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    Picking things up and putting them down. Riding Harleys. Growing great meds and laughing in the face of weakness.

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  1. Not particularly. If I'm going to play with guns, I don't smoke or consume marijuana until AFTER I've played with my guns. That's that whole responsibility thing. In the event of defending myself, I think you're taking it a bit far. Doesn't a drunk defend themselves by any means? Regardless, I'm not scared of taking a bullet "dutifully" Zap. Are you? I think that's what makes us different in this regard.
  2. Nope. But I don't play with my guns while I've been smoking, regardless of the amount. I'll also point out that during hunting seasons, I don't hunt with a firearm- only a bow and some fancy arrows. I wouldn't be adverse to some good old fashion gladiatorial combat.
  3. Then I guess we both have somewhat the same opinions of one another. Reckon I've derailed this enough, apologies for that bit alone.
  4. I get it now. Agree- it's all good. Disagree- personal opinion, biased, and heresay. This individual clearly must not smoke.
  5. Oh of course not, I could never know what yee the almighty know of such a plant. That is single handedly the most arrogant and ignorant statement I have EVER read of yours zap. Ever. Ever once. I'm disappointed with this new low.
  6. Don't feel like you HAVE to choose either- vote Gary Johnson.
  7. True that, hell forbid somebody say that people should act with a sense of responsibility. I suppose I "sound" like I don't even smoke, so really, what would I know? Really though, those of you saying this- do you even hear what you're saying? It's childish and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  8. There is no "Us". Stop trying to put yourself in any category other than what you already belong to Resto. I'm sure you would Zap, I'm sure you would. Resto seems like he could benefit from being beat up a couple of times, that's all.
  9. It isn't an opinion resto. It's a fact that you cannot seem to comprehend. Try to understand, you'll get it one day. Zap, I can't go rounds on the subject because it'd be deleted. Like it has been before. Multiple times.
  10. Lol. Masters protecting lapdogs. This is typical of the forum. My point stands- if you go out hunting while high- you're putting lives in danger whether you want to accept that or not. Period. End of story. Maybe people should try being a little responsible with their cannabis.
  11. I'm a violent person. I've served my time and done a lot of violent things, and violence will because of that be forever part of me. Can you agree to that what resto does makes him a limp-spined troll?
  12. Resto, dutifully playing the "woe is me, I've been offended" card, you sure you're not a millennial?
  13. I feel as if I may need to eat some of those funny mushrooms, it'd make someone with Resto's ego issues more believable.
  14. Buddy, I've already made my point. You're nothing but a joke. Literally. Nothing. Nothing at all. It's just great.
  15. Behold, the REAL type of person that resto is. No better than a LEO.
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