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  1. http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2016/11/03/audit-1-doctor-approved-11800-medical-marijuana-patients/93229338/ One doctor approved 11,800 patients for medical marijuana in Michigan
  2. just took a look a lara today and I see they are given grants to Law Enforcement whats up with that
  3. http://legislature.mi.gov/documents/2015-2016/billintroduced/House/pdf/2016-HIB-5800.pdf
  4. At an average price of $285 per ounce, what a joke if some one is paying that I feel sorry for them
  5. I wish I could see them would be great for sure. Ozzy owes me a concert when he droped his show in MQ in 1979 or it could have been 1980 had the tikets and all o well have a great time and rock and roll
  6. this one is the one I hope the drive goes well I will vote yes on this on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8cfafOFklm-cHpjc05LQzZsLU5tVEVVSVp6dzRrVzV5SlFv/view?pli=1
  7. this is the one we need to vote on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8cfafOFklm-cHpjc05LQzZsLU5tVEVVSVp6dzRrVzV5SlFv/view?pli=1
  8. Marsden is spearheading the Michigan Cannabis Coalition, which has already paid out big bucks to draft the ballot proposal, and hired the top signature-gathering firm in the country to come into Michigan and gather 300,000 signatures to put this on the ballot in 2016. The ballot proposal language asks voters to approve recreational use and creates a Cannabis Control Board that will be responsible for licensing commercial and home growers and retail outlets. All commercial operations must be inside and on land zoned industrial and agricultural. Those who want to grow at home are looking at two plants. Those who have a felony on record won’t be growing anything.
  9. well it looks like they have a jump start on it for voters to sing and I am sure once you put your x on the spot you F I know I will not vote for the one I posted. all I can say if there are other groups trying to get it for 2016 they better get on the ball and stop dragging donkey
  10. if this is the bill i will vote no http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/voters-asked-to-approve-recreational-marijuana-use/32264224
  11. from the email they sent me Auto City Speedway 10205 North Saginaw Road, Clio, MI 48420 August 22nd & 23rd, 2015 Please read below for all of the basic details on booth space and the competition. Contact me as soon as possible to reserve your space. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to reach me directly at: 201-566-8388. Thanks for your time, hope to talk soon. Contact info: john@hightimes.com 201-566-8388 Your company has the following options for booth space: -The price is $2000 for a 5' wide x 10' deep exhibitor booth in the smoking/medicating area OR $1500 for a 5' wide x 10' deep exhibitor booth in the non-smoking area. This comes with a 4' table, 1 tablecloth, 2 chairs, and 4 tickets to the Cup Expo. -The price is $3500 for a 10' wide x 10' deep exhibitor booth in the smoking/medicating area OR $3000 for a 10' wide x 10' deep exhibitor booth in the non-smoking area. This comes with a 10’ x 10’ pop-up tent when outside-- otherwise, you will receive pipe and drape. This also includes an 8' table, 1 tablecloth, 2 chairs, 8 tickets to the Cup Expo, plus you will get a 50% discount on any entries submitted in the competition. *All 10 x10 booths will need to pay for a page in the guidebook now - cost is $500/page (Artwork & payment is due by July 24th) If you get a 20' x 10', you get 1 free page in the guidebook If you get 3 booths, you get 2 free pages in the guidebook If you get 4 booths, you get 3 free pages in the guidebook · Full Page Ad for Guidebook: 8.5" tall x 5.5" wide (Add .25" beyond trim size for a full-bleed ad) --->A 20' x 10' in the medicating/smoking area costs $6500 OR $5500 in the non-medicating/non-smoking area and comes with double everything included in the 10' x 10'. A 20' x 20' or 40' x 10 in the medicating/smoking area costs $12,000 OR $10,000 in the non-medicating/non-smoking area and comes with quadruple everything included in the 10' x 10'. HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Competition: - 11 categories (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Non-Solvent Hash, Concentrate Indica, Concentrate Sativa, Concentrate Hybrid, Edibles, Topicals, CBD Flowers, CBD Hash) - You can only enter 1 entry per category (per entity) - Maximum of 40 entries allowed per category (expect for concentrates-- limited to 60) - Cost is $1000 per entry (or $500 with a sponsor booth)--> You will receive 2 vendor tickets to the Cup Expo with each entry - You must provide 40 grams of cannabis, 20 grams of concentrate or non-solvent, and 20 servings of edibles (ENTRIES ARE DUE August 10th or 11th-- we will email you the specific drop off details a few days beforehand along with an entry form that you fill out and bring in with the samples) - All cannabis entries must be given in 10 increments of 4 grams each. Please provide them in plain, unlabeled containers. - All non-solvent hash or concentrate entries must be given in 20 single gram increments. Please provide these in plain, unlabeled containers too - If you want further information regarding the edible competition, which is our most complicated category, please let me know and I will send details - All entries are lab tested by 2 different facilities and professionally photographed before being given to judges -- PLEASE NOTE*: There will now be a $50 mandatory fee for testing-- this is to ensure that we have reliable results every time. You will get this information back after the Cup. - High Times Medical Cannabis Cup awards first, second, and third place trophies in each category. 1st place wins the Cup! 2nd place and 3rd place winners receive silver and bronze Cannabis Cup medals. We also award a "Highest CDB" plaque to one edible entry. Winners receive the ultimate glory along with coverage in the magazine and winners logos for future marketing purposes! Copyright © 2015 High Times, All rights reserved. Wanted to follow up with you on details for our HIGH TIMES Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup this August. Our mailing address is: High Times 250 West 57th St., Suite 920 New York, NY 10107
  12. http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/marijuana-legal-in-michigan-state-rep-pushes-for-it/31832642
  13. I know some of you got lucky and got some of hennings dream named after my wife gf that passed away at the age of 33 just thought you might like to see
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