danger! Solution....? Eat the Whole Plant Leaves and Buds!(-stems and roots) I ALSO BELIEVE that there are Specifics Benefits in Raw (THCa and CB*'a's) AND Decarboxylated (THC and CB*'s) Cannabis, so mixing Raw and Decarbed Cannabis together COULD provide MAX Benefits! Please dont get me wrong, I LOVE OILS, and DO make them occasionally. But MY MAIN Source of MedS is Cannabis Flour, and Dry Ice Hash. Below is copy and pasted from another site to share this WONDERFUL Process! Good Luck! When PMC and I were doing the BubblePonicsTV stuff, we did a segment on making Canna Caps from Budz, and he called them "MedScientist's Super Potent CannaCaps". As my tolerance goes up and I Tweak my process, I have been rolling the name along. I am currently on "MedScientist's Super Duper Potent Dry Ice HashCaps"! Here is the Recipe.... MedScientist's Super Potent CannaCaps Ingredients Primo Budz OO empty Gelatin Caps Directions PreHeat Oven to 240 degrees F Bake Primo Budz for 60 minutes (covered container (or aluminum foil)) This is called Decarboxylation. Grind Decarb'ed Primo Budz into Canna Flour Fill 00 Gelatin Caps ENJOY! MedScientist's Super Duper Potent Dry Ice HashCaps Ingredients Primo Dry Ice Hash OO empty Gelatin Caps Directions **** same as above, substitute Primo Dry Ice Hash for Primo Budz ****
  8. Early in the Michigans MMJ Law, I followed the Defoliation threads on the other Forums. I didnt participate much in the conversations, but took Note, because if you MENTIONED romoving Leaf, you were called a Moron by the "Experienced Growers". But shortly after switching to Jack's Proffesional Hydroponics + CalcNit, I found myself trying to find ways to LIMIT plant growth because Veg Time became too long with such Vigorous growth. I have spent a few years Experimenting with Defoliation at Every stage of Growth combined with Most other forms of Training. I think the Main reason people dont TRUST this technique and/or MIS-JUDGE its effectiveness, is Because Defoliation responds DIFFERENTLY, Depending on the percentage of Defoliation AND ALSO the stage of Growth the plant is in at the Time (and of course, its Health). EVEN THOUGH I am a HUGE FAN of Defoliation, PLEASE DONT PLUCK ME! Hehehe This Recent Harvested Plant WAS Defoliated CONTINUOUSLY through Veg and 12/12 (Extrememly). The Result was Mature Budz from Top to Bottom, weighting in at 8.6 Ounces at about 36 inches in Diameter (Height and Width). She was grown in a DIY Waterfarm using Turface as the Medium. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/gallery/sizes/16375-20120308/medium/ (Sorry, dont know how to post as a pic here!) Experience has PROVEN to ME that Budz in the Light, perform BETTER! There are MANY Ways that Defoliation can Change your Grow. It helps to Lower transpiration thus lowering your Humidity, Increases Airflow through the area, increased reflection of Light, can stall or limit stretch, less shading to other plants, making MORE room for Bigger or More Plants to INCREASE Light TO Budz ratios, and more! I have also had Great results in Veg by cutting the Leaves in Half to get similar Results without much stall. Defoliation is GREAT TOOL to have in your Bag of Tricks! Peace and LOVE to ALL! past-present-future
  9. MedScientist

    Gaden Stuff

  10. Awesome Malamute! I Meet Good Folks ALL OVER the State! I will keep a mental note of that incase I get a refferal up there again, I will PM YOU next time! Thanks! Keep fighting the Good Fight! Peace!
  11. I find there are ALOT of Peronal Patient Growers in Macomb County that become CG's for others, just to be able to run Perpetually and keep Overages within the Legal Limits, seldom using more than their OWN plant count (12). They generally get Donations Less than Street Bunk prices from a couple Patients to help cover costs for ALL of their Legal Patients and SELF. They dont sell ILLEGALY, yet Grow A+ Medz. Not ALL CG's are in it to make $$$. You usually need to Know someone to find them because they are Tight Lip'ed and seldom advertise. I STILL know of a few openings.... PM me for Details!
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