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  1. http://www.house.mi.gov/MHRPublic/PlayVideoArchive.html?video=JUDI-050715.mp4 Almost every patient testifying about oils/edibles didn't get the help they needed from dispensaries, and obtain their cannabis/edibles/oils from caregivers, or make it themselves. They also talked about having the cannabis tested before their medicine was extracted. So it seems if you go the extra mile help is available.
  2. You beat me to the punch but I'll add another link: http://www.theweedblog.com/bernie-sanders-proposes-de-scheduling-marijuana/
  3. I called bush v. clinton while I was fishing ice last winter, my father-in-law (Republican conservative) said no way Jeb hasn't even decided if he's running yet... I'd love to be wrong, we're not supposed to have an oligarchy in the U.S. So far none of the working class (R's) I've talked to want another Bush in the White House, and I've spoken with quite a few.
  4. How about this piece by high times them published Aug 1, 2015. While marijuana legalization continues to become more widespread across the United States, it seems that government officials have found a way to perpetuate the perils of prohibition by imposing ridiculous levels of regulation and high taxes on the herb that prevents users from vacating the black market. Although one of the primary selling points for legal cannabis involves pulling pot patrons out of the black market and dropping them into the civil sector, eliminating a myriad of social and public safety concerns, a recent ar
  5. Capital issues, and large fees for licensing, limit Minorities from entering into the Cannabis industry. The rules and regulation also prohibit anyone with drug felonies, to enter the market.
  6. They better find a jury that has never used cannabis, or been around someone who has. Which may prove difficult in CO.
  7. Bernie says he would personally vote yes on current legalization initiatives, wants to rethink the war on drugs, and our criminal justice system. Hillary just isn't ready to make a decision, she supports medical marijuana, but still needs to see more research.
  8. No need to dig through the trash to collect DNA samples anymore, just test the suspect for drugged driving, and it's all good.
  9. In a 2013 article on Mlive they reported there were 11,000+ caregivers, in 6 counties in Michigan. I don't know current stats (which I assume have grown substantially statewide), but even if all 16 explosions had happened in those 6 counties in 2013, it's only a 0.00145454545455% chance of incidence. "These type of grow operations, that are not only dangerous but usually coincide with heavy traffic and a "skunk" smell that permeates the air nearby, should be regulated and relegated to industrial-zoned section of the city. "This is not the first time," Fouts said. "There have been other i
  10. Come on who doesn't know that "the high life" isn't what happens when you medicate, it's what happens when you drink the champagne of beers. ????
  11. It's got to be hard to spend money on a campaign when your candidates for president are planning on shutting you down. They have to be banking on a Rand Paul win.
  12. GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A former state representative allegedly admitted to police that he was selling marijuana to at least 20 people after drug team officers found three pounds of marijuana at one West Side residence and 71 marijuana plants at another, court records show. Roy Schmidt, who represented Grand Rapids' West Side in the state legislature for two terms as a Democrat between 2008 and 2012, told police he was a medical marijuana patient and a caregiver, according to a probable cause affidavit seeking a warrant for his arrest. Kent County Sheriff's Detective John Tuinhoff said Schm
  13. My bad, I didn't notice, was about to show a couple other people, and thought better, they got me too.
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